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Planet Computers’ Gemini brings the classic PDA into the Android era

Some of you might remember the Psion Series 5, a personal digital assistant (PDA) device that launched back in 1997. Well, the original Psion designers have returned to give the classic pocket computer a modern form. Under the umbrella of UK startup Planet Computers, the Psion Series 5 revival project is named Gemini. The Gemini […]

Planet Gemini hands-on: The dream of the 90s is alive in Vegas

The Planet Gemini feels like a device from some alternate universe where the Personal Digital Assistant never died. Its eyeglass-case chassis evokes the old Sony Tablet P, while its miniature QWERTY keyboard suggests a laptop that stumbled into a shrinking machine. But its closest relative is probably the Psion PDA from the 1990s — a device beloved as much for its powerful scheduling software as for its robust physical keyboard.

The Planet Gemini is no mere throwback. It’s available  [Read More…]

Gemini PDA is a crazy dual-booting hybrid with a mechanical keyboard

It’s a phone. It’s a mini laptop Honestly it’s bizarre and I can’t stop staring at it.

There are two kinds of phone nerds in the world today — those old enough to remember lusting after PDAs so you could have a computer with you at all times, and people who weren’t alive before Wi-Fi existed everywhere. For the PDA folks out there, this is a throwback you’re going to want to see for yourself. It’s a  [Read More…]

Ulefone to launch Gemini Pro and Armor 2 at Hong Kong Fair

Ulefone will be in attendance at the upcoming Global Sources expo in Hong Kong next week where it plans to launch two new phones. Running from April 18 to 21, the conference will likely home to multiple new handset announcements. As for Ulefone and its new models, the company expects to introduce its Gemini Pro and […]

Ulefone Gemini Pro could launch in six colors

Because black, white, and silver are just a little played out, Ulefone could debut its next phone in a half dozen color options. A picture has surfaced showing Ulefone’s forthcoming dual-camera handset, the Gemini Pro, in a variety of colors. Among them are red, blue, green, and gold. Reportedly, the conventional colors of grey and black […]

Ulefone promises Google Assistant for Gemini Pro, future models

One of the more popular topics making the Android rounds these last few days is how Google Assistant is coming to more devices. Initially introduced with the Pixel and Pixel XL, it’s the next-gen AI that helps users get more information, help, and context across nearly all areas of the experience. While Google has already […]

AliExpress offering Ulefone Gemini for $127.99 with $30 in free gifts

The dual camera smartphone that is the Ulefone Gemini has been chosen as one of the top picks on the Aliexpress Tech Discovery channel. Having recently launched on February 14, the handset is available for $ 127.99 (USD) with $ 30 worth of free gifts. Based on the unboxing video by Ulefone, we can see that the gifts […]

Ulefone Gemini arrives with $120 price tag for first 6,000 buyers

Ulefone’s latest phone, the Gemini, is finally set to launch. As the company’s first phone to pack two cameras on the rear, the Ulefone Gemini is being offered at an introductory rate of $ 119.99. Officially, the handset goes on sale February 14. Powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the phone draws strength from a MediaTek MTK6737T […]

Ulefone Gemini will feature Super Saver Mode to stretch battery life

New details have emerged for the Ulefone Gemini ahead of its launch in just a few short days. Set to launch on Valentine’s Day, February 14, the dual-camera experience figures to give users a tool to extend the life of the battery. Called Super Saver Mode, it’s a software setting that can further the usage of […]

Ulefone Gemini sales commence February 14

With the Spring Festival holiday out of the way, it’s a new year for Chinese handset makers. As such, Ulefone is ready to hit the ground running. Next week sees the company launching its Gemini smartphone. Initially announced a few weeks ago, the Ulefone Gemini offers up a dual-camera experience on the back of the […]