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Metal Gear Solid 2 HD comes to Nvidia Shield TV

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was one of the best games to come out on the PlayStation 2, and it’s one of my favorite games ever. There have been a few re-releases and remasters, but now the critically acclaimed game has made its way to the Nvidia Shield TV Android set top box/game […]

Gear Up: Anker helps keep your devices charged no matter where you are!

In today’s world, we almost always have to compromise with one aspect of our smartphones – battery life. This means that you’ll need to keep a charger near you almost all the time, or you’ll be left in the dark until you’re able to make it back home. Luckily, there are plenty of options available […]

The best flight games for Gear VR

Fly through VR.

Games on Gear VR can take you to amazing places. If you’ve been looking for awesome flight games that let you pilot a vessel, then you’re in luck. From manning a Spitfire in the skies during World War II, to soaring through space firing missiles at enemy spaceships, there are a number of different flight games that can take you to the skies. Finding the ones worth their salt can be pesky though.

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Gear Up: Braven’s summer line is as sporty as it is practical

With some of the hottest days of the year happening lately, we often find ourselves spending time at the pool or beach. There are few things that feel as good as a dip in the water when temps reach 90’s or higher. One of the first things we like to grab when we head out […]

What to do when your VR app is asking for Gear VR instead of Daydream

Make sure your VR headset launches the right version of the app.

The Daydream compatibility update has rolled out to users of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 giving them far more options for VR than any other phone can deliver right now. The ability to play both Gear VR and Daydream games on one device is huge and delivers access to dozens of new apps and games. However, some folks have run into an issue where their phone asks  [Read More…]

Samsung’s next Gear Fit will let you plumb the briny depths and listen to music without your phone

Samsung’s next Gear Fit fitness band will include standalone GPS and offline Spotify playback.

Like its phones and tablets, Samsung makes different wearables to fit different roles. One of these roles is the traditional watch, filled by the Gear S line. The other is that of a fitness band, filled by the Gear Fit line. The first Gear Fit tracker was announced in early 2014, and Samsung has been steadily improving the line since then.

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Gear Up: TYLT’s new portable batteries are a breath of fresh air

I’m a huge fan of TYLT. Always have been. I’ve had a TYLT Vu on my desk for as long as I can remember and only replaced it recently with a fast wireless charging dock. I have a TYLT Energi backpack that I use almost daily. You could say I’m a bit of a fanboy. […]

Charge your gear all over the world with this $16 adapter

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a way to charge your phones and computers no matter where in the world you travel!

Traveling out of the U.S. and still want to charge your phones and tablets? Amazon’s Gold Box deal of the day has the Poweradd international travel adapter kit for $ 18.99. Normally this kit hovers around $ 26. Today’s deal is the lowest price in almost a year.

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Best gear for watching the 2017 total solar eclipse

On August 21, the moon will completely cover the sun for 2.5 minutes. If you’re planning on watching the total solar eclipse, you’ll want to bring a couple of things with you.

2017 marks the first time in nearly 40 years that North America has seen a total solar eclipse. It’s also the first time in nearly 100 years that a total solar eclipse will be seen from the East Coast of the U.S. to the West  [Read More…]

Best Gamepad For Samsung Gear VR

Best Overall Best for portability Best Value

Best Overall SteelSeries Stratus XL

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The folks at SteelSeries have a long history of quality controllers for mobile platforms, and the Stratus XL kicks that up a notch. Instead of focusing on portability and pocketability like the other controllers in this product line, SteelSeries focused on comfort and capability which makes it an incredible choice for the Samsung Gear VR. It has all the quality of a  [Read More…]