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Samsung teased the Galaxy Z Flip during the Oscars’ commercial break

The company couldn’t wait till Tuesday.

What you need to know Samsung preempted itself by showing off the Galaxy Z Flip two days before its official unveiling. The foldable was found flipping its way around TVs earlier today during the Oscars’ commercial break. The phone is expected to cost between $ 1,300 and $ 1,400 in the U.S.

Samsung took the wraps off its newest foldable in the most dramatic way possible: during an event filled with  [Read More…]

Love — and apparently the Galaxy Z Flip — will be in the air on February 14

The perfect gift for your valentine.

What you need to know The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will reportedly be launched on Valentine’s Day. T-Mobile and Sprint — and possibly AT&T — will carry the handset. There might also be an unlocked version of the phone.

Unlike with the Galaxy S20 series, it has been hard to nail down many of the details surrounding the Galaxy Z Flip’s availability and pricing. As we draw closer to both phones’  [Read More…]

‘At least I’m better than Siri,’ says leaked Galaxy Home Mini

It’s even got an IR blaster built-in!

What you need to know Samsung’s long-awaited debut into the smart speaker space is here. A video of the Galaxy Home Mini, along with some of its specs, was leaked over the weekend. The device is expected to launch in South Korea on February 12.

More than a year after Samsung announced its grand plans to conquer the smart home, we’ve yet to see one of its smart speakers, despite  [Read More…]

Keep your Galaxy A10 protected and looking stylish with these cases

If you need a reliable Android phone for under $ 200, one of the best options right now is the Samsung Galaxy A10. The A10 offers a snappy octa-core processor, big battery, and expandable storage for a fraction of what some other handsets cost. However, none of that matters if you drop the phone and break it. Make sure that doesn’t happen by picking up one of these cases!

Easy choice KuGi TPU Case

Staff pick

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The Galaxy S20 will be expensive, but so will every other flagship 5G phone

Samsung will be the first, but this pricing trend will continue throughout 2020.

The latest Galaxy S20 leaks don’t paint an affordable picture: a €999 starting price for the Galaxy S20 (with 5G), up to €1349 for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Typically those Euro prices translate roughly directly to the U.S. prices, so that would point to $ 999-$ 1349 stateside. That’s a tough pill to swallow when the Galaxy S10e started at $ 750 this time  [Read More…]

Should you upgrade to the Galaxy S10 or S10+ from the S9 or S9+?

Best answer: The upgrade to a Galaxy S10 or S10+ is worth it, but you’ll pay quite a bit for the privilege. You’ll see benefits in performance, camera capabilities and battery life by moving to the new phone; but you’ll probably pay about $ 600 for the upgrade when factoring in a sale or trade-in of your current Galaxy S9 or S9+. Closely analyze exactly what you get before making the decision to buy.

Samsung: Samsung Galaxy  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S9 and Note 9 can now be rooted — with a lot of caveats

There’s a long list of requirements, but it won’t void your warranty.

What you need to know Developers have found an exploit in the U.S. variants of the Galaxy S9, S9+, and Note 9 that allows for these devices to be rooted. However, it only works if you have specific Android versions and firmware installed. It does not void the phone’s warranty, though.

Samsung’s Snapdragon-powered phones, sold in the U.S., are particularly hard to crack, and nearly  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S20 pops up early on Amazon UAE before the Feb 11 launch

Currently, unavailable for purchase or pre-order.

What you need to know The Samsung Galaxy S20 has shown up on the Amazon UAE site days before launch. The listing is for the Cloud Blue model with a price of 3,112.72 Arab Emirate dirham, or around $ 847 USD. Key specs confirmed are the 120Hz Infinity-O display, 30x Space Zoom, and 4000mAh battery.

The Samsung Unpacked event is less than a week away, where we expect to see the  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S20 series will ship with the right fast charger in the box

The S20 Ultra will have a 45W charger.

What you need to know Samsung shipped the Galaxy Note 10+ last year with only a 25W charger, even though it was capable of 45W charging. This year, Samsung is packaging the S20 series with the best charger that each phone is compatible with. The Galaxy S20 and S20+ will both get a 25W charger, while the S20 Ultra will boast a 45W charger.

Last year, Samsung pulled a  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S10: Which storage size should I buy?

Best answer: Most people will be happy with the base model of the Galaxy S10 or S10+ with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. That’s plenty of storage and more than enough memory for all but the most hardcore users. The extra cost of moving up to 512GB of storage just isn’t worth it for most people, unless you’re currently maxing out a 128GB phone.

Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S10 ($ 700) Samsung: Samsung Galaxy S10+ ($  [Read More…]