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Redux TV delivers curated, leanback viewing experience for Google TV [App Reviews]

Redux TV delivers curated, leanback viewing experience for Google TV [App Reviews]

Google TV is not a cord cutters one stop solution because resistance from networks and online video providers makes it so. However, the recent addition of Android apps has unlocked more video  [Read More…]

Google Music Blowout: $4.99 albums and 49-cent songs

Google Music Blowout: $ 4.99 albums and 49-cent songs

Music lovers in the United States can get to work populating their new Google Music library now that Google has started a limited-time sale on practically the entire catalogue. Beginning today and running for an undisclosed period, the  [Read More…]

Google Currents update hitting the Market, improving data sync performance

Android Central

Google Currents has received its first update, with no new features to report but a couple of important fixes.

In the changelog we get stability improvements, and performance improvements in data sync. The second of these in particular will be welcome, with sync initially proving to be quite slow in some cases.

Download link below, although remember folks officially the app is still only available in the US.

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Nexus S owners experiencing issues updating to ICS; Google puts some users on hold


It was four days ago now, December 16th, when Google first announced they’d be rolling out an update to Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Nexus S. Due to various errors and problems being reported by users from all over the web, the update is being put on hold for some.

Problems associated with the update to Ice Cream Sandwich include everything from high spikes in CPU usage, to major battery  [Read More…]

How to take screenshots of Google TV over WiFi with ADB


A few days ago, my Logitech Revue received its long-awaited update to Android 3.1 and with it came glorious, glorious access to the Android Market. The main category I’d been longing to fill was a solid media player with decent codec support. I finally found that in Plex so I wanted to review the app, which meant I needed a  [Read More…]

Able Remote is a must-try app for every Google TV owner – voice command and shortcuts on a phone [App Reviews]

Able Remote is a must-try app for every Google TV owner – voice command and shortcuts on a phone [App Reviews]

The long-delayed update to Google TV was frustrating particularly because it kept users from  [Read More…]

Google Music opens up to everyone … if you’re in the US

Android Central

Google Music has gone and gotten itself an update in the Market, and that Beta tag has finally been lost. That’s right folks, invitations are no longer required and Google Music is open to all.

Open to all though still only applies if you’re within the U.S., so for the rest of us, there’s still no official way of setting up an account.

The application update also brings  [Read More…]

Google starting to push Ice Cream Sandwich for Samsung Nexus S

Samsung Nexus S

We’ve had unofficial builds of Ice Cream Sandwich on the Samsung Nexus S for a number of weeks now. But today Google announced that the GSM version of the Nexus S will see its Android 4.0 update push out over the next month, starting today. Not a bad turnaround. Now let’s see some carrier-branded phones get some love, shall we?

Source: @GoogleNexus


Google releases stock images for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Now that you’ve got your Galaxy Nexus, it’s time to tinker. And tinker we shall. We’ve already showed you how to unlock the bootloader, which you really should do first thing if you have any thoughts at all about one day rooting the phone or using a custom ROM. So if you haven’t done that already, go do it. We’ll wait.

Back? OK. Now this being a Nexus phone,  [Read More…]

Google Android Training gives development lessons for making better apps

Google is providing extra resources to developers looking to create or improve Android apps. Announced last night via a Reto Meiers post on the Android Developers Blog, Android Training is a new set of classes and tools that “demonstrate best practices for solving common Android development problems.” And that education is all free.

Android Training isn’t a typical online course with a remote professor.  [Read More…]