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Gmail joins the dark side, dark theme now rolling out for Android and iOS

It could take up to 15 days to start showing up.

What you need to know Google has announced the dark theme for Gmail is officially rolling out starting September 24. It will be available on both Android and iOS. The rollout is being done on the server-side and could take up to 15 days to show up.

Google has been hard at work updating its core apps with dark themes to support Android 10‘s built-in dark  [Read More…]

7 tricks for using Gmail more effectively on the desktop

In this era of instant messaging, video chat and texting, email is still an important staple. But even the most vigilant users can still get overwhelmed by excessive spam messages, having their account compromised or accidentally sending a note to the wrong person. Here are seven tips for using your Gmail account more effective.

1. Stop hackers by using two-step verification

Make sure no one is sneaking into your account and using your address to send spam messages.  [Read More…]

Dark theme is finally rolling out to Gmail for Android

A server-side update to Gmail for Android is enabling dark mode.

What you need to know Google is rolling out dark theme in Gmail for Android via a server-side update. You’ll be able to choose between three options: Light, Dark, and System default. The update may not be available for everyone just yet.

Google teased a dark theme for Gmail on the Android 10 site, and the update is now rolling out. As noted by several users  [Read More…]

Out of office warnings are rolling out to Gmail and Hangouts Chat

Full rollout is expected by September 16.

What you need to know Out of office warnings are rolling out to G Suite users for Gmail and Hangouts Chat. The warning will show up as a banner informing the sender that the recipient is out, and when they will return. The new feature can be disabled in the Calendar settings if you wish not to share your status with others.

No one likes to come back from vacation  [Read More…]

Gmail gets account-switch gesture and hints at upcoming dark mode

The Gmail widget received a dark theme with this update.

What you need to know Gmail has received the quick-switch gesture to swap between accounts with the latest update. The new gesture allows you to switch between accounts with a swipe up or down over your profile photo. The Gmail widget and splash screen both have gone dark when your system theme is set to night mode.

Recently, Google has been updating some of its apps to  [Read More…]

Gmail AI-based spell check now available for G Suite customers

The smarter autocorrect feature is currently available only in English.

What you need to know Google has started rolling out new spelling and grammar correction capabilities for Gmail. Gmail will now use AI to give you better spell-check suggestions and detect grammar issues. The new feature is expected to become available to all G Suite users in the coming weeks.

After rolling out AI-powered grammar correction capabilities in Google Docs for G Suite users earlier this year,  [Read More…]

What is Gmail Confidential mode?

Best answer: Confidential Mode is a feature built into the Gmail mobile app that gives you better control over emails containing sensitive or personal information. You’re able to set emails to expire after a set amount of time, require SMS passcode verification to open the message, or you can go in and revoke someone’s access to an email.

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Here’s how to keep your emails safe with Confidential Mode in Gmail

Ever worry about what happens to your emails after they’re sent? When your emails contain sensitive or confidential information, it’s nice to know that these emails can’t be archived, printed, forwarded, or simply left sitting in an inbox waiting to be skimmed by email hackers.

Gmail’s Confidential Mode gives you peace of mind by letting you set expiration dates on an email so that access is revoked just like a disappearing Snapchat. You can  [Read More…]

Google is sending warnings about SwiftKey’s access to Gmail

What you need to know Some users received a warning from Google regarding SwiftKey’s access to Gmail. The warning is likely related to upcoming API changes that limit third-party access. The warning mentions a deadline for SwiftKey to comply with data policy requirements.

Some users of SwiftKey, Microsoft’s AI keyboard, have received warning emails from Google regarding SwiftKey’s access to Gmail. Google is changing its APIs regarding access to user data within Gmail, and there’s a good chance  [Read More…]