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Nexus 8 “flounder” to appear at Google I/O

Nexus 8

Although the leak that claimed to be the Nexus 8 was actually eventually revealed to be an early image of the Nexus 10, evidence suggests that the Nexus 8 is a real product and will appear at Google I/O.

The device, codenamed Flounder, which ties in with the use of fish names for Nexus devices, was found in recent code and now also has been  [Read More…]

Google demoes Android Wear notifications

In a Google+ post, Senior Developer Advocate at Google Timothy Jordan highlighted how notifications will be handled on Google’s upcoming Android Wear platform.

Google updates its camera app once again brining a few new features, including a timer

google camera second update_____

It’s been a month and a half since Google released a standalone Google Camera on the Google Play Store. Since then there’s already been one update to the app. Now Google strikes again with some new features. Google Camera is now at version 2.2.024 (after the update). Google added a few features in this update:

New panorama modes A timer, which can be  [Read More…]

Google camera update returns the timer, cropping options

If you’ve been laying up nights waiting for the timer and cropping to return to the Google Camera app, rest easy tonight. The timer’s back with today’s update, as are cropping options. So go all 16:9 on your bad self(ie) if that’s how you roll. Or stick with 4:3. We don’t judge.

Google admits it still has work to do on workforce diversity

Google has just published a blog post that gives insight into the diversity at the company. The numbers published detail the gender and ethnic diversity within the workforce. Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, admits that Google is not where they want to be when it comes to diversity. Numbers after the break.

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How to install Android apps from the Google Play website

Installing Android apps to your phone or tablet from any computer with a web browser

Google is one of the biggest web service companies around. Their cloud-based apps and services can do some pretty wild and wonderful things, and we’re about to look at one of them — installing apps to your Android device remotely through the Google Play website.

All the complicated issues, like making sure apps are compatible and available  [Read More…]

Regional weather forecast lands on Google Now cards

Google has made a back-end change to the way it is delivering weather cards. Rather than displaying stacked cards for nearby cities, a single cards with multiple lines will now display the weather information of nearby cities in a region. The update, which is handled on the server side, doesn’t require an update to the Google Search application so user intervention isn’t required.

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Google blocks sideloading of Chrome extensions

To protect users from malicious attacks, Google has implemented a change to the Chrome browser so that extensions can now only be installed if they are downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. For end users, this means that you cannot download an extension from another source and try to install or force the browser to run it. By going through the Chrome Web Store, Google is hopping that this will prevent malicious developers from releasing extensions  [Read More…]

Google built their own car

Google co-founder and CEO Sergey Brin is on the stage at the Code Conference, and after some talk about the NSA and dodging a question about Google Glass’ release date — this year, plus or minus — he told the world that Google has made their own car.

Google Play Music All Access now available in Denmark and Poland

Good news everyone! Google has cooked up whatever deals they needed to cook to get Google Play Music and All Access in Denmark and Poland. This brings the total number of countries with Play Music and All Access support to 28. While there are still quite a few places without access, we’ve pretty sure Google is trying — they would love to have your monthly subscription fee. Grab it from the Google Play link above.

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