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Looks like Millennials finally killed HQ Trivia for good

Thanks to the short attention span of smartphone users and lack of investments.

What you need to know HQ has shut its doors today, February 14, 2020, laying off all 25 employees. HQ Trivia and HQ Words apps are no longer supported. The decision comes after a failed acquisition dried up all available funds.

HQ Trivia, the popular smartphone game that was once dubbed “Millenial Jeopardy”, is being shut down for good after the developer went out  [Read More…]

How to disable Netflix autoplay previews and trailers for good

It’s finally happened: Netflix now allows you to clamp down on its terrible, annoying, very bad autoplaying trailers and previews. You know the ones, that start playing immediately after you open the app on your phone, laptop, or television. The ones that, right after you finish that perfect season finale and are trying to digest what just happened to your favorite characters, remind you there’s a new season of Grace and Frankie, even though you never want to  [Read More…]

How Google’s backup encryption works – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Backing up your data is easy and secure on Android. But there are some issues with the service that Google needs to sort out.

I love seeing headlines about encryption hit a news cycle. Anything that gets a person more aware of their options when it comes to making sure that they are the only person with access to their data is important. So important, in fact, that Google does it by default with your backed-up data.

  [Read More…]

A good 60W charger is the only one you need, and these are the best

Chargers always seem to be getting faster and smaller, faster and smaller, and with the wide adoption of the Power Delivery (PD) standard, one high-powered PD charger can serve all the gear in your life, from your power-hungry laptop to your phone, power bank, and even your battery-sipping headphones. There’s quite a few 60-65W chargers out there we trust with our gear, but the RAVPower 61W GaN charger is the best for size, adaptability, and reliability.

Best Overall:  [Read More…]

CES 2020 had so many good dogs — these are the best ones

Did you know there were dogs at this event? Because there are dogs at this event.

Most people think CES and immediately think smartwatches, self-driving cars, new laptops, and some crazy new AR glasses. The truth is, CES genuinely has something for everyone. From nightmarish, hyper-realistic installations from your favorite TV shows to live performances from Janelle Monae, it’s a pretty great way to explore the future.

But did you know there are dogs here? Because there  [Read More…]

Nokia 6.2 review: This $250 phone is surprisingly good

An inexpensive phone that’s easy to like but hard to love.

As we broach the new decade, buying a smartphone has become somewhat of a fraught experience. Depending on your home market, it’s relatively easy to walk into a carrier store and leave equipped with a $ 1000+ phone that didn’t cost anything upfront. It masks the true cost of the device through two or more years of monthly payments, similar to a loan.

But that phone  [Read More…]

Kindle Oasis 2019 long-term review: So good it makes you want to read more

With adjustable warm lighting and subtle design tweaks, the Kindle Oasis 2019 is a great upgrade to a fantastic e-reader.

How do you improve on something that is already the best in the market? That is the question Amazon had to ask itself with the Kindle Oasis 2019. It debuted earlier this year, and while there you may not make out any differences in design from its predecessor, there are a few notable features.

Of course, you  [Read More…]

These Black Friday deals on Anova sous vide machines are sous good

Cooking meals with the sous vide method has changed my life. It delivers delicious results every time with minimal effort, and made it way easier to meal prep healthy meals for myself throughout the week. Along with the Instant Pot, its one of the best kitchen inventions to come along in years and something I whole-heartedly recommend to everyone I know.

To put it briefly, sous vide is a cooking process where you submerge sealed food into water that’s held  [Read More…]

I can’t decide which crazy good headphone deal to get — they’re all so good

From Powerbeats Pro to Bose QC 35 II, the discounts make it hard to decide which headphones to buy.

I may or may not be turning into a headphone junky. I’ve already got about a half a dozen pairs, but here I am looking at these incredibly good Black Friday deals and thinking about buying more. I’ve always wanted to see just how pro the Beats Studio3 headphones are, and former iMore managing editor, Serenity Caldwell raved about how  [Read More…]

5 reasons the AirPods Pro are good for Android

The AirPods Pro aren’t a terribly great value on Android but the ANC and comfort may entice you to pick them up over other truly wireless earbuds.

The AirPods Pro are an Apple product which means they’ll work best when paired to an Apple device such as an iPhone or an iPad. However, the AirPods Pro still function like any other Bluetooth earbud on Android.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)/Transparency Mode

The biggest reason to grab the AirPods  [Read More…]