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Sony has acquired Insomniac Games, now a part of Sony Worldwide Studios

From Ratchet and Clank to Marvel’s Spider-Man, Insomniac has been with PlayStation. Now they’ve joined its family

What you need to know Sony has acquired Insomniac Games, who will now join Sony Worldwide Studios. Sony and Insomniac have a long history together, working on the Ratchet and Clank and Resistance franchises. Recently, Insomniac’s game Marvel’s Spider-Man was well-received critically and sold extremely well. This brings Sony Worldwide Studios to 14 game development studios.

Sony has announced a  [Read More…]

Select PlayStation games may come to PC and other devices

Wonder when they’ll show up.

What you need to know Sony wants its titles to reach more gamers. In a recent interview, the company’s Shawn Layden said select titles could be broader distribution. Layden focused on PC during the interview. It’s unclear when select titles, if ever, will show up on other platforms.

Today, Sony announced that it was acquiring Insomniac Games. The developer has worked on a lot of PlayStation-exclusive games in the past, so it  [Read More…]

Which Oculus Quest games can I play while seated?

The Oculus Quest is an incredible VR headset that can track your movements around a room, but you don’t need a lot of space to have a good time. Whether you don’t have enough the room, want to stay in your favorite chair, or are in a wheelchair, there are still plenty of games and experiences you can enjoy on the Oculus Quest.

★ Featured favorite Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

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You can’t buy ‘violent’ games at some Wal-Marts right now, because reasons

We absolutely live in the dumbest timeline, there can be no doubt now.

What you need to know Multiple acts of gun violence have broken out recently, including an El Paso Wal-mart. Several public officials in the U.S. have started blaming violent video games. A couple of Wal-Mart locations are now hiding the massive catalog of violent games it sells. Wal-Mart has issued conflicting statements on its position, including a denial any ban is taking place. [Read More…]

Blaming violence on video games is wrong and dangerous

It’s a bad take, and it’s been a bad take for longer than most people have been playing games. Enough.

Thirty-two people were murdered this past weekend, as two shooters in two states with different motivations decided it was their right to end the lives of other human beings. As a citizen of the United States, what happened next could basically have been read from a script. Talking heads on television dug into the background of these  [Read More…]

Shoot zombies, robots and more in the best Oculus Quest shooting games

The Oculus Quest is practically built for shooting games. Its support for two Touch Controllers and lack of wires or external hardware make it an excellent device for dodging bullets and firing at enemies. The Oculus Store has several titles that take advantage of this setup, ranging from post-apocalyptic zombie shooters to robot mauling mayhem.

★ Featured favorite Robo Recall: Unplugged

Robo Recall is a chaotic shooter where you have to “shut down” robots that have gone  [Read More…]

ANNO: Mutantionem and several other PS4 games highlighted ChinaJoy 2019

Several great upcoming PlayStation titles were shown off at ChinaJoy 2019, including ANNO: Mutantionem and Genshin Impact

What you need to know PlayStation held a showcase at ChinaJoy 2019, showing off a few different games. One of the main highlights was a pixel-art game called ANNO: Mutantionem, a sleek 2D cyberpunk title. Several other games were shown off, including Genshin Impact, an upcoming open-world adventure game.

At ChinaJoy 2019, PlayStation showed off several  [Read More…]

Google testing $5 Play Pass for virtually unlimited apps and games

Google thinks that mobile users might be willing to fork over $ 5 per month for what amounts to virtually unlimited gaming and premium apps.

A recent report from Android Police confirms that Google is testing a Play Pass service which figures to offer a “curated catalog” of apps and games spanning a variety of categories.

It appears that under this service users will be able to unlock hundreds of premium games and apps as well as their features, removing  [Read More…]

Google testing Play Pass subscription with hundreds of apps and games

Google is looking to take on Apple Arcade with its Play Pass subscription service.

What you need to know Google Play Pass is a monthly subscription service that unlocks hundreds of premium apps and games. Apps and games in the catalog won’t have any ads, with all in-app purchases unlocked. The service is currently being tested for $ 4.99 a month, but the final figure could change.

Evidence of a Play Store subscription service called Play Pass  [Read More…]

Get playing with the best games for PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a huge service these days, with over 700 games in its library. That is a lot of games to look through to find something you haven’t played, or might want to play again. We have distilled that list into our top picks for your PlayStation Now experience.

★ Featured favorite The Last of Us

The Last of Us is a modern classic in video games. With a gripping storyline, compelling characters, and excellent voice  [Read More…]