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Why Google is a Better Apple Friend than Enemy

A casual observer might be forgiven for thinking that to Apple, Google is Enemy #1. Apple’s most profitable (and therefore important) businesses center on the iPhone and iPad. The most serious competitors in both these product categories run on Google’s Android platform.

The belief that Google is the enemy makes intuitive sense on two counts. First, when you, the gadget-happy user, chooses a device, you may consider an iPhone or  [Read More…]

Google Updates Search Page, New Tablet Optimized Version Available

Google is now rolling out a tablet friendly updated version of its google.com search page.

The update sports larger text, buttons, and other page elements that are considerably easier to click with my fat clunky broken fingers. Google also ” focused on improvements that enhance the viewing experience such as enlarged image previews, continuous scroll, and faster loading of image thumbnails,” according to their mobile blog.

The page is available to iPad and Android HoneyComb 3.1 tablet  [Read More…]

Apple Kicks Google Books Off App Store, Is Amazon’s Kindle App Next?

Apple has just seemingly banned its first big name app for not playing along with Apple’s revised In-App Purchase rules, as Google’s official Google Books app, which contained a prominent web link to an outside e-store, has disappeared from the App Store. If it has happened to Google, will Amazon’s Kindle app be the next app to disappear?


Introduced in December last year, Google’s Google Books app allowed users  [Read More…]

Google+ for iPhone is the Most Downloaded Free App in the App Store

Google finally launched its highly-anticipated Google+ app for the iPhone yesterday, and the app has already climbed to the number one position in the App Store’s Top Free chart!

That’s an impressive amount of downloads for an app that’s still in an invite-only beta…

The official Google+ app has been met with a lot of initial criticism since its release, but it continues to sit comfortably on top of other flagship apps in the App Store.

Almost immediately following its release to  [Read More…]

Google: Another Day, Another 550K Android Activations

It appears Google is learning a lesson from Apple: mobility mean big bucks. The search giant told reporters Thursday Android could become “an accelerator” for the business. There are more than 130 million Android devices now, the company says.

“Our emerging high usage products can generate huge new businesses for Google in the long run, just like search,” CEO Larry Page said. Google activated 135 million Android devices — 35 million  [Read More…]

What Apple Could Learn From Google+

Look around in Google’s new social network, Google+. You’ll see Apple design DNA everywhere. The clean, white space. The knowing and careful attention to typography type, shade and spacing. The icons are beautiful in a simple, balanced, Apple kind of way.

The coolest feature on the whole site, the “circle editor,” was in fact designed primarily by the same guy who was a lead designer on the original Macintosh.

Google+ presents  [Read More…]

Enable Google Maps Turn-By-Turn Navigation In Unsupported Countries On Android With Ownhere Mod

Many of us appreciate, even rely upon the hardcore techies of the hacking community to deliver the tweaks and mods that circumvent the limitations and help us realize the true potential of the devices we own. Whether it’s rooting the HTC Desire or jailbreaking the iPad 2 (or hacking the PS3, which can land you in a whole lot of trouble if you aren’t careful), no sooner are the firmware versions or devices released than the developers are beavering away looking for  [Read More…]

Google+ Is A Sausage Fest With 74% Males, Out Of Which 24% Are Engineers

According to metrics collected by the Find People On Plus website, Google+’s main demographic is comprised of male San Francisco-based engineers, at least according to the profile data they’ve submitted.

Google Plus

According to these figures, roughly 73.7% of all Google+ users are male, 7.85% live in San Francisco and as many as 24.56% have listed their occupation as engineers. Judging by these metrics, Google+ could be seen as an Internet-only Silicon Valley, where engineers share pictures  [Read More…]

Upload pictures From Your iDevice To Google+

Google+ was launched two weeks ago, And people who managed to get a Google+ account may now be staggering how to acquire services from their iOS devices, Since there is no Google+ official app is available now. Here’s how to upload pictures from your iDevice to Google+.

You Will Need: An iPod touch,iPad or iPhone running iOS 4.0 or Latest. Google+ account Piconhand, a fee Picasa client for iOS. Step 1: Suppose you have  [Read More…]

Facebook vs. Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Regular readers of this site know how much we’ve talked about Google+, Google’s new endeavor in the social networking world, in the last few weeks. If you’re wondering how well it stacks up against Facebook, this infographic will help.

Google Plus Facebook


As you can tell from the image above, the authors of this infographic at TechnoBombs went fairly in-depth into the feature set of both  [Read More…]