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You can now register for Google I/O 2017!

Registration for Google’s developer conference is now open!

Last year, Google Allo, Duo, Assistant and Home were announced at Google I/O 2016, and that was just at the keynote. The annual developer conference is full of interesting pieces of news, but the real reason it exists is for developers to learn how to build great apps and experience for the Android and Chrome platforms.

This year, with rumors swirling about Andromeda, Fuschia, and whatever else Google has  [Read More…]

How-To: Using Google Maps for Public Transit

  Transit options and schedules Google Maps is great for seeing navigation options, traffic, and travel estimates. But what if you don’t have a vehicle or wish to take public transit? Well, Google Maps now goes a step beyond just being a map for drivers. Besides transit maps, Google Maps now provides, in many instances, […]

Every Chrome VR site you can visit through Google Daydream

Now you can browse the internet in VR with the help of Daydream.

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been two years since VR rejoined our cultural consciousness, since it seems to be everywhere these days. Previously the only way to enjoy VR with your phone was by downloading Cardboard or Daydream apps from the Play Store. However it looks like those days are quickly coming to an end. If you missed the news this week,  [Read More…]

Using an Android watch with multiple Google Accounts

People with multiple accounts have some extra steps in Android Wear now.

Where previous versions of Android Wear acted as an extension of your phone, anything running Wear 2.0 is designed to work like it’s a standalone Android device. A big part of setting up this experience is moving your Google Account over to the watch from your phone.

This is a fairly trivial thing to do with a single account, but if you use multiple Google  [Read More…]

Google testing Voice over LTE support for Project Fi

Project Fi is testing VoLTE support via T-Mobile’s network

If you’re a Project Fi customer, you may have noticed improved call quality over the past few weeks. That’s because Google has been quietly testing Voice over LTE (VoLTE) for a subset of Project Fi users, formally announced in a post on the Project Fi Help Forum. If you’re curious to know if you’re one of the fortunate testers for this new service, you can find out by looking for  [Read More…]

Best cases for Google Pixel XL

Protect your larger Pixel with a quality case.

The Google Pixel XL is a big, beautiful phone, and if you have one, you’ll definitely want to keep it protected from scuffs and daily wear and tear along with bumps and drops.

Fortunately there are a number of great case options available that, depending on the option you go with, will keep your phone safe while also adding some style and/or functionality to your device.

Google Live case  [Read More…]

How-To: Log into Google Chrome

Google Chrome is my browser of choice, both on mobile and PC. If you haven’t given it a shot yet, you need to. Among other amazing features, which we will undoubtedly outline with a How-To at some point, you are able to share your bookmarks, history, passwords, and much more between all of your devices […]

Protect your Google Pixel XL without much bulk for just $18.87 today

If you are looking for a way to keep your Google Pixel XL protected without bulking it up too much, you’ll want to check out Seidio’s Surface case. The two-piece case offers great protection with a slim profile, and today you can pick one up for just $ 18.87.

NBA and Google partner up to produce VR talk show with NBA greats

Get in the game like never before!

It’s the NBA All-Star Weekend and, this year, the NBA is allowing fans more access to their favorite athletes, by working with Google to create new virtual reality experiences for fans. One of the more interesting ideas that’s rolling out this weekend is called House of Legends, an episodic sports talk show hosted by retired NBA players such as James Worthy, Bruce Bowen, Chauncey Billups, John Starks and others, and presented in  [Read More…]