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Samsung commences the global launch of the Gear S2 Classic, kicks things off in China

Samsung has announced that the company has commenced the worldwide launch of the Gear S2 Classic New Edition, kicking things off in China. Should you reside in the country, you’ll now be able to purchase the wearable. The Classic New Edition of the Gear S2 was unveiled back at CES, offering a more premium option for those who have more expensive tastes.

What make this version of the Gear S2 so special is the choice  [Read More…]

Best Buy is offering a free Gear VR with the purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Best Buy is running a promotion today which gets you a free Gear VR headset with the purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ or Note 5. Should you find yourself looking to upgrade your phone to one of Samsung’s latest, you may want to do so at Best Buy to score the $ 100 Gear VR headset for free. The promotion ends at midnight on January 23, and you can order it  [Read More…]

Samsung launches the Gear S2 and Gear VR in India

Samsung has launched the Gear S2 in India, with the smartwatch set to go on sale starting later today at Samsung retail stores around the country. The Tizen-based smartwatch is priced at ₹24,300 ($ 367), and buyers in the country will also be able to get their hands on the Gear S2 Classic edition, which will retail for ₹25,800 ($ 390).

For those looking to buy the Gear S2 online, Samsung has mentioned that it  [Read More…]

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is now available for Nvidia Shield TV

Raiden? Hey, Raiden? Raiden?! RAAAAIIIIDEENNNN!!!!!!

Nvidia’s been hard at work bringing new, action-packed, console-grade games to the Shield line of Android-based gaming-focused hardware for quite a while now, and there can be no doubt those efforts have kept Shield fans nice and happy. Partnering with Valve meant we got great games like Portal and the refreshed Half-Life 2, but both of those games are well beyond showing their age. Perhaps more important, Valve’s offerings lack the  [Read More…]

AT&T debuts NumberSync on the Samsung Gear S2

When the Samsung Gear S2 debuted, it was met with a fair mix of criticism and praise. Most of its criticism stemmed from its use of Samsung’s homegrown OS, Tizen, instead of Android wear. Much of the praise came from 3G connectivity being available, as it’s one of the only smart watches capable of make and receiving calls independent of your phone.

AT&T and Samsung recently took it a step further when they announced a new service called NumberSync. NumberSync  [Read More…]

Samsung teams up with LeBron James for new Gear VR experience

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James has teamed up with Oculus and Samsung to create a brand new virtual reality experience for the Gear VR. Called Striving for Greatness, the 12-minute experience touches on how James trains during the basketball season. Check out the video above for a short teaser.

Immerse yourself in 360-degree photos with Flickr’s new Samsung Gear VR app

Flickr has released a new app for the Samsung Gear VR. What this piece of software does is allow the wearer to experience photos in virtual reality. It’s another cool, yet rather pointless exercise one can partake in with VR headsets. With Flickr VR you’ll be able to enjoy 360-degree photos that have been published on the service.

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Samsung Gear VR review

Samsung and Oculus have taken virtual reality and made it something fascinating, new, and reasonably priced.

Virtual reality is not a new idea. For $ 2 and a splitting headache afterwards, a kiosk in the mall I went to as a teen would let me play Quake 3 Arena with an awkward helmet over a mouse and keyboard. The aim for VR has always been to try and make the hardware affordable enough for hard-core gamers  [Read More…]

Two months on: A long-term look at the Samsung Gear S2

Amongst a bunch of superfluous stuff, Samsung has a smartwatch concept that actually works. And in many ways, the Gear S2 is a strong challenger to Google in its own wearable ecosystem.

Every year is supposed to be the year of the smartwatch. Yet with each generation of products it becomes clearer that we’re only just working out what a wrist computer is supposed to do. One approach to wearables has been to start from smartphone  [Read More…]

What’s that yellow dot on my Gear S2 watch face?

The most recent update for Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch added a couple of new apps and performance improvements. However there’s one subtle change in the latest Gear firmware that’s not entirely obvious at first. You might occasionally notice a small yellow circular marker on the right-hand side of your watch face. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. So what’s going on?

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