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Huawei’s AppGallery lands same-day Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall launch

The same day launch as the Google Play Store gives Huawei’s AppGallery a slight credibility boost.

What you need to know Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall will launch on Huawei’s AppGallery at the same time as the Play Store. Huawei worked with the developer team to ensure compatibility with Huawei Mobile Services. It’s a strategy that’s been tried before on different platforms with varying effects.

Game of Thrones: Beyond The Wall is coming to Android smartphones,  [Read More…]

Ghost Recon Breakpoint ‘Friend Pass’ lets friends play the game for free

Jump in with friends.

What you need to know Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a third-person military shooter from Ubisoft. It didn’t garner stellar reviews at launch, mostly due to its copious microtransactions. The game just got a “Friend Pass” and six-hour trial. You can purchase Ghost Recon Breakpoint for $ 28 on Amazon.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a third-person military shooter that places a giant bullseye on your back. You’re being hunted and it’s up to you  [Read More…]

Samsung is discontinuing its PC-to-phone game streaming app PlayGalaxy Link

It’s all-in on Xbox and xCloud for Samsung users from here on out.

What you need to know The PlayGalaxy Link service for Samsung smartphones will be officially discontinued on March 27, 2020. Customers can continue to use the Parsec Gaming service on supported devices. Samsung is shifting focus to “new products”, likely in the form of the recently announced xCloud partnership with Microsoft.

It’s only been a little over half a year since Samsung launched the  [Read More…]

HBO announces The Last of Us TV series with game writer on board

Joel and Ellie’s travels are being revisited on HBO.

What you need to know An exclusive report from THR reveals that a TV show for The Last of Us is in development at HBO. The show will be co-written by Chernobyl writer Craig Mazin and Naught Dog director Neil Druckmann. The show will be an adaption of the events of the first game.

Updated March 25, 2020 : IGN has confirmed that this project replaces the  [Read More…]

How to watch MLS 2020: Live stream every game online from anywhere

Don’t miss a single MLS game this season with our guide to watch all the action online

While England’s Premier League and Spain’s La Liga are more than halfway through their 2019-20 seasons, America and Canada’s Major League Soccer (MLS) season is just getting started. The MLS 2020 regular season kicks off on Saturday, February 29th and will run all the way to October when the best teams in the league will compete in the MLS Cup Playoffs to  [Read More…]

Will PlayStation finally offer digital game gifting with the PS5?

Best answer: We don’t know yet, but considering Microsoft now offers digital game gifting for the Xbox, it’s a common practice on PC, and is overall the direction the industry is heading with digital downloading, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony finally joined in.

In the meantime, ditital gift cards: PlayStation Store Gift Card (From $ 10 at Amazon) Digital gifting is entering a new age

We live in an era of convenience. Online shopping has offered  [Read More…]

Which game streaming service should you buy? GeForce Now or Google Stadia?

Your games, anywhere GeForce Now

Free, $ 5/month at NVIDIA

Pros Cheaper than Stadia right now Access to most of the games you already own Works on many Android devices and even iOS Free tier available Cons Loading times are shockingly long Not all games in your library are supported

GeForce Now uses your library to give you the games you want to play, streamed to just about any device you can imagine, for a price  [Read More…]

How to refund a game on PS4

When it comes to getting a refund for a digital game on PlayStation 4, your mileage may vary. Technically, you won’t be given a refund on a digital game that you’ve already downloaded or played unless the content is faulty. This is usually up to PlayStation Support’s discretion — and whether or not the game is riddled with bugs. Still, if you’ve purchased a game and find that you don’t want it, you have up to 14 days  [Read More…]

Dreams PSVR support is coming soon and the game is already running on PS5

New features are on the way and PlayStation 5 support is confirmed.

What you need to know Dreams is, essentially, a game engine turned into a game, developed by Media Molecule. According to a new interview with Eurogamer, PlayStation VR support for Dreams is almost done. Media Molecule also indicated that Dreams is already running on PlayStation 5. You can grab Dreams for PlayStation 4 for $ 60 from Amazon.

Media Molecule worked on Dreams for several  [Read More…]

TCL slides into the foldables game with a transforming tablet phone

This phone slides to become a tablet and looks a lot more like a normal phone.

What you need to know A leaked TCL concept device utilizes a sliding mechanism to transform the screen from a phone to a tablet-sized device. TCL was reportedly going to debut this at MWC 2020. This TCL slider concept seems to be a flagship phone, while other TCL folding models are more budget-friendly.

Remember when Android smartphones had a keyboard that  [Read More…]