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Google+ Is A Sausage Fest With 74% Males, Out Of Which 24% Are Engineers

According to metrics collected by the Find People On Plus website, Google+’s main demographic is comprised of male San Francisco-based engineers, at least according to the profile data they’ve submitted.

Google Plus

According to these figures, roughly 73.7% of all Google+ users are male, 7.85% live in San Francisco and as many as 24.56% have listed their occupation as engineers. Judging by these metrics, Google+ could be seen as an Internet-only Silicon Valley, where engineers share pictures  [Read More…]

Upload pictures From Your iDevice To Google+

Google+ was launched two weeks ago, And people who managed to get a Google+ account may now be staggering how to acquire services from their iOS devices, Since there is no Google+ official app is available now. Here’s how to upload pictures from your iDevice to Google+.

You Will Need: An iPod touch,iPad or iPhone running iOS 4.0 or Latest. Google+ account Piconhand, a fee Picasa client for iOS. Step 1: Suppose you have  [Read More…]

Facebook vs. Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Regular readers of this site know how much we’ve talked about Google+, Google’s new endeavor in the social networking world, in the last few weeks. If you’re wondering how well it stacks up against Facebook, this infographic will help.

Google Plus Facebook


As you can tell from the image above, the authors of this infographic at TechnoBombs went fairly in-depth into the feature set of both  [Read More…]

Skype – Facebook collaboration , Take this Google+

The Skype – Facebook collaboration was announced yesterday by Mark zuckerberg who demonstrated an awesome Skype team product, That confirmes what Mark Zuckerberg always beleived in that Facebook will keep on growing.

This is considerd to be a big hit to Google+ Hangout which was begining to prove useful. When Mark Zuckerberg announced the teaming up of  Facebook and Skype;Google was shooked , Zuckerberg demonstrated the new Skype video integration feature that will allow video chating  [Read More…]

Google+ : “all profiles to be public”

While after while Google+ final outlines begin to take shape, And the latest disclose on Google plus help page that there won’t be any private profiles on Google+.

Google+ is expanding to more people ,Google thinks that private profiles dosen’t allow the best use of Google+ which is helping people find and connect each other online. But you can control what information you share since full name and gender are the only  [Read More…]

Moving Facebook Photos To Picasa – Soon to be Google Photos – By a Click

As Mashable suggested to share the knowledge of a good ways to transfer photos from Facebook to Picasa, A recently Launched easy way to transfer Facebook photos and albums to Picasa which will be renamed as Google Photos very soon proves to be very handy.

Move2picasa.com connects with your Facebook account, then all your Facebook Photos, albums, sans captions and comments will be transfered to Google’s Picasa Service. It takes a while to get  [Read More…]

Transcenic Inc. Sues Google and Microsoft Over 3D Mapping Technology

A Louisiana based company is sueing Microsoft and Google Accusing them of violating a patent around 3D mapping technology.Transcenic Inc. alleges that Google and Microsoft Acquired the technology that allow them mapping in 3D illegally

Google’s Street View and Microsoft’s Streetside allows users to see places in 3D instead of the birds-eye view. Transcenic Inc. also is sueing AOL and MapQuest for the 360 View technology, “has injured Transcenic and Transcenic is  [Read More…]

Google+ iOS App Is Awaiting Approval From Apple [Confirmed]

Few hours ago, according to Google’s own Erica Joy, that the iOS app has in fact been submitted to Apple for review some time ago. It is now stuck in review and we are waiting for approval.

Erica Joy To Her iPhone Using Friends :

For all my iPhone using friends: the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to the App Store (no, not today, sometime prior to today) and is awaiting approval.

  [Read More…]

Google Has Fun With Numbers

Google may not have won a share of Nortel’s patent library last week (Apple, RIM, Sony, Ericsson, and EMC did), but they probably had the most fun placing bids during the auction.

Google, following their initial stalking horse bid, put forth the following bids of:

$1,902,160,540 $2,614,972,128 $3.14159 billion

For the blessed few out there smart enough understand the two numbers before the Pi reference, Google used Brun’s constant, and Meisel-Mertens constant as bids. Obviously  [Read More…]

Google Maps & Strong Presence On iOS 5

Apple although has been working on a new maps service, 9To5Google reports that Google Maps will still be present in iOS. Apple’s efforts in breaking geo-localization ties with Google have yet to produce a working product.

“Sources have told 9To5Google that although Apple is working to improve the iOS Maps application, iOS 5 will not bring an Apple developed maps service and Google Maps is still in.”

The muse that Apple has  [Read More…]