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Activision Blizzard to only stream on YouTube in partnership with Google

A major change is coming for Google and Activision Blizzard.

What you need to know Activision Blizzard and Google have announced a major new partnership. Google Cloud will provide the gaming infrastructure for further Activision Blizzard titles. Additionally, Activision Blizzard will exclusively stream events through YouTube, including OWL (Overwatch League).

In a press release, Activision Blizzard and Google announced a new partnership that will see Activision Blizzard stream exclusively through YouTube (except in China). This includes major  [Read More…]

Google is rethinking how it shows favicons on desktop search

Google is responding to a crescendo of criticism.

What you need to know Google tested a more colorful design for desktop Search, inspired by a similar mobile UI. The new design was criticized for the use of favicons which dulled the distinction between ads and content. Google has now stripped favicons from the design in response and plans to iterate on the UI a little more.

Last week, Google started rolling out a new, more colorful Search  [Read More…]

These are the best games included with Google Play Pass in 2020

Google Play Pass continues to offer a great value for Android users looking to save on premium apps and indie-developed games in 2020. There are a ton of great games that have already been added to the service across multiple genres — from intense strategy games and action-packed indie platformers to relaxing puzzle experiences and immersive RPGs.

Pre-pay for Play Pass Google Play Gift Card

From $ 25 at Amazon

Pay to play

Getting a play  [Read More…]

Google is de-cluttering Featured Snippets in search results

Featured Snippets will also count toward the ten results shown on a page.

What you need to know Webpages that Google believes provide the best answer to a question are often highlighted at the top of the page. Google will no longer repeat these “Featured Snippets” down the page. The company is aiming to declutter search results.

If you’ve ever asked Google a question, you may have seen the search engine try and answer it for you  [Read More…]

Solve this puzzle to reveal the details of Google I/O 2020

Help us solve the puzzle and figure out when Google I/O 2020 is.

What you need to know The puzzle that will reveal the details for Google I/O 2020 was tweeted out this morning. The tweet takes you the site where this year’s puzzle is hosted and will require a collaborative effort to solve. Google hosts its annual I/O developer’s conference each year in May where it announces some of its latest technology for Android, Google Assistant,  [Read More…]

Here’s how to sign up for game betas in the Google Play Store

Get the chance to play the game early and provide feedback.

Beta testing is a beneficial process for both gamers and developers alike. Beta testers feel like the special chosen ones who get the inside scoop on a new game before the rest of the public, while developers get free help testing out their unreleased games and earning valuable feedback and bug reports. We’ll break down the different ways you can gain early access to Android games  [Read More…]

Samsung is working on integrating Google Duo with its messaging app

The integration may rely on RCS services.

What you need to know Google and Samsung are seemingly collaborating on tighter integration between their apps. A report from South Korea, as well as an examination of the Samsung Messages app, reveals One UI users could soon use Duo video calling from within the SMS app. A partnership with carriers and the use of RCS may even help bypass data charges.

Samsung Messages, RCS, and Google Duo. What happens  [Read More…]

Google revamps ‘Collections’ with AI, collaborative features

A new Collections tab makes its way to the Google app.

What you need to know Google is refreshing its Collections feature with sharing and collaborative features. The firm will also now dynamically suggest new content for your Collections with AI. Suggested Collections will roll out to the U.S. first, but collaborative content will come to all regions today.

Google is taking its little known bookmarking feature — Collections— from a back seat feature to one that  [Read More…]

Verizon bundles Google Stadia with its Fios plan

Verizon on Tuesday announced it will be giving its Fios customers an opportunity to receive a Google Stadia account with gaming hardware.

Starting January 29, Verizon Fios subscribers who sign up for the Gigabit plan will get a Stadia Premiere Edition which is the gaming controller and Chromecast Ultra. Additionally, the bundle comes with three months of the Stadia Pro gaming subscription.

Once the introductory window closes, Fios customers will be charged the standard $ 9.99 monthly rate. The hardware,  [Read More…]