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Trying to ride the hype of the theatrical release of the movie Hercules, Glu is launching Hercules: The Official Game for Android today. This game builds on all of the well-known Hercules story lines to bring a hack-and-slash dueling game with various hero characters to choose from, and different melee, magic and ranged attacks to go to battle with.

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A particularly unique Android game just came to the Play Store today called Bounden, where two players each hold their thumb on a short edge of the screen, and have to move the device together so the center area hits targets around a 3D sphere at the right time. These stages were designed in coordination with the Dutch National Ballet, and come complete with high-quality classical music that plays as you dance.

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Blek game creeps onto Android

A minimalist game has made the leap from iOS to Android called Blek, which definitely qualifies as one of our top Android game releases for the month. This puzzle title has been earning accolades from all over for its wonderfully fresh mechanics. Players are presented with a series of circles that have to be popped before moving onto the next stage. Black spots are peppered in between; touch those and you have to start over. The  [Read More...]

Classic Monty Python sketch is now an Android game

Classic Monty Python sketch, The Ministry of Silly Walks, is now a brand new game for your Android phones and tablets. Available now from the Google Play Store, Ministry of Silly Walks is basically an endless runner styled in the unique fashion of Monty Python. If you’re a fan of the show, you’re going to love it.

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Rovio may have just launched Angry Birds Epic and announced its new series, Angry Birds Stella, but that isn’t stopping the company from teasing an upcoming game in the franchise, Angry Birds Transformers.

The company teased the game on Twitter and setup a website for the game. According to the website, all we know is that the birds and hogs are going to look like  [Read More...]

Watch Dogs is a great-looking console and PC game that just came out, and alongside it is a companion game that allows mobile players to compete against others live online for free. Anyone on an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC plays as a vigilante bringing justice to a futuristic Chicago by hacking the world with their phone. Meanwhile, players on Android or iOS act as the police force, viewing the pursuit of the criminal from a bird’s  [Read More...]

Google’s YouTube is reportedly going to acquire popular video game streaming service, Twitch for more than $ 1 billion. Twitch lets Xbox and Playstation gamers share and watch live gameplay footage, and they claim more than 45 million visitors a month.

dong nguyen new game

Dong Nguyen’s timing is impeccable, first he announced that the much hated Flappy Bird game will be back in August sporting a multiplayer mode and now he has some more news regarding his work to show us, probably to soften the blow of Flappy Bird‘s comeback.

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Last year we accepted Samsung’s challenge that claimed anyone would be capable of installing a solid-state drive. Taking apart my HP laptop was a frightening prospect but proved to be quite simple. The folks at Samsung have since launched their new EVO-series of SSD’s and I, once again, got my hands on one. Having upgraded to a more powerful laptop, the prospect of taking a  [Read More...]

Make a quick search for RPGs on Google Play and you’ll find numerous quality Japanese RPGs (JRPGs) from publishers like Square-Enix, HyperDevbox, and Tecmo Koei. Although pretty much every RPG fans know the Final Fantasy titles by heart, it can be difficult for even genre fans to tell the mass of mobile JRPGs apart.

COLOPL, a Japanese developer who specializes in mobile games, has found a way to make RPGs seem fresh and new: add  [Read More...]