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New Electronic Arts game released – Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Electronic Arts has released the newest release in the Plants vs Zombies game series. Called Plants vs Zombies Heroes, it promises to offer hours of new gameplay in the form of a collectible card game. For the first time ever, you can now choose to play on the zombie side, as well as continuing the

Too sick to stand: What it’s like to ride the first VR video game roller coaster

Virtual reality roller coasters are certainly cool, but are they really the future of theme parks?

Whose bright idea was it to strap a vomit-inducing virtual reality headset to people’s faces and then flip them upside down at 55 miles per hour?

It’s certainly not my idea of fun, but in the spirit of Halloween and all the thrills that come with it, Samsung and Six Flags debuted Rage of the Gargoyles, one of the first  [Read More…]

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – the Real Game Changers

When was the last time you watched Tom Cruise’s fiction and AI masterpiece movie, Minority Report and thought “Hmmm, wonder if I’ll be around to see that kind of technology?”  Well according to Meron Gribetz, you just might. Augmented reality (AR) Technology has been a topic of interest for a significant amount of time now.

Sasha Weather Free: Simple is the name of the game

Developer: Sasha Lab Category: Weather  Audience: Anyone who goes outside The Beginning There is definitely no shortage of weather apps available in the Play Store and for good reason. Weather apps are some of the most vital apps that people have on their phones. Whether it is just to check the forecast before leaving the house or

Here’s every PlayStation VR game we’ve played so far, ranked!

We’ve been playing PlayStation VR games for a little while now.

With demo stations all over the US and Canada as well as several spots opening in the UK, there have been many opportunities to sit down — or stand up — and get some quality time in with PlayStation VR demo games. There’s still a lot left to learn about the headset itself and how it functions within the PlayStation 4 ecosystem, but when it  [Read More…]

Sasha Weather Free: Simple is the name of the game

Developer: Sasha Lab Category: Weather  Audience: Anyone who goes outside   The Beginning I have reviewed a few Weather apps in the past. Storm and Amber Weather to name a couple. These apps were for the more hardcore weather fans out there. They had many options and settings that could be added or changed. Both are designed

Titanfall: Frontline condenses frenetic FPS action into an Android card game

Strategically outmaneuver your opponents in Titanfall: Frontline.

Fans of Titanfall will soon get the opportunity to command their own brigade of powerful Titans, as the critically-acclaimed first-person shooter franchise leaps onto Android devices later this fall. Titanfall: Frontline will be the first in a series of strategy card games set in a extended Titanfall universe, as part of a multi-year collaborative deal between developers at Nexon, Particle City and Respawn Entertainment.

The game will be available  [Read More…]

Canyons of Mars is a simple but punishing arcade game (review)

This is going to be a rather quick and simple review, as the game being reviewed is also pretty simple and quick-playing. Canyons of Mars is a simple side-to-side arcade game, and is intended for quick pickup-and-play. It’s a family-friendly (easy and safe for the kiddos) title with a clean design. It comes to us from

EyeCons is a speed-matching game that offers some fun! (review)

There are approximately 1 billion tile matching games in the Google Play Store. EyeCons is a a new 2-tile matching game that offers some unique twists as well as look & feel. It’s a great selection for all ages, as there is almost no text to get through. The game is actually a take on a

Sprint steps up its game, unveils “Unlimited Freedom”

After a short hiatus of dwindling unlimited plans by Sprint, they today announced the return of the popular package that allows users an almost unlimited amount of data, text and calls. Beginning tomorrow, 19 August 2016, subscribers can sign up for the deal in-store. A single line costs a respectable $ 60, while $ 100 will get