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Best Car Chargers for Google Pixel

Looking to keep your Pixel charged on the road? Here are our favorite car chargers!

We’ve all been there (some of us more than others): You hop in the car for a road trip or are on your way to work, you look at your phone, aaaand you’re at 33% — with the WHOLE day to go!

You need a car charger for your Google Pixel so that you never miss a message or a call.  [Read More…]

How to take a screenshot on the Google Pixel

How do I take a screenshot on the Google Pixel?

The Google Pixel runs Android 7.1, which is pretty special. There are a whole bunch of new features, and there are rounded icons — for better or worse. If you’re using the new phone, you’re likely going to want to show off some of its awesome looks in the form of screenshots.

It’s easy to take a screen on the google Pixel. Here’s how.

How  [Read More…]

Google and uBreakiFix partner up to offer same-day Pixel repairs in US and Canada

Google’s brand new Pixel and Pixel XL duo has just started shipping out to customers, while also becoming available for purchase in brick and mortar locations as well. As hours pass, more and more units are being sold, so Google has set up a new partnership created to provide protection for these precious new devices

How to share and review apps in Google Play

Google Play has a lot of app in the store… so how do you find the right ones?

Search can show you what you want if you’re specific enough — maybe — but most of our apps don’t come from search, they come from our friends, they come from strangers, they come from opinions. They come from our feedback others have left, which is why almost every app you’ve ever used has had one of those  [Read More…]

Camera comparison: Google Pixel XL vs. Galaxy S7 edge

Google has made a huge stride in camera quality, but can it take on Samsung head to head?

Though Google’s new Pixel phones have seriously impressive imaging that put its previous Nexus phones to shame, we have to remember that before they arrived it was well-observed that Samsung led the pack with the camera on the Galaxy S7 edge (and of course Galaxy S7 and Note 7).

Now that we’ve had a Pixel for a little  [Read More…]

A Guide To Waterproofing Your Google Pixel

So the Pixel’s not waterproof — there are workarounds!

For most people, the Google Pixel’s lack of waterproofing isn’t a total dealbreaker, and most folks will pick up a Pixel or Pixel XL without giving waterproofing a second thought.

Then there are those of us who have dropped our phones in the toilet at some point or have a loved one who has (like a certain writer’s wife), so we know the perils that can come  [Read More…]

Google Pixel XL first impressions: MrMobile edition

Eight years after the first Android phone hit shelves, the Google Pixel is here to solidify the concept of the “Google phone.” Onboard: upgraded intelligence, heavily optimized software, and a camera that works with the gyroscope to produce insanely steady videos. From what Alex and Daniel are saying, it does a pretty bang-up job of redefining what an Android smartphone can be. But all that promise is wrapped up in a humdrum casing that looks unfinished at best and  [Read More…]

Do these 5 things when you get your Google Pixel

You just got a Google Pixel, now it’s time to get up and running the right way.

You’ve done your research, you’ve read the review and you’ve placed your order. Now your fresh new Google Pixel or Pixel XL is awaiting your setup and customization. Just like any new phone there’s a lot to take in with the Pixels, and we’re here to point you in the right direction so you can start things off the  [Read More…]

How to use Move shortcuts on the Google Pixel

How do I quickly access notifications using the Google Pixel’s fingerprint sensor? Move shortcuts!

Google has added three useful gestures to the [Google Pixel] that are sure to make you more productive. While they’re not exactly new in the Android ecosystem, found in various phones from Motorola to Huawei to LG, they’re put to great use here.

Swipe for notifications Jump to camera Flip camera How to enable Move gestures on the Google Pixel On  [Read More…]

Google explains why it focused on fair gender representation with its new emoji

Diverse emoji are better emoji.

For many of us, emoji are a part of our daily conversations. I text my best friend with a heart emoji and a sunrise emoji every morning, and I use the raised hands emoji to let my co-workers know that I’m having an IRL physical reaction to something in the Mobile Nations Slack chat.

Emoji are not just for fun, however. Since they’ve become a part of our daily rhetoric, they’ve also become  [Read More…]