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Goal Zero bulks up power storage solutions with new products

Goal Zero, a key player in the mobile and home power storage space, this week introduced a number of new products at the annual CES trade show. Included in the announcements are additions to existing lines as well as unique, first-of-its-kind technology.

Yeti Link

First up is the Yeti Link which include a “proprietary technology” that allows users to chain different battery chemistry (ex: lead acid and lithium) together. The Yeti Link is an add-on module that lets those who own  [Read More…]

Xiaomi IPO falls far short of $100 billion goal but it’s still worth a buttload of money

On Monday, Xiaomi joined the Hong Kong Hang Seng index with a $ 54 billion debut. This is far less than the estimated $ 100 billion number that was floated months ago, with it closing on Monday at HK$ 17 per share. Tuesday saw it rise up to HK$ 19 per share but still puts it at far less than the original Xiaomi IPO estimate.

However, $ 54 billion is nothing to sneeze at; it still positions Xiaomi as one of  [Read More…]

How to add a goal to Google Calendar

Adding a goal in Google Calendar can help to keep you on track.

Plenty of us already use Google Calendar to keep track of the many different parts of your life. On top of making events and reminders you can also set goals for yourself. These include goals for exercising, work, friends, and plenty more. We’ve got the details for you here on how to set one up.

Set a goal in Google Calendar Open Google  [Read More…]

HTC: monthly security updates are a goal, but unlikely to happen

HTC likes the idea of pushing out monthly security updates to its smartphones and is committed to doing so.  But, for all its efforts, HTC may think this is an unattainable goal.

Jason Mackeznie, president of HTC America, advised that HTC will push for them to happen, however, he relented that it could be “unrealistic” to hit the mark every time out.

Google announced earlier this year that it plans to issue monthly software updates for its Nexus line which are dedicated to security.  [Read More…]

Nexbit Robin surpasses Kickstarter goal in under 12 hours

Nextbit only just launched its Robin smartphone on Kickstarter earlier today, but it has already surpassed its $ 500,000 funding goal with a month to go.

Announcing winners for an Axon Phone, a shopping spree, Goal Zero chargers and more!

If you’re a registered member here at Android Central then you know we always have a contest happening. And if you’re not registered, well — now is as good a time as any. Winners of our most recent contests are posted below, and if you were chosen watch your email as we’ll be following up to get your info. Stay tuned for more upcoming contests folks. Congrats to the winners!

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Win a Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit and more!

Simon has been taking a look at accessories for your summer adventures, and one cool gadget he recently reviewed was the Venture 30 charger by Goal Zero. You’ll definitely want to check out the full review, but what it boils down to is that while there is some room for improvement, overall the Venture 30 rugged battery pack is more than capable of keeping your gadgets charged while you’re out on the trail.

Now it’s time to  [Read More…]

Need a solar power charger or weatherproof speaker? Check out these Goal Zero deals!

It’s the middle of May which means a lot of us are starting to spend more time outside. Be it a few hours in the back yard or an entire week out camping, we’re going to be out and about quite a bit over the next few months. To that end, we’ll be away from our wall chargers and not able to juice up in the normal ways. Thankfully there are companies like Goal Zero around to help us stay charged.

  [Read More…]

T-Mobile hits mid-year LTE expansion goal

T-Mobile announced that it has achieved its mid-year coverage goal of expending its LTE footprint. Now the Un-carrier network announced that as of the end of June, it now has 230 million points-of-presence for its 4G LTE footprint, meaning its network is expanding and LTE is available in more areas. And though T-Mobile has hit its milestone for June, the carrier says that it will continue to expand its LTE footprint.

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XY project blows past Kickstarter goal, promises easy tracking of belongings

XY is a project on Kickstarter that promises to keep track of everything important to you, and it just flew past its funding goal. Introduced with some calculations that’s sure to make you think, XY states that the average person spends 10 minutes a day trying to find lost things.

XY promises to eliminate this as the Bluetooth LE powered tag can be attached to anything you hold important to you and the tag then syncs to your smartphone  [Read More…]