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Casio enters the Android Wear 2.0 game with a limited edition rugged smartwatch

Android Wear 2.0 was launched last month and it already made it on plenty of new models. Just in recent days we told you about the Guess Connect and Montblanc Sumit and now Casio has announced it is joining the Android Wear 2.0 family. Remember the Casio WSD-F20 which was unveiled at CES 2017? Well […]

The Android O rumor game has officially started, and here’s what we think

All the things that nobody knows but are fun to guess about. It’s that time!

Everyone has a list of things they hope to see in Android O. Some make a lot of sense and there’s a good chance we’ll see them, others are just pipe dreams. But now that the time for a new version of Android to be announced is getting closer, the guessing games can begin!

9to5 Google has a list of features they  [Read More…]

Balance: a shockingly fun game about power management (Review)

I’ll be honest. I don’t really know much about how electricity works. Yes, I remember doing experiments in high school about opening and closing circuits, and there was a potato clock or something that I made once, but for the most part I flip a switch and stuff just happens. How does it happen? I […]

Movado getting into the Android Wear game, bringing along Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss

2017’s Android Wear lineup is getting altogether new faces.

Movado Group, a well-recognized fashion brand in watches, is joining the Android Wear family this month with the launch of a “smartwatch collection” that will be branded as Movado Connect. The watches, which will start with five men’s styles, will hit the market this fall starting at $ 495.

Unfortunately, Movado is holding off on specific details — and even pictures — of the watch to unveil it  [Read More…]

Hero Legends: A game that does it all, and does it all WELL (Review)

From the outside, Hero Legends looks like another overhyped mobile game from Japan. Giant monsters, weird Anime style characters, and lots and lots of explosions and magic. It also gives an appearance of trying to be the best of many different styles of games. I’m usually the first to say that less is more but […]

Tiny Rails: Charming game with low commitment (Review)

Sometimes you just need an escape. A trip away to somewhere far from where you are, even if just for a few minutes. Tiny Rails offers just that, with quick bursts of gameplay in a relaxing and charming atmosphere. I was genuinely surprised at how much content was packed in this game, but just because […]

Cues is a simple but clever puzzle game (review)

Some mobile games try to create multiple levels of depth in the player’s experience, requiring long tutorials, along with a big investment in experience in order to gain true ability. Others go the other direction, giving you an extremely simple premise while keeping you on your toes throughout the experience. Such is the case with […]

New lawsuit could restrict game sales for the Oculus Rift

The suit would also affect titles for the Samsung Gear VR.

The saga continues in the great copyright infringement battle between Facebook’s Oculus contingent and ZeniMax.

ZeniMax, which earlier this month won a verdict of half a billion dollars against Oculus, has now asked the federal judge to block Oculus from using the code in its products, according to Reuters. For its part, Oculus has asked the judge to set aside the verdict, citing it as “legally  [Read More…]

Nintendo Switch ProTip — Get discounts on game pre-orders!

Save yourself some cash and plan out your Nintendo Switch games.

Not everyone likes pre-ordering games, especially launch games for a new console. Many people wait for game reviews to decide whether they want to participate in the excitement, and those aren’t always available as the first wave of games come out for a new console.

If you’re already planning to get a Nintnedo Switch, and you know you’re going to want at least one or two  [Read More…]

Spotify is getting into the content game with its own original podcasts

The music service’s first episode of its first original podcast is available to listen to today.

The Spotify Originals, as they’re called, are a family of podcasts that’ve been greenlighted by the green-logo’d music service. The first three titles — Showstopper, Unpacked, and The Chris Lighty Story (working title) — are different series that explore music’s impact on society. Here’s a quick, abridged rundown on what each of these podcasts are about as I’ve interpreted from the  [Read More…]