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Verizon reportedly blocking access to Google Wallet on its Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus NFC

Pop quiz: List, in alphabetical order, all of the Google Nexus phones that officially have access to Google Wallet.

If you aswered the Sprint Nexus S 4G — and only the Sprint Nexus S 4G — you’re exactly right. And it looks like it might stay that way for the time being. 9 to 5 Google, citing an unnamed source, reports that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus won’t have access to Google  [Read More…]

Ice Cream Sandwich headed to Google employee Nexus S phones


Throughout the madness that has become the US launch of the Galaxy Nexus, it’s been easy to forget that Samsung’s latest device won’t be the only US phone to run stock Android before the year is over. Some time ago, Google made an announcement that Android 4.0 would be rolled out to Nexus S devices just as soon as the Galaxy Nexus was released. Well, as that time inches ever closer,  [Read More…]

Google Maps 6.0 puts indoor maps & ICS look on your Android device

The latest version of Google Maps for Android takes the typically outdoor science of mapping and brings it indoors. Google Maps 6.0 provides floor plans for select buildings in the United States and Japan. So when someone searches for Atlanta International Airport and sees a blue-dot on the area, that person can zoom in on the map and automatically see a detailed layout of the  [Read More…]

Google I/O 2012 to be a day longer, moved to June 27-29


The Android platform has been evolving rapidly, and Google keeps growing with its many services and products. These are two of the main reasons why Google I/O has become one of the biggest events in the tech industry. Last year, tickets sold out in less than an hour, and things are becoming quite difficult for our fellow coders. We definitely expect this Google I/O 2012 to be a huge event as  [Read More…]

Google Catalogs available for download now, just in time for Christmas

Android Central

The latest addition to the Google Android application circle has been launched today, as the Google Catalogs app becomes available for download for tablets.

Put simply, the app pulls together 400 digital catalog issues from such brands as Nike, Sephora and Nordstrom for you to browse at your leisure. Interactivity is the name of the game with images and videos sewn throughout the pages and pages of shopping treats. Another  [Read More…]

Google IO 2012 changes dates to June 27-29 in San Francisco

Google IO

Can’t get enough of Google IO? Google’s developer conference has just announced expanded dates — moving from two days in April to June 27-29. The conference will still take place in San Francisco, at Moscone Center West.

Source: Google Developers


Google Catalogs digitizes famous shopping catalogs for Android tablets (US only)

A few months ago, Google raised eyebrows when it released a catalog shopping app that supported only the iPad. “Where’s the Android version?” a handful of people asked. Well, Google will finally right that egregious wrong and release the Google Catalogs app for Android tablets.

Available now for Android 3.1 or higher devices in the United States, Google Catalogs does away with the piles  [Read More…]

YouTube and Photos updates come to Google TV

Google TV

We saw some Google TV action not too long ago that included updates to YouTube but over at the official Google TV blog, they’ve expanded on what, exactly was included with that release:

YouTube: The new Google TV YouTube experience introduces playlists to your living room. You can now easily watch your YouTube subscriptions on your HDTV and quickly access your other playlists like Watch Later and Favorites. If you have your  [Read More…]

Sony Google TV update now arriving, new YouTube app included

Sony Google TV

If you have a Sony Internet TV you’ll want to be on the look out for system updates as a new one has now started to arrive for some folks. The update indictates that it addresses some issues with router connectivity but it also contains an unmentioned, updated YouTube app with increased functionality. We don’t have a full change log as of yet so if you spot anything else, be a  [Read More…]

Samsung and Google to update Galaxy Nexus with fix for volume bug

Android Central

There’s been quite the hoopla over the past few days around the Galaxy Nexus volume bug — that’s the nasty little issue which results in the phone’s volume levels going crazy when it’s on a 900MHz 2G/EDGE network, or when it’s exposed to RF interference from another phone that is.

We reached out to Samsung for comment on the glitch, and they’ve responded today with the confirmation that a fix is indeed  [Read More…]