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Google Photos gets same-day pickup for prints at CVS Pharmacy

It’ll be widely available across the U.S. in October.

What you need to know You can now order prints via the Google Photos app for pickup at CVS Pharmacy. Any prints you order will be ready for pickup that same day. The printing is powered by the Kodak Moments system.

Google Photos is one of the best services Google’s created in years. It’s become the go-to digital photo library for masses of people since its launch in  [Read More…]

Google is finally rolling out a dark mode for the Play Store

It may take a while before the Play Store dark mode is rolled out to everyone.

What you need to know Google has finally started rolling out a dark theme for the Play Store. Similar to the new dark theme for Gmail, Play Store’s dark theme is a dark grey. For now, the Play Store dark theme appears to be rolling out only to a small number of users via a server-side test.

Google finally began rolling  [Read More…]

Google Play listing for Disney+ goes live for Netherlands

Give it to me now, please!

What you need to know The Disney+ app listing is live on Google Play, but only available in the Netherlands. Dutch subcribers will apparently get a free preview this fall ahead of the November launch. Screenshots of app on Android phones and tablets shown in listing.

Disney+ launches on November 12, but if you live in the Netherlands, it sounds like you’ll be getting a sneak peek. The app listing has  [Read More…]

Google Nest Mini stops by the FCC, confirms wall-mount and 3.5mm jack

The sketch also reveals the design will stay relatively unchanged.

What you need to know The new updated Nest Mini, previously known as Home Mini, just made a stop by the FCC. It is expected to launch at Google’s hardware event that will most likely take place on October 15. The sketch in the FCC listing confirms the addition of a wall-mount and 3.5mm jack to the Nest Mini.

While we can’t escape the deluge of Pixel  [Read More…]

What are Routines in the Google Home app, and how do you use them?

Have you ever wished you could make your smart home do multiple actions at once with a single command? Maybe turning off all the lights and adjusting your thermostat in your home when you leave for the office in the morning. Another example would be starting your morning by hearing the weather, latest headlines, your favorite music, and turning on your lights.

Well, the good news is, that’s exactly what Routines were created for. With a few simple steps, you  [Read More…]

Google will roll out its ‘Play Pass’ subscription service ‘soon’

You may have to shell out $ 5 a month to get a Play Pass subscription.

What you need to know Google’s Play Pass subscription service is coming soon. The service is expecteed to have a $ 5 monthly fee and include access to ‘hundreds’ of premium apps. Games like Stardew Valley and Marvel Pinball will also be included.

Google’s Play Store subscription service, called Play Pass, will soon be launched to take on the Apple Arcade  [Read More…]

Google Pixel Themes app leaks with font and accent color customization

Get a look at the new customization options coming to the Pixel Themes app.

What you need to know New images have been discovered of what the Pixel Themes app will look like on the Pixel 4. The screenshots reveal features like customizing the grid size for the home screen, changing the ambient display clock, and different options for the accent color, font, and icons. New leaks have also revealed an astrophotography camera mode and a Coral  [Read More…]

OneDrive hits 1 billion installs on Google Play Store

Microsoft’s efforts on Android continue to hit major milestones.

What you need to know OneDrive recently hit one billion installs on the Google Play Store. OneDrive is the second Microsoft app to hit the one billion installs milestone. Several other Microsoft apps are at 500 million installs.

Microsoft’s OneDrive recently hit one billion installations on the Google Play Store. OneDrive is the second Microsoft app to hit this milestone, with Microsoft Word being the first. Microsoft continues  [Read More…]

Google 4 rumors: Gestures, astrophotography mode, and bright orange

We’re in the final weeks before the expected Google Pixel 4 launch so that means the rumors are bound to come in a flurry. The past few days have given way to a handful of details for the upcoming device and definitely paint an interesting picture.

Bright Orange

You know how Google likes to release a colored variant of its phones to sit alongside black and white models? Whereas previous years had muted takes on pink (Not Pink) and purple  [Read More…]

Google Play Store gets UPI as a payment option in India

UPI is currently the most popular digital payment option in India.

What you need to know Users in India will soon be able to purchase apps, games, and in-app content using Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Google is hoping the addition of UPI as a payment option will help app developers reach a wider audience. UPI will show up as a payment option on the Play Store in India over the new few weeks.

Google has announced the  [Read More…]