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Does the Galaxy Tab S4 come with a stylus in the box?

Best answer: Yes, Samsung has included its own S Pen with every Galaxy Tab S4, but you can get a replacement online should anything happen to it.

Get work done: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 ($ 530 at Amazon) Be more precise: Samsung S Pen ($ 45 at Amazon) No need to spend extra dough

Unlike Apple or Microsoft, which sell pens separately, Samsung packages the brand new S Pen with each Galaxy Tab S4. This decision comes  [Read More…]

Enter to win a Samsung Galaxy S10 from Android Central Digital Offers!

If you’ve been eyeing the Galaxy S10 since it was announced, but also can’t afford to miss out on a months rent to buy a new phone, have we got the opportunity for you! Right now, you can enter to win a free Galaxy S10 courtesy of Android Central Digital Offers.

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Much has been written about the Galaxy S10 on AC  [Read More…]

Which Galaxy Watch Active color should you get?

The Galaxy Watch Active is light, lithe, and looks like quite the promising smartwatch, but once you decide to buy one, the question then becomes which one? There are four color options for the Galaxy Watch Active’s body right now, and each one has its own charm and appeal. Samsung also says there are eight strap color options, however those other colors seem to be additional bands rather than ones you can include with the watch in-box, so we’ll stick  [Read More…]

Nine tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a phone with an abundance of features. The deeper you dig the more you find lurking in the menus. We’ve already shown you the first 10 things you should do after getting your new S10. Now, let’s dive in and take a look at a few more tips and tricks.

Wireless Powershare

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How to decide which Galaxy to buy: S10, S10+ or S10e?

Best answer: The best choice is the largest and most expensive: the Galaxy S10+. It has excellent battery life and is the greatest example of how good Samsung phones can be. If you’re turned off by the size or price of the S10+, the S10e is an excellent choice instead. Most people will skip over the standard S10 as it doesn’t offer enough of a value proposition to justify itself either way over the other models.

Our  [Read More…]

Ringke’s Fusion is a mirror-finish Galaxy S10 case that can take a beating

With a well-sculpted, perfectly tinted bumper, this durable mirror-finish case is ready for its closeup.

I’ve developed something of a matra in the last few years when it comes to my gear: life’s too short for boring tech. My Bluetooth headphones with USB-C are an eye-catching blue-white pattern. My Chromebook is a compact, shimmery white darling. I wear a navy blue shoulder holster, because heaven forbid cute, well-fitting pants have pockets big enough for a Samsung Galaxy  [Read More…]

The best Galaxy Tab S4 cases you can buy

When it comes to Android tablets, the choices are many, but there aren’t very many “good” tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 bucks that trend as it’s only real competition is Google’s options. However, one of the most important things when it comes to buying a tablet is finding the best case, whether you need it to be fashionable or functional. Here are the best cases for your Galaxy Tab S4.

Hard shell, slim look Poetic TurtleSkin Series Silicone Case  [Read More…]

Get your hands on an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 with $100 off

Time to upgrade.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB unlocked smartphone is down to $ 499.99 at Amazon. It’s been selling for about $ 600 since the release of the updated Samsung Galaxy S10 line and this price drop is the lowest we’ve ever seen it go. The discount applies to all color options and you can also snag a saving on the 128GB or 256GB versions. These are U.S. models so are unlocked to work with the major U.S.  [Read More…]

It’s not an April Fools’ joke; Samsung’s unlocked Galaxy S10+ is $180 off

Loaded with 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, three cameras, and more.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10+ smartphone has been well-received by tech reviewers and customers alike. Packed with 8GB of RAM, the device is equipped with a large 6.4-inch AMOLED display featuring an integrated ultrasonic fingerprint sensor hidden underneath to keep it secure from prying eyes. With an unlocked retail price of $ 999.99 direct from Samsung and other stores, it’s not one of the most affordable devices out  [Read More…]

Which color Galaxy Buds should I get: Black, white, or yellow?

The Galaxy Buds are some of the smallest headphones you can buy, but given how much you’re likely to wear them it’s still important to pick a color that fits your personality. Even more importantly, the color of the case matches the headphones — so you will be looking at the case while everyone else sees the earbuds.

The standard Black

As is the case with most electronics, black is the first and easiest choice for most people.  [Read More…]