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Stay connected with these multiplayer games for Oculus Quest

If you’re tired of questing solo in your Oculus Quest, fear not. There are plenty of online multiplayer experiences, as well as party multiplayer with friends and family in the room, to enjoy. This list will focus primarily on the first option, with the best games for connecting and competing with your fellow gamers virtually, but there’s couple couch co-op options thrown in as well. Try these Quest VR titles for creating lasting friendships and bitter rivalries.

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Play games and have fun while social distancing with Quarantined Kittens

The lesser-known casualty of the current self-isolation policy is the loss of the ability to gather together and play games while yelling at each other across the table. In some ways, this should be a bigger deal because as humans we thrive in a community. We need to play together and grow together. Lucky for humanity, the people who make games are looking out for us. The makers of Exploding Kittens, a card game that keeps trying to kill you  [Read More…]

Bored at home? Pass the time with these free games, movies, and audiobooks

We’ve rounded up the best games, audiobooks, ebooks, movies, and sports content that’s free right now.

With everything that has been going around the world in recent weeks, we all need an outlet. Thankfully, there are dozens of free resources that provide a distraction from the chaos.

We’ve rounded up all the games, movies, audiobooks, e-books, fitness services, and learning resources that are free right now. Whether you’re looking to unwind with an audiobook or shoot some  [Read More…]

Gym closed? These are the best games for working out at home

No matter if you have a dedicated gaming console or just a smartphone, there are plenty of great ways to get it done.

Going to the gym is important. After all, exercise is one of the most important ways to stay happy and healthy. But it’s not always convenient to go, and sometimes the gym might even be closed when it’s most convenient for you. That’s why at-home workouts are so great! Whether you’ve got an Xbox,  [Read More…]

Best sports video games to play while sports are delayed

Lean on these sports games to get your fill of athletic competition until the real thing returns.

Though it’s far from the most important thing right now, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has done the nearly unthinkable by bringing the sports world to a standstill. In the U.S. alone, the NBA, NHL, MLS and NASCAR all had to suspend their seasons, MLB pushed back Opening Day, and news about tennis and golf events being postponed seems to be  [Read More…]

Sony says the ‘overwhelming majority’ of PS4 games will be playable on PS5

Sony has offered such sorely-needed clarity regarding backward compatibility in its upcoming console.

What you need to know Earlier this week, Sony revealed the specs of the PlayStation 5. Due to the way comments by lead architect Mark Cerny were phrased, confusion ensued over the number of backward compatible PS4 games that would run on PS5. Sony has issued an update to provide more context. Players can expect the “vast majority” of PS4 games to run on  [Read More…]

Kids stuck at home? These Oculus Quest games will get them up and moving

Video games are amazing, but they usually don’t do a great job of burning up physical energy. That’s where VR and the Oculus Quest come in. If your kids are stuck at home and are bouncing off the walls, you can let them blow off some steam with the Oculus Quest. These games will get your kids and the family jumping, dancing, and spinning around.

Note: When you let kids use VR, remember to take breaks for ten minutes  [Read More…]

Coronavirus keeping you at home? Relax with these lighthearted PS4 games

2020, we thought you would be better! Most of us are stuck at home right now, but we at least have video games for a little escape. Enjoy a reprieve from the stresses of life with these 10 wonderfully light-hearted, and funny games. They might just brighten your day, and maybe even remind you how to find joy in the little things.

★ Featured favorite Untitled Goose Game

In Untitled Goose Game you play a goose and  [Read More…]

More than 20 games have made $1 million on Oculus Quest

A successful ecosystem is a happy ecosystem.

What you need to know The Quest is a standalone, fully-featured VR headset by Oculus and Facebook. It seems to be quite popular, with the headset regularly selling out. Facebook announced in a blog post that over 20 games have passed $ 1 million in revenue on the Quest. This revenue only includes money made through the Oculus Quest.

The Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset that uses cameras  [Read More…]

Use Stadia to play these games across your devices

Google has promised that it will bring 120 games to its new Stadia platform by 2020, including more than 10 titles with exclusive launches. The Stadia Pro subscription, which is currently the only way to use the service, includes some free games as part of the $ 10 per month fee. You’ll also get discounts on some game purchases and will be able to keep your library if you cancel once the free Stadia Base option becomes available later this  [Read More…]