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Fenix resolves Twitter issues, makes its return to Google Play

Popular third-party Twitter client Fenix has made a triumphant return to the Google Play Store after being pulled earlier this week. The app had run afoul of Twitter’s token limit, but it seems that those issues have been resolved.

From Fenix on Twitter:

Good news, everyone! Fenix is back on the Play Store! https://t.co/obl5TClTM5 pic.twitter.com/tC2axD959n

— Fenix (@fenix_app) April 28, 2016

Developer Matteo Villa has said that he worked  [Read More…]

Google OnHub gets a home automation boost with IFTTT integration

If you own one of Google’s OnHub routers, you’ll now be able to leverage If This, Then That (IFTTT) to program some cool automated tasks. After updating to the latest firmware, you’ll be able to take advantage of IFTTT’s recipes to craft all manner of automated tasks that are triggered by devices connecting to or disconnecting from the OnHub router.

Options for recipes are only really limited to your imagination, but you’ll be able to trigger interactions with a  [Read More…]

Machine learning, AI, post-mobile search lead 2016 Google Founders’ Letter

Alphabet CEO gives Google’s chief a huge megaphone, as he lays the current and future vision of both companies.

The Founders Letter is a powerful statement for Google. Start with the original “Don’t be evil” mission of 2004, to last year’s opus that formed Alphabet and marked a major restructuring of Google. Today, in a 2016 Founders’ Letter, Alphabet CEO Larry Page hands the virtual pen to Google CEO Sundar Pichai for an update.

“I wanted to give  [Read More…]

Former Motorola leader Rick Osterloh heads back to Google to lead hardware projects

Former Motorola president Rick Osterloh has returned to Google. Osterloh will be in charge of Google’s hardware teams, including Nexus, Chromecast and Google Glass.

Re/code reports:

A Google rep confirmed that Osterloh has joined the company as its newest Senior Vice President, running the new hardware product line and reporting to CEO Sundar Pichai.

Osterloh left Motorola in February, after it was acquired by Lenovo. He previously worked at Motorola while Google owned the company and  [Read More…]

Podcasts in Google Play Music: It’s better than nothing

After more than 3 years, podcasts are back on Google’s radar. So why did is launch with so much room for improvement?

Once upon a time Google had a little app for listening to podcasts. It was called Google Listen, and it lived alongside other podcast apps during a time of great peace and prosperity. But Google Listen died an untimely death, killed off in one of Google’s infamous “Spring Cleanings” after months and months of  [Read More…]

New York Times partners up with Google to deliver another 300,000 Cardboard viewers

The New York Times and Google have teamed up once again to fire out more Google Cardboard viewers. The companies plan to roll out 300,000 new units to digital subscribers of the news outlet. This move is in conjunction with “Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart,” a VR experience set to be published on the NYT.

This particular film enables viewers with the headset to fly over Pluto, stand on the surface and view its moons on the  [Read More…]

Nexus 9 makes its exit from the Google Store

The HTC-built Nexus 9 tablet is no longer available from the Google Store. The 8.9-inch tablet, which originally launched in October 2014, has been replaced by Google’s Pixel C as the flagship Android tablet.

Of course, if you really want the Nexus 9, a number of other retailers are still carrying the tablet. HTC is still offering it, while you can also grab it from Amazon for $ 320 for the 16GB version.

See at Amazon

HTC reportedly cooking up two Nexus products with Google

HTC is reportedly building a pair of Nexus products in partnership with Google, likely for release later this year. The devices are said to be built around Android N, and according to noted leaker Evan Blass, the devices have the codenames M1 and S1.

HTC is building a pair of Android N devices for Google internally dubbed M1 and S1 #nexus

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) April 27, 2016

Apart from that, there’s  [Read More…]

Google Calendar for Android makes scheduling meetings much easier

Google is rolling out a new feature to Google Calendar that should make scheduling meetings much easier. Available for Google Apps for Work and Edu users, the new “find a time” button will automatically pick out the best times for a meeting based on the schedules of everyone in the group.

From Google:

With a single tap, “Find a time” helps you find meeting times that work for everyone—even if they’re in different time  [Read More…]

BBC and Google join forces with service providers to help keep children safe online

The BBC and Google have joined forces to help keep children safe when browsing online and using the internet. The two parties have joined Internet Matters, which was set up a few years back by UK service providers, including BT, Sky and Virgin Media. While the BBC and Google already promote online safety for children, this move represents a more collaborative approach.

From the Guardian report:

“Both organisations are already working with Internet Matters. The BBC  [Read More…]