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Our 75% OFF eLearning sale is still going strong — take advantage today!

If you are a regular visitor to AndroidGuys, you know that we run a daily post which features a discount or limited-time promotion. Whether it’s a product, service, online training, or a giveaway, it’s a great opportunity to save big.

One of our more popular categories is online training, often because they’re discounted so heavily and typically offer lifetime access. We get it. It’s the learn-at-your-pace stuff that opens doors to new careers.

While the prices we feature are incredible  [Read More…]

Is the PlayStation 5 going to cost more?

Best answer: Probably. Sony already sold the PS4 at a loss when it came to the market at $ 400 initially. Estimates from industry analysts put the PS5 between the $ 400 and $ 600 mark.

Base model: PlayStation 4 Slim ($ 282 at Amazon)

Why was the PS4 so cheap?

When the PlayStation 4 first released, it retailed at $ 400. This price placed it at $ 100 less than the $ 500 Xbox One,  [Read More…]

EasySMX makes a footrest on a gaming chair a necessity going forward

I could almost fall asleep in it if it reclined just a bit more.

I have to be honest. I’ve been using a wooden kitchen table chair as my office chair for the last six years or so — granted, I have blankets thrown onto the seat and back to make it more “comfortable”. Obviously anything after that would be a step up. EasySMX’s memory foam chair with a pullout footrest certainly is. But that doesn’t mean  [Read More…]

Are you going to use a case with the Galaxy Note 10?

Let’s see what the AC forums have to say.

With Galaxy Note 10 pre-orders now live, early adopters will soon have their hands on Samsung’s latest and greatest before they know it.

The Note 10 is an incredible-looking handset, but as much as we appreciate its design, we’d also advise getting a case to go along with it. Already, we’ve seen some great Galaxy Note 10 cases and Note 10+ cases.

Taking a look at the AC  [Read More…]

T-Mobile confirms that it isn’t going to sell the Galaxy Fold

AT&T hasn’t said what its plans for the Fold are.

What you need to know The new and improved Galaxy Fold will relaunch in September. T-Mobile recently confirmed that it will no longer sell the device when it relaunches. AT&T has yet to say one way or the other if it’ll carry the Fold.

We have some good news and bad news for all the Samsung Galaxy Fold fans. The good news is that Samsung has finally  [Read More…]

Here’s why Android Central is going all-in on Prime Day 2019!

There are a few times of year I’m really excited to spend my money, and Prime Day is quickly rising to the top of that list. If you’re not familiar with it, Prime Day is Amazon’s excuse to create a holiday in July, and to get people frothing at the mouth over insane discounts for its products and thousands of others that it stocks online.

This year, Prime Day happens over 48 hours, starting at midnight PT /  [Read More…]

Sling TV’s Sports Extra is going to cost more — for some

Sling Orange customers will have to pony up an extra $ 5 a month for the Sports Extra.

What you need to know If you only have Sling Orange, the cost of Sports Extra is going up to $ 10 a month. Sling Blue customers won’t be affected, nor will those with both plans. Current Sling Orange customers are grandfathered for a month.

Sling TV — which remains the most popular live streaming TV service in the United  [Read More…]

Are you going to get Stadia?

The Founder’s Edition is now available for early adopters.

On June 6, Google held its first Stadia Connect livestream to reveal key information about the upcoming game streaming service.

Not only did we get a taste of the initial game lineup, but we also learned how much Stadia costs and when it’ll be available to use.

Stadia’s combination of a monthly fee and having to pay for games outright seems to have caused for some mixed reactions,  [Read More…]

T-Mobile: Not going to bundle streaming video and broadband — we’re going to disrupt

T-Mobile’s Mike Sievert, left, and John Legere. (Image credit: T-Mobile)

And then CEO John Legere dunks a horrendous Dad Joke on AT&T.

You join a T-Mobile earnings call for the financial news, but you stay for execs dog-cussing their competitors. That’s just the way it is, usually. But today TMo CEO John Legere went full Dad Mode on AT&T when it comes to the prospect of bundling home broadband via 5G with its fledgling streaming video  [Read More…]

Are you going to spend $2000 on the Galaxy Fold?

Don’t worry, we won’t tell your wallet.

Samsung gave us a pretty nice surprise on Wednesday at its Unpacked event by kicking things off with the announcement of the Galaxy Fold — the company’s foldable phone that we’ve been waiting years for.

The tech used to make the Galaxy Fold a reality is beyond impressive, but its price tag of $ 1,980 has caused for a lot of sticker shock.

Here’s how some of our AC forum  [Read More…]