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T-Mobile: Not going to bundle streaming video and broadband — we’re going to disrupt

T-Mobile’s Mike Sievert, left, and John Legere. (Image credit: T-Mobile)

And then CEO John Legere dunks a horrendous Dad Joke on AT&T.

You join a T-Mobile earnings call for the financial news, but you stay for execs dog-cussing their competitors. That’s just the way it is, usually. But today TMo CEO John Legere went full Dad Mode on AT&T when it comes to the prospect of bundling home broadband via 5G with its fledgling streaming video  [Read More…]

Are you going to spend $2000 on the Galaxy Fold?

Don’t worry, we won’t tell your wallet.

Samsung gave us a pretty nice surprise on Wednesday at its Unpacked event by kicking things off with the announcement of the Galaxy Fold — the company’s foldable phone that we’ve been waiting years for.

The tech used to make the Galaxy Fold a reality is beyond impressive, but its price tag of $ 1,980 has caused for a lot of sticker shock.

Here’s how some of our AC forum  [Read More…]

Amazon’s Ethernet adapter on sale keeps your Fire TV devices going strong

Forget Wi-Fi.

The Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Fire TV devices is down to $ 10.99 on Amazon. This adapter normally sells for around $ 15 and, despite being around for more than a year, has never dropped this low before.

Your need for this device is easy to identify. Have you bought one of Amazon’s Fire TV devices? Well, you should because they’re all on sale. If you have one, and it’s connected to a TV where  [Read More…]

Here’s the cool stuff I’m going to do once I lose all this weight

Or, how I’m using my passions to fuel my journey.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing with you my plan to lose as much weight as I can. I first shared what I’d be doing physically, and then I discussed my diet plans. The cool thing about my plan is that it focuses on using tech to enrich my experience.

Until now, that enrichment largely came in the form of making my life easier  [Read More…]

Bixby isn’t dead or going away anytime soon — sorry

Samsung can’t let Bixby die because it’s about far more than just the on-phone assistant.

Every time someone mentions Bixby within the context of the smartphone enthusiast crowd, it’s typically met with a range of responses from a laugh to downright disgust. Our guide for how to disable Bixby on your phone, which nominally targets more casual Galaxy owners, is incredibly popular. If you look at these signals, it leads to a general feeling that Samsung is  [Read More…]

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 going on sale in the UK on January 16

It’ll be sold for just £449 for one day only.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, one of the year’s first big flagships, now has a release date set in stone for the United Kingdom. Per the official Xiaomi UK Twitter account, the phone will be released on Wednesday, January 16 starting at 12:00 PM GMT.

You’ll be able to buy the Mi Mix 3 at Xiaomi’s website, Amazon UK, and Ebuyer, and for January 16 only, the  [Read More…]

JBL Link Drive is going to put Google Assistant in your car

There is no place it is more important to get assistance hands free than your car and the JBL Link Drive is here to help. Whether you’re looking to listen to your favorite song, ask for directions, or get updates on traffic and the weather the JBL Link Drive with Google Assistant can get you what you need. It can even read your texts to make sure your eyes stay off of your phone while driving.

All you have to  [Read More…]

This year, CES is going to get weird

I, like many of my peers, have a love-hate relationship with CES. I’ll spare you the diatribe about overcrowding, or traffic, or the garish lights and artificial air of the Las Vegas strip — if you’ve been there, you either love it or hate it.

But in years past, whether I was reporting more broadly for MobileSyrup or focused on Android for AC, there seemed to be a particular trend or movement — mobile, VR, AR, wearables, smart  [Read More…]

Know where you’re going with this discounted car phone mount for only $6

Secure your phone for the ride at a discount.

The last thing you should be doing while driving is messing around with your phone. It doesn’t help that GPS apps can be extremely handy on the road, which is why you need something like Penom’s Universal Phone Mount for your car. It clips onto your vehicle’s air vent to secure your phone for the ride allowing you to watch the road and the next turn on your  [Read More…]

The $41 teak Squatty Potty is all about going to the bathroom in style

Poo with a view.

The seven-inch Squatty Potty bathroom toilet stool with a slim teak finish is down to $ 41.33 on Amazon. This poop stool of luxury has been selling around $ 80 for the last six months or so, and it only got as low as $ 60 before that. The price drop is the lowest we have ever seen.

Of course, we can’t all afford to climb porcelain thrones lined with gold. If you  [Read More…]