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Andromeda: How Google can conquer the desktop, figure out tablets — and maybe change Android phones forever

The next stage of Android’s evolution is starting to come into focus. Google’s Andromeda, like the galaxy, is vast, complex and — for the moment — unknowable.

Slowly and quietly, Android has been growing into a desktop OS. (That’s in addition to being a phone OS, a tablet OS, a TV OS and a watch OS.) This year’s 7.0 Nougat release debuted with a feature we’ve still yet to see on any production device: freeform window  [Read More…]

Chrooma Keyboard vs Google Keyboard: Better than stock?

Last month, I posted about how I finally switched to Google Keyboard after years of using Fleksy. In the end, it came down to consistent updates and typing speed. Although several commenters supported my decision, many suggested other keyboards I should have switched to. One commenter suggested Chrooma Keyboard, which looks like a beefed-up version of

Google Play is still in beta, but it’s good to be back on Chrome Stable

Google Play is finally on the Chrome Stable channel for the Asus Flip and the Acer R11.

Google has made a lot of progress getting Google Play and Android apps working on Chrome. It wasn’t the worst thing to come out of Mountain View when it initially launched, but there were bugs and it lacked a lot of polish, especially when running next to Chrome itself which is dead-simple and very user-friendly. The worst part of  [Read More…]

Rumor: Google to introduce new $129 Wi-Fi router October 4th

According to a report by AndroidPolice, Google is rumored to soon unveil a new Wi-Fi router, called Google Wi-Fi. Slated to launch along with its other new products, including the Pixel phones and new 4K Chromecast, it could arrive on October 4. The device is said to be similar to Google’s current router, the OnHub, and

Google Play Store now available on certain Chromebooks

We’ve heard reports about the Play Store coming to Chrome OS over the past few months, with information slowly churning through the rumor mill. It seems as if the speculation has finally come to fruition, as Google has begun to officially roll out the Google Play Store to certain Chromebooks running the latest version of Chrome OS. It

Google Pixel and Pixel XL: What to expect from the Nexus successors

Brace yourself: Pixels are coming.

For the past seven years, Google partnered with some of the leading Android phone makers to sell co-branded handsets under the “Nexus” name. This year, the company is set to unveil two new handsets under a brand that’s new to phones, but well known to Google followers: Pixel.

On October 4, Google will hold an event in San Francisco where it’ll unveil two new phones “made by Google.” We’ll reportedly get the Pixel  [Read More…]

Google brings natural language processing to Drive

This week, Google updated Google Drive to make it smarter than ever. In the same way that you can search Google Photos for things like “photos from last month” you can do the same for files in Drive. Natural Language Processing If you have a lot of files in Google Drive, you’re going to love

How to download and share movies, music, and books on Google Play

Google Play is more than just an app store.

We know that Google Play is where you’re downloading most, if not all, of your apps, but there’s much more that they offer. There are millions of books and movies for you to escape into, and music for every taste and time. While it may still seem odd to some of us to buy movies on your phone, or to buy an album that doesn’t come in  [Read More…]

Google releases messaging app Allo

Since their announcement at I/O 2016 in May, the mobile world has eagerly awaited the arrival of Google’s new communication apps, Allo and Duo. Duo was released back in August for both Android and iOS, but we have had to wait until today to meet Allo. Allo is Google’s new cross-platform messenger app looking to change the way