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OnePlus teams up with Gameloft to launch the OnePlus Asphalt Cup in India

Like playing Asphalt 8: Airborne? You should sign up for the OnePlus Asphalt Cup.

OnePlus is partnering with mobile game studio Gameloft to launch an online racing championship in India called the OnePlus Asphalt Cup, where players compete in timed events in Asphalt 8: Airborne to win prizes. The championship will be spread out over the course of four weeks, with four time-limited events of five days each. The first event is set to kick off from  [Read More…]

Gameloft announces new mobile MMORPG Order & Chaos Online 2: Redemption

Many mobile games claim to be massively online multiplayer role-playing games (MMORPGs) but so few of them are true RPGs. Most simply take some common mobile game design, throw in global chat and asynchronous multiplayer features, and call it a day. But a few games have truly qualified as MMORPGs, daring to bestow huge massive worlds for mobile players to team up and explore. The best known, of course, is Order & Chaos Online from Gameloft.

Order  [Read More…]

Opera Software and Gameloft partner to bring games to emerging markets

Emerging markets have been a target for many Android manufacturers, and today Gameloft and Opera Software have partnered to continue the push on the software side.

Mobile browser company Opera Software and popular game publisher Gameloft have announced a new partnership that will allow distribution of games to devices in emerging markets. The new partnership will put Gameloft titles in the Opera Mobile Store which currently has around 300,000 apps and games already available and supports  [Read More…]

Gameloft brings 10 games to Nexus Player for launch day

Gameloft announced today that it has worked closely with Google to bring ten of its games to the Nexus player, successfully shoring up the device’s launch day gaming catalog. If you were lucky enough to snatch up one of the streaming devices, you should be able to peruse the publisher’s offerings from your couch now.

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We’re raising money for kids hospitals with NVIDIA and Gameloft, and you could win a Shield tablet!

This weekend I’m participating in Extra Life, a fundraiser by avid gamers to raise money for local children’s hospitals. It’s a bit of a marathon, whereby participants play games (board games, video games – whatever you’re into) for 24 hours straight. Last time I did this, I hauled my PC gaming rig to our group’s headquarters for the event, but this year I’m traveling light and playing mobile games exclusively. We’ve partnered up with Gameloft and  [Read More…]

Gameloft teases more details about Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Gameloft has unveiled more details about its upcoming military shooter, Modern Combat 5: Blackout. The title and certain story details were revealed last month, but now we have some information on two new major features: unified progression and character classes.

Gameloft announces title and story details for Modern Combat 5

Although Gameloft dropped some details on Modern Combat 5: Blackout back in June, we’ve still not seen release of the game as of yet. Don’t fret though, Gameloft is still working on things and have once again let it be known the game is well on its way to release and have now dropped the full title and story details behind the game.

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Gameloft releases Captain America: TWS to the Play Store, free-to-play for first 2 levels

Gameloft is releasing another hit game title today, leveraging recent popularity with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The game is a comic-styled third-person shooter, letting you play as Captain America supported by a powerful S.H.I.E.L.D. Strike Team moving through a full campaign of protecting the world. You’ll have full choice of your tactics, growing your Strike Team over time and making use of Captain America’s skills, including the indestructible shield and Avenger support.

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Gameloft putting Android Market games on sale for $0.99

Gameloft putting Android Market games on sale for $ 0.99

Gameloft has thrown a lot promotions over the past year, but most of them have been for iOS or in the company’s own online store. One of the most prolific mobile game developers around will bring  [Read More…]

The Adventures Of TinTin – The Game launches on Android from Gameloft

Fans of The Adventures of TinTin are likely happy that Spielberg in conjunction with Peter Jackson are producing the TinTin film, but if you want to experience The Adventures of TinTin now, then you may want to purchase the game on an Android handset near you.

Gameloft, an industry leader of mobile smartphone games, has recently introduced The Adventures of TinTin – The Game  [Read More…]