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Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ review: A big name for a thin case with lots of luster

Spigen’s glitter case has style, shine, and soft color that plays well with phone grips and Samsung’s subtle details.

Spigen is known for cases that can deliver at every price point and level of protection, but unlike brands like Otterbox or UAG, Spigen is known for bodyguarding our phones without brutish bulk. While some of us may want to lock our beautiful Samsung Galaxy S9+ inside Fort Knox and forsake any semblance of thin, grace, Spigen knows  [Read More…]

Ringke Air Prism Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ review: A smokey case with grip and glitter

Who says a glitter case can’t be sophisticated?

Glitter cases aren’t exactly hard to come by in the smartphone case market, but they have a tendency to shed. Surface glitter will run off your case onto your hands; rhinestones will fall, leaving unsightly gaps. Their surfaces can be coarse and uncomfortable. Above all else, glitter cases tend to be a bit garish, with some looking like they fell through a Lisa Frank bedazzler.

Thank goodness the Ringke  [Read More…]

Add some glitter to your Galaxy Note 5 for just $19.95 today!

Who doesn’t want to add some glitter to their Galaxy Note 5, right? Samsung’s glitter case will make your phone sparkle in blue, gold, pink or silver and add a unique look to the phone. Today, you can grab one of these for $ 19.95.

Add some glitter to your Galaxy Note 5 for just $19.95 today!

If you want to make your Galaxy Note 5 stand out, Samsung’s Glitter case is likely what you are looking for. The case clips on the four corners of the phone and protects the back of it, while adding some sparkles to it. Today, you can grab one for just $ 19.95.