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Ice Cream Sandwich already ported to Samsung Galaxy S II and LG Optimus 3D among others


The days when hackers and developers beat manufacturers to the punch with software updates are back again. Earlier this week, the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich was released, starting the countdown to custom ROMs on devices everywhere. It’s only been four days since that release, and there are some popular phones already being treated to their first helping of Android 4.0′s cold, creamy goodness.

The Samsung Galaxy S II, currently  [Read More…]

New Google commercial shows off the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich

A new Galaxy Nexus commercial has popped up on the official Google Nexus YouTube channel. The commercial, titled ‘Calling All’, shows off Ice Cream Sandwich as well as some of the key Android features already available. The point is to see them altogether in one phone, the Galaxy Nexus.

The features shown off are:

Face Unlock Android Beam Camera with Panorama Mode Google+ with Hangouts Voice Typing

The commercial is very nicely done. It highlights the technical features  [Read More…]

Rumor: Galaxy Nexus to launch on Verizon December 8th


Twitter user TechFanatix has tweeted a screenshot of what appears to be a Verizon internal email which suggests that the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be finally launching on December 8th.

Since we’ve seen launch dates come and go, even in Verizon’s internal systems, we’re throwing the rumor tag on this post for now, though we can’t imagine this date being too far from the truth. If the December 8th  [Read More…]

Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus revealed to be unsurprisingly thicker than its GSM counterpart

Galaxy Nexus

Google this morning has outed the tech specs on the LTE (aka Verizon’s) version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Surprise, surprise, it’s a tad thicker, as LTE devices are prone to be. How much thicker? According to the new specs, Verizon’s LTE version (that’s the one you see at right above) is a portly 9.47 mm, while the GSM version (seen here at left) is 8.94 mm thick. By our math, that’s  [Read More…]

To bloat or not to bloat? The Galaxy Nexus Question


Several folks have pointed out a potentially troubling sight from yesterday’s Galaxy Nexus videos: the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus will include a small amount of Verizon bloatware. Included in Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus are two Verizon-branded applications, My Verizon Mobile and Verizon Backup Assistant.

Though these are actually two of the more useful of Verizon’s applications, it changes the fundamental understanding of what makes the Nexus line so wonderful. The Nexus  [Read More…]

Gorilla Glassless Galaxy Nexus attacked by car keys, survives


It may seem like a distant memory at this point, as every day waiting for the Galaxy Nexus to launch feels like a week, but at the end of October we found out that the Galaxy Nexus wouldn’t be using the Corning Gorilla Glass that has been protecting so many of our phones from tragic run ins with keys and whatever other various and sundry items we keep in our pockets  [Read More…]

Google wants you to win a Samsung Galaxy Nexus of your own – 10 chances in 10 days

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Google was teasing us all earlier by letting us know they had a treat coming for everyone and now — we know what it is. Google has held quite a few contests in the past but this one is big for those looking to get a free Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

Announcing the Galaxy Nexus Challenge: 10 chances in 10 days for @googlenexus followers to win a tasty Galaxy Nexus w/ Android  [Read More…]

Google’s Twitter Galaxy Nexus giveaway set to start soon


Do you know what’s even better than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, rocking Ice Cream Sandwich, a 720p HD display, NFC and a ton of other incredibly awesome features? A free Samsung Galaxy Nexus, rocking Ice Cream Sandwich, a 720p HD display, NFC and a ton of other incredibly awesome features.

Every now and then, Google likes to take to Twitter on their @GoogleNexus account and give away free Google products like  [Read More…]

Verizon Galaxy Nexus training has started, release coming in two weeks?


In the midst of all the pacing around and hair pulling in desperation to find out when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be released, a small spark of hope has just hit our inbox. A Verizon tipster sent in a screenshot that proves device training has begun (also includes the Rezound).

This is a normal sign of a device to be released soon, but we still do not know the exact  [Read More…]

Video: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Face Unlock is cool, but is it secure?


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus announcement was filled with excitement and long awaited news. After months of hype and rumors, we got to see everything the device and Ice Cream Sandwich have to offer. One of the most interesting features was Face Unlock, which uses face recognition technology to unlock the device.

This sounds amazing, and it’s definitely cool to show off to your friends. It might be a great conversation starter.  [Read More…]