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Google Maps turns 15, gets a design refresh and new features

Google will also be rolling out an update to the Live View feature within Maps later this year.

What you need to know Google Maps is celebrating its 15th birthday. To celebrate, Google has introduced a new icon for Maps, along with a few new features. The updated Google Maps app with the new look will begin rolling out on both iOS and Android today.

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Android Auto finally gets an option to disable notification sounds

You will no longer be distracted by annoying notification sounds while you’re on the road.

What you need to know Google has quietly added an option to disable notification sounds in version 5.0.500224 of the Android Auto app. The “No sound from notifications” toggle can be found in the Android Auto settings. Notifications will, however, still remain stuck on the screen until you dismiss them.

Google rolled out the first major update for Android Auto last year,  [Read More…]

This $50 bundle gets you set for Lean Six Sigma certification

Whether you or your business wants to build better software, assemble a more streamlined organization, or simply get new projects off the ground, it takes a deep understanding of project management. Ideas are one thing, but execution is another.

Our deal for you today is a four-course bundle of training aimed at educating in the space of management, organization, goal setting, and production. In other words, it’s all you need to prep for Lean Six Sigma.

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Android AirDrop competitor Nearby Sharing gets shown off in hands-on video

Formerly known as Fast Share.

What you need to know Google’s AirDrop competitor Nearby Sharing gets shown off in new hands-on video. Developers over at XDA were able to get it enabled and running on multiple devices, including Pixel and OnePlus phones. Nearby Sharing is now one of three different AirDrop clones that are being worked on for Android devices.

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Google’s Digital Wellbeing gets a 30-minute snooze button for Wind Down

A 30-minute snooze for when you really want to use your phone for just that bit longer.

What you need to know Google’s Wind Down feature encourages digital wellbeing by reducing distractions at bedtime. The firm is now adding a new feature to let you pause wind down for half an hour. It’s rolling out automatically in the Play Store to Beta users.

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OnePlus 8’s 120Hz Fluid Display gets demonstrated in new video

Spoiler, it’s pretty smooth.

What you need to know OnePlus has shown off its Fluid Display via a video showed on social media. The video compares the new 120Hz display to the more common 60Hz standard. The 120Hz display is expected to make its debut on the OnePlus 8.

OnePlus has been talking up its new display technology all year. Surpassing the 90Hz display of the Pixel 4 and OnePlus 7 Pro, the firm hopes to make  [Read More…]

PlatinumGames gets investment from Tencent, will explore self-publishing

Despite this investment, the studio remains independent for now.

What you need to know PlatinumGames announced that the studio has received an investment from Tencent. With this investment, PlatinumGames will begin exploring self-publishing. The studio will still be independent for the future.

Kenichi Sato, President and CEO of PlatinumGames, announced today that the studio has recieved an investment from Tencent. With this investment, PlatinumGames will begin exploring self-publishing, while still remaining an independent studio for the future,  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite gets shown off in hands-on images

The phone should be here very soon.

What you need to know Hands-on images of the new Note 10 Lite have leaked out. It confirms what we had seen in the leaked renders, that the front will look similar to the previous Note 10 models and the back will feature a square camera bump. Samsung is expected to unveil the Note 10 Lite at CES 2020 next week.

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California gets its first real alert through Earthquake Early Warning app

Well, 40 people got the warning…

What you need to know California residents have received their first-ever real earthquake alert. The alert went out via the MyShake app, for an earthquake in Parkfield, CA. More than 40 people received the alert about 1 second before it hit.

A select number of California residents have received the first-ever public alert through the app MyShake, a statewide Earthquake Early Warning System.

As reported by LA Times, the alert was  [Read More…]

Arizona Sunshine for Oculus Quest gets its first free DLC

Two-handed weapons mark the first of three free DLCs planned for Arizona Sunshine on the Oculus Quest

What you need to know The first of three planned free DLC packs for Arizona Sunshine is now available for the Oculus Quest. Players can update the game within their Oculus Quest Home screens to receive the new content. This DLC focuses on two-handed weapons which add significant firepower improvements to the game.

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