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Where Is My Google Chrome for Android? The Wait Continues for Non-ICS…

Where Is My Google Chrome for Android? The Wait Continues for Non-ICS…

As you’ve probably heard by now, Google Chrome (beta) has finally come to Android. The wait is over! At least it is if you’re one of the lucky ones already  [Read More…]

Google Wallet team responds to hacks, “We are safe enough for mobile phone payments”


This week the Google Wallet team was surprised when two different vulnerabilities were discovered. One hack revealed a user’s PIN number on a rooted phone and the other allowed anyone to reset the PIN and gain access to funds on a Google Wallet prepaid card.

Google quickly responded to the first hack by saying users should not use Google Wallet on a rooted device, and late last night they also responded  [Read More…]

Google updates Chrome to Phone & Docs to improve appearance, fix bugs

Google updates Chrome to Phone & Docs to improve appearance, fix bugs

Google has updated two of its most useful but rarely mentioned applications. Both Google Docs and Chrome to Phone have been updated to address long-standing issues and improve the day-to-day  [Read More…]

App Updates: Chrome to Phone gets new look, bugfixes; Google Docs goes offline

Chrome to PhoneGoogle Docs

Google today has updated a couple of its apps — Chrome to Phone and Google Docs.

Chrome to Phone, which was rolled out alongside Android 2.2 Froyo in 2010, is a slick little service that lets you send links from your computer directly to your phone. No e-mailing, no … whatever — just click “Chrome to Phone,” and it zips from big screen  [Read More…]

Chrome to Phone, Google Docs updates

google docs

It’s days like these when we know Google has our back. They’re constantly working to make all their services better. Today, the Search Giant has released solid updates to two of their services – Google Docs and Chrome to Phone. These updates include some aesthetic improvements for both phones and tablets, as well as offline availability for your documents.

Chrome to Phone

[Read More…]

Sony releasing an update for Google TV, brings better browsing and 3D Blu-ray

Sony Google TV

The official Google TV team let us all know that Sony has an update in the works for their Google TV devices.  The update will bring a Chrome browser that “works faster” and enable 3D for Blu-ray discs.  Expect the update for your devices this week.  A better browser is something everyone loves, but no word if any updates are coming for the Logitech Revue, which has been discontinued.

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Android Developers lands official Google+ page


When Google announced the Android Design website aimed at helping developers feel more at home with Holo, the theme used throughout Android 4.0, Matias Duarte made it clear that Android development was headed into the next phase. Google is looking to create a more cohesive experience when it comes to developing for Android for both manufacturers and third-party app developers alike.

One way Google is looking to do that is with  [Read More…]

Android Central 85: The Droid RAZR MAXX, LG Spectrum, Google privacy changes

Podcast MP3 URL: http://traffic.libsyn.com/androidcentral/acpc85.mp3


Thing 1: Two new Verizon devices in hand The Droid RAZR MAXX The LG Spectrum Thing 2: Google privacy Google is streamlining privacy policies, changes effective Mar. 1 Thing 3: Open-sourced webOS on Android? Want webOS on your Android tablet? HP hopes so


Motorola provides an update on proposed merger with Google


Google shocked the tech world last year when they announced that they would acquire Motorola Mobility for $ 12.5 billion. Shareholders already approved the deal and many in the industry assume it will go through, but there are still a few hurdles left to clear before it becomes official. Motorola provided an update on the progress in yesterday’s earnings report.

In order to be approved antitrust clearances, or waiting period expirations,  [Read More…]

Is Google right to say farewell to the Menu button? [POLL]

Is Google right to say farewell to the Menu button? [POLL]

The menu button has lost its space among the elite conventions of Android UI design. What once was Menu, Back, Home, Search has become Back, Home, App Tray, and Google wants Android  [Read More…]