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Alto’s Adventure slides onto the Google Play Store

Alto’s Adventure, the popular endless snowboarding game, has at last made its way to Android. The game sees you slide down a snowy mountain in an effort to catch your pack of escaped llamas. Alto’s Adventure was previously only available on iPhone and iPad.

As you make your way down the mountain, catching llamas will earn you points. You can collect coins, and find special equipment to help you in your task and gain extra points.  [Read More…]

Google said to be working on a standalone VR headset

Google is reportedly developing a new, standalone virtual reality headset. Unlike the Oculus Rift, which requires a PC to work, or Google Cardboard, which is powered by smartphones, this new device would apparently be untethered, operating more akin to the Microsoft HoloLens, a standalone augmented reality headset.

From The Wall Street Journal:

One of the people familiar with the matter said the headset will include a screen, high-powered processors and outward-facing cameras. Google plans to use  [Read More…]

Google is developing its own stand-alone virtual reality headset

Considering how prevalent virtual reality (VR) has become over the last year or so, it’s getting hard to ignore. Google already has a bit of a play in the VR market with its Cardboard platform, and word has it that it’s planning on building a competitor to Samsung’s Gear VR setup, but it turns out there’s something else in the works, too.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is hard at work on putting together a virtual reality headset  [Read More…]

Latest Google Forms update makes it faster than ever to gather insight

Google has announced a number of new features for Google Forms that will make using the platform that much more insightful. We’re looking at using templates from the Forms home screen, email notifications on form submission, as well as new add-ons and Google Apps Script support.

For those who are not familiar with the app, Google Forms is a handy way to gather information from a group of people, whether it be an invitation, survey or  [Read More…]

Google will ditch Flash for advertisements by January 2017

Everyone dislikes Flash, including Adobe themselves. Google is among those trying to push for change and has actively encouraged advertisers in the past to use HTML5 on its advertisement platform. Now the company has announced that the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Digital Marketing (basically everything advertised through Google’s platform) will go HTML5 by January 2017. Rest in peace, Flash.

From June 30 later this year, display adverts built in flash will no longer be accepted  [Read More…]

Get 2GB of Drive storage for free by checking your Google security settings

What would you do if you lost access to your Google account? It’s not something we would like to think about.

But have you done anything to protect your account from malevolent sources, or at least include a way to recover your account if anything happens?

To help, Google is rewarding anyone who does a security check-up on their account with a cool 2GB of Google Drive storage space.

To get started, head to the Security Check-Up page and login to your Google  [Read More…]

Google now offers flood alerts in India

Following the devastating floods in Chennai in December, Google has announced that it is adding flood alerts to Google Public Alerts in India. The search giant is collaborating with India’s Central Water Commission (CWC), which actively monitors river levels from 175 flood forecasting stations located all over the country.

Flood alerts will be available on Google Now, desktop and mobile web searches, Google Maps, and from the Public Alerts website. Clicking on an alert will give  [Read More…]

Google Store $50 Nexus 5X discount ends on February 12

Google has been offering a $ 50 discount on the Nexus 5X for a few weeks already, and now the company has announced that the discount will end on February 12. If you have been eyeing the Nexus 5X, and like to save some extra money, you will want to make your purchase prior to February 12, so you can take advantage of the sale.

With the discount, the 16GB version of the smartphone is priced  [Read More…]

Google CEO Sundar Pichai nets big payday with $199 million stock grant

As revealed by a recent SEC filing, Google CEO Sundar Pichai was awarded the equivalent of $ 199 million in stock. Pichai’s total Alphabet holdings now come in at around $ 650 million. As noted by Bloomberg, which first reported on the filing, the recently-awarded shares will vest incrementally through 2019, as long as Pichai stays on the job.

Pichai was named CEO of Google in August of 2015 after it was announced that the company would  [Read More…]