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Experience what it’s like to be deadmau5 with this Cardboard VR game

Deadmau5 has teamed up with Absolut to launch a VR game that lets you step into the shoes of the Canadian music producer. The game is designed for Google Cardboard, with Absolut launching a limited edition Cardboard viewer stylised to look like deadmau5’s mouse head helmet.

The title includes a mix of live-action and CGI elements that allow you to guide deadmau5 from his  [Read More…]

PaGamO an educational game releases Android App

Three months ago, PaGamO launched as a solution to help make learning a more rewarding experience for kids. While still effective, traditional homework just doesn’t capture the imagination today’s youth (not that it ever did in the first place). Who can really blame them? Even children as young as elementary age own some sort of

Avatar movie franchise is coming to your phone as a mobile strategy game

Kabam has announced plans to release a massively multiplayer mobile strategy game that will be based on the Avatar sci-fi movie franchise from writer-director James Cameron.

Kabam, which has most recently launched Marvel Contest of Champions and Star Wars Uprising, stated in its press release that it will be working closely with 20th Century Fox and Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment on the Avatar game.

The new product will combine the characters and environments from the Avatar films  [Read More…]

Super Stacker is a kids’ block-stacking game that’s missing the big crash (review)

As kids, most of us played a game, be it with branded blocks or whatever items we had lying around, where each player would take a turn adding another block onto the previous one. This would create a growing tower, balanced by the skill of the stacking players. Turns would be taken, and higher the

Honor 5C debuts in India for ₹10,999; plans to beat the Moto G4 at its own game

After launching in Europe earlier this week, the Honor 5C has made its way to India. The budget phone is priced at ₹10,999, and will go up against the Moto G4, which is set to debut in the country later today. The highlight with the phone is the Kirin 650 SoC, which is made on a 16nm node.

The phone certainly offers a lot of great hardware for its asking price, and the metal build is  [Read More…]

App and Game News (June 21)

Thousands of apps and games get added to/updated on the Google Play Store every day and it is easy to miss these updates. It’s hard to stay on top of everything that happens in the mobile space. Aside from the big name players and their popular titles, indie devs and other game makers are pushing

“I Hate You” is a mobile game to help you exorcise those phobias (review)

Overview A lot of us, while being otherwise normal, functioning humans, harbor some deep and rather irrational fears against generally ‘normal’ items in daily life. Be it clowns, spiders, or even a trip to the dentist, sometimes a certain thing or event can create life-stopping fear or paranoia. Wouldn’t it be great to have a

Dead Zombie Land: Simple game that’s close to fun (Review)

Overview Sometimes you’re just bored and you don’t really want to think too hard, but you want to play a game. A couple questions you can ask yourself. Do you like tap style game? Do you like zombies? If you answered yes to both then, Dead Zombie Land may be for you. Developer: Cruel Bytes

Hyperkin’s $60 accessory turns your Android phone into a Game Boy

Hyperkin teased the Smart Boy accessory as an April Fool’s gag last year, but the overwhelming reaction to the concept has led the company to come up with an actual product. Hyperkin is now taking pre-orders for the Smart Boy Development Kit, a $ 60 accessory that lets you play Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges directly from your Android phone.

Here’s what’s on offer with the Smart Boy Development Kit:

Open source serial app  [Read More…]

Here’s how you can play Facebook Messenger’s hidden soccer game

Facebook Messenger is back with another hidden gem of a game, this time allowing you to kick (or poke) a soccer ball around with friends. Similar to Messenger’s hidden basketball game, all you have to do is send an emoji to get the game going!

To get started, simply send a soccer emoji to one of your friends. After it’s sent, all you do is tap the emoji and you’ll be thrown into a  [Read More…]