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Samsung’s Game Launcher updated with new UI, better discovery options

Game Launcher now has a recommendation service.

Samsung’s Game Launcher made its debut earlier this year on the Galaxy S7, and the app is now picking up an update that introduces a new user interface and a discovery feature. Game Launcher lives as a separate folder icon, and the app automatically collates all the games installed on your phone. The service provides a set of tools designed to minimize frustrations while you’re in a game, and  [Read More…]

Google’s latest Santa Tracker arrives with new game and visual redesign

Get in the spirit of the season.

Google’s yearly refresh of its Santa Tracker always brings some new fun and a fresh take on the Santa story, and the 2016 iteration is now available in Google Play and on the web. As always, the Santa Tracker app and website bring tons of interactive activities and games to help kids pass the time while waiting for Santa to arrive.

Alongside a full slate of simple  [Read More…]

Adventures of J: An “Escape the Room” style game that needs some serious polish

Escape the Room games were a hugely popular genre of puzzle games back in the day when Flash games were all the rage on computers. Your goal was to find clues and items scattered around the area that allowed you to solve puzzles to ultimately escape from a room or collect a treasure of some sort.

Google announces major contest for indie game devs in Europe

Google to European indie game developers: Show us what you got!

One of the hardest challenges indie game developers face is getting publicity and exposure for their finished product. The fine folks at Google are doing their part to help, launching a new initiative for European indie developer teams of 15 people or less — they’ve put out the call for submissions to the first-ever Google Play Indie Games Contest in Europe.

The European contest is  [Read More…]

Tap Numbers: An almost too-simple Android game (review)

If you’re looking for a deep, intensive, complex gaming experience… you’ve come to the wrong review. For this is a review for Tap Numbers, a well-done but very, very simple gaming experience on your Android device. The game comes from the developer MateriUp. It’s a type of match game that is very friendly for all ages.

Everyone is talking about Google’s AI-powered game that guesses what you’re doodling

Can a neural network learn to recognize doodles? Google intends to find out.

Google has always had a vested interest in developing and exposing people to the growing power of machine learning technologies. Their most entertaining way of doing this is through their A.I. experiments, which invite the public to explore machine learning by playing with pictures, music and language.

Their latest experiment, Quick, Draw! lets you play a virtual game of pictionary against a neutral  [Read More…]

Addictive game Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre crashes onto Android

A new way to crush candy.

Smash your way through Candy Land in Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre, a fun and colorful new title developed by the 4-man indie developer team at Juicy Beast.

Launcha Libre is equal parts goofy fun and addictive grinding.

This is actually the third game in the Burrito Bison franchise, but the first developed for mobile platforms (it’s also available for iOS). The format seems to  [Read More…]

OnePlus gets into the schwag game, starts selling bags and t-shirts Nov 3

Never Settle for a backpack that doesn’t match your phone.

OnePlus is known for its phones and accessories, but now the company is expanding its offering of lifestyle products outside of China with the launch of “OnePlus Gear.” Though it isn’t yet bringing a full suite of gear to the rest of the world, the new portion of its online store will launch November 3 with bags and t-shirts previously only available at its pop-up shops.

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Waste the day away playing Android.com’s 404 page game

Need to kill some time? Look no further.

A website admin never wants you to follow a dead link and end up on a /404 page. But hey, it’ happens. And if you hit this sort of snag on android.com, you’ll find an excellent (and deceptively difficult) game to play, right in the browser.

There are two Androids shooting various Android-themed tasty treats into a contraption, which you control with clicks of a mouse —  [Read More…]

New Electronic Arts game released – Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Electronic Arts has released the newest release in the Plants vs Zombies game series. Called Plants vs Zombies Heroes, it promises to offer hours of new gameplay in the form of a collectible card game. For the first time ever, you can now choose to play on the zombie side, as well as continuing the