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The best wallet cases for the Galaxy S8

If you’re going to cover up your Galaxy S8 in a case, you might as well choose one that includes some extra functionality. Wallet cases fit the bill, offering quality protection for your precious new phone while also letting you carry around a few cards and maybe even some cash. Ditch your wallet and keep your phone, ID, and payment cards all in one place with a quality wallet case for the Galaxy S8.

Protective and stylish Spigen Wallet S  [Read More…]

Transferring from your new Galaxy is a snap with Smart Switch

Upgrading from an old Samsung phone to a new one is made a whole lot simpler by using Samsung’s “Smart Switch” software that’s built into every one of its phones. With a cable and a few taps, you’ll be able to transfer a majority of your phone’s content to the new device and be up and running faster than you’d think.

How to transfer from an old Galaxy phone to a new one with Smart Switch Make sure  [Read More…]

How to enable One UI (Android 9 Pie) dark mode on Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung’s software has provided comprehensive theme capabilities for years but has never had a system-level dark mode like many competitors. Its Android 9 Pie software, which brings the new “One UI” interface, introduces a brand new “Night mode” that accomplishes the same goal: black out as much of the interface as possible, which is easy on your eyes at night but also friendly to your battery. This is how you enable and configure it.

How to enable dark  [Read More…]

$20 and a lot of style separate the Galaxy Watch Active and TicWatch S2

When it comes to wearables, it’s all about balancing form and function, size and sensibility. I’ve worn macho manacles and lithe lovelies in my quest for the perfect wearable, and while I still haven’t found, there’s at least more reasonably-sized watches these day.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Thin and fit

$ 200 at Amazon

Pros Wonderful AMOLED display Qi charging Samsung Pay Comfy, lightweight design Cons Tizen OS still annoying at times Lower-end battery life [Read More…]

Huawei P30 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S10+: Which should you buy?

Paying $ 1,000 for a flagship is the new normal. Samsung dominates this space, but in recent years we’ve seen Huawei step up its efforts with the P series. We’ve used both the Galaxy S10+ and the P30 Pro and are here to help you choose the flagship that suits your needs.

Huawei P30 Pro

Photography champion

$ 900 at eBay

Pros 10x zoom is exhilarating Re-engineered 40MP primary camera 4200mAh battery with 40W fast charging  [Read More…]

T-Mobile and Samsung team up on the Samsung Galaxy Fold

While the jury is still out on foldable phones, we at least know when we can get our first in-person look at Samsung’s offering, the Galaxy Fold. T-Mobile and Samsung announced today that the nation’s third-largest carrier will sell the phone beginning April 25th at 9 PM Pacific Time on its website with in-store availability April 26.

Multiple carriers will carry the Fold but T-Mobile is quick to point out that the Fold will use T-Mobile’s 600 MHz Extended Range  [Read More…]

The Samsung Galaxy A80 shows off the future of smartphone cameras

In search of the truly full screen display, companies have been trying to figure out what to do with the front-facing camera. We’ve seen notches, pop-out cameras, and phones that just completely dismiss the front facing camera but put a secondary screen on the back of the phone so you can still take those perfect selfies.

Samsung has a different idea. With the announcement of the Galaxy A80, the South Korean juggernaut brings us a rather unique camera setup. The  [Read More…]

Samsung may release four different Galaxy Note 10 models

Stay up to date with all the latest on Samsung’s newest Note.

The Android space can sometimes feel like a crowded mess when going to buy a new phone, but year after year, there are some devices that manage to stand out above everything else being offered. For a while now, Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has managed to do just that.

Samsung uses its Galaxy Note line to show off the best it has to offer, making  [Read More…]

Should you buy the Galaxy Watch Active or the Fossil Sport?

We’ve been reviewing smartwatches for so long that most of us still have a Pebble sitting around somewhere. We’ve tested just about every Wear OS watch there is, and use that expertise to help you make your next purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


$ 200 at Amazon

Pros Better battery life Great fitness tracking Tizen OS 4.0 is very smooth Cons Flush buttons can be harder to find Fewer apps for Tizen

The Galaxy  [Read More…]

Galaxy S10’s in-display sensor was fooled by a 3D printed fingerprint

The Galaxy S10 has a newer ultrasonic in-display sensor, but it still isn’t foolproof.

The Galaxy S10 is the first Samsung phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor, and unlike the optical modules we’ve seen before, Samsung went with Qualcomm’s ultrasonic sensor. In theory, the ultrasonic sensor is meant to be faster and more secure than an optical module as it relies on ultrasonic waves to create a 3D map of your fingerprint, but that has proved otherwise.  [Read More…]