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EE showcases Gigabit LTE in the UK

British operator is Europe’s first carrier to showcase Gigabit LTE, using Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium.

EE today took the wraps off its new Gigabit LTE network, with a live demonstration at London’s Wembley Stadium. The demo saw Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium, one of the first Gigabit LTE devices running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 platform, pulling down 750Mbps, with upload speeds of 110Mbps.

The XZ Premium’s 4K HDR display underscores one of the major benefits of Cat. 16  [Read More…]

Sprint demos Gigabit Class LTE on a mystery Motorola flagship with Snapdragon 835

Yesterday we’ve seen an alleged Moto Z (2017) make rounds online. Well it appears, Motorola isn’t particularly secretive about the new phone, as the device has already been spotted in the wild. Sprint and Motorola recently parented up to show off the carrier’s upcoming Gigabit Class LTE service during a New Orleans Pelicans vs Toronto […]

ZTE’s Gigabit Phone is a sneak peek at technology that doesn’t yet exist

5G is coming, someday, and ZTE wants everyone to know it’s ready and waiting.

Ever wonder what life will be like when we have 5G connectictivity roaming around us? Well, we’re not quite there yet, but to get you in the spirit, ZTE is showing off the first 5G-compatible smartphone on the MWC 2017 show floor.

When 5G is ready, it will include a hundredfold speed increase that will make all sorts of futuristic technologies more plausible.

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ZTE officially teases the Gigabit Phone for MWC 2017

The company will showcase the “forward-looking” capabilities of its first Gigabit smartphone, in addition to a few new devices.

Straight from the mouth of babes, ZTE has announced what it plans to showcase at this year’s Mobile World Congress 2017, happening February 27 in Barcelona.

The official press release states the following:

The introduction of the forward-looking smartphone, the ZTE Gigabit Phone, marks an important cornerstone for the 5G mobile era. The ZTE Gigabit Phone is revolutionizing  [Read More…]

ZTE’s upcoming gigabit phone will pave the way to the 5G era

Last but month the rumor mill spurted out an interesting tidbit – Chinese phone maker ZTE might be looking to unveil a ground breaking phone concept at MWC 2017 in Barcelona. And as we get closer to the grand event, more information related to the phone has appeared online via a report from The Verge. […]

Qualcomm announces first gigabit LTE device and network, 5G modem

The first gigabit LTE network will go live in Australia.

Qualcomm has announced that it is partnering with Netgear, Ericsson, and Australian carrier Telstra in delivering the world’s first gigabit LTE device and network. Telstra has worked with Ericsson in developing the gigabit-ready network, which will go live before the end of the year.

Simultaneously, Netgear is rolling out a mobile hotspot called the Mobile Router MR1100 that can hit gigabit speeds by leveraging 3x carrier  [Read More…]

Google Fiber is acquiring gigabit internet provider Webpass

Google Fiber is acquiring San Francisco-based gigabit internet provider Webpass for an undisclosed amount. Founded in 2003, Webpass is focused on providing businesses — along with select residential markets — with gigabit internet connectivity, and its acquisition will aid Google Fiber’s expansion. The acquisition is expected to close this summer following regulatory approvals.

Webpass currently lists over 20,000 customers, and is active in five cities: San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, and Miami. In a blog  [Read More…]

Qualcomm announces super-fast gigabit LTE modem and new Snapdragon chips

Qualcomm has announced a new super-fast gigabit LTE modem, as well as three new Snapdragon processors. The Snapdragon 625, 435 and 425 pack a punch with various technologies included to offer low- to mid-tier performance in smartphones later this year. Both the Snapdragon 625 and 435 are octa-core processor, while the entry 425 is a quad-core chip.

With the massive surge smartphone adoption in developing countries, Qualcomm is looking to capitalize on further growth with  [Read More…]

Google Fiber bringing free gigabit internet to public housing in select cities

Google has announced that it will be bringing its gigabit Fiber internet service to residents of public housing in all cities where Google Fiber is offered at no extra cost. Working with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, along with local partners, Google will start the rollout in Kansas City, Missouri, its first Fiber city.

From Google Fiber:

Working side-by-side with the Housing Authority of Kansas City, we’re launching the program today at West  [Read More…]