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Le sigh: Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 features page uses iPhone version of Google Maps

Galaxy Player 5.0

Seriously, Samsung, you’re really not doing yourselves any favors here. We ignored the story about the lawyer not able to tell the difference between a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and iPad 2 from 10 feet away. We weren’t there, but we’ve been in enough dimly lit courtrooms in our day, and eyesight can be a bitch.

But there’s no excuse for someone’s graphics department — no doubt by some external company, but  [Read More…]

Google I/O 2012 dates announced; who’s going?


It may be a bit early to start talking about this. And with all the Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus hype, many of you probably don’t want to worry about it yet. Nevertheless, Google has announced the dates for the 2012 Google I/O. The event will be held in San Francisco and is scheduled for April 24-25.

We still cannot predict what will come from next year’s Google I/O, but it  [Read More…]

Google Voice slowly gaining MMS support

Google Voice

Some great news for Google Voice users has arrived today. MMS support has now become a priority and is slowly rolling out to users accounts. As noted on the Google Voice Blog:

MMS has been one of the constant feature requests since we launched Google Voice and we’ve been hard at work trying to make this happen.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made the first step in our efforts to  [Read More…]

Google lightens their load – Buzz, Code Search and Jaiku laid to rest

Google Buzz

It had to happen at some point considering it was noted during Google Q3 earnings call on Thursday. Google Buzz, the short-lived social service that was never widely used and flawed from the start has been put to rest. Along with it, Code Search and Jaiku will soon be wiped from the interwebs. As noted on the Google Blog:

Code Search, which was designed to help people search for open source code  [Read More…]

U.S. shoppers geek out over Google Wallet…will Brits do the same? [Video]

I’ve read a lot about Google Wallet today. Earlier this morning, I saw a report from a research company, reprinted by The Telegraph, that claims most consumers in the UK are fearful of near field communications. Only 17 percent of 1,000-plus people surveyed by Intersperience say that they want to use their phone to make mobile payments. A perceived lack of security worried 44  [Read More…]

Google Voice lands MMS to email forwarding support


One of the most heavily requested features for Google Voice has undoubtedly been MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) support. The Google Voice app for Android has been tackling voice and text with ease for quite some time now, but pictures have always been an issue for the service. Thanks to a clever workaround from the Google Voice team, that’s becoming a thing of the past.

From now on, when someone tries to  [Read More…]

Google opening their own MP3 store? [rumors]

Lloyd can jam

According to the New York Times, Google executives have claimed that they will be opening a Google Music MP3 store in the coming weeks.  Likely to be connected to the current Google Music Beta offering, the service would compete with Apple and Amazon to allow users to purchase and store music files in the cloud.  (Cue the lawsuits in 3, 2…).  While Google officially declined to comment to the Times, as  [Read More…]

Google Q3 earnings conference call [audio]


Missed out on the call but still want to hear it? No problem. We got you covered. You can listen to the audio from the call below or simply download the file for later.

Direct Audio Download Link


TweetCaster dev talks Google+, social apps, and plans for Android development [Interviews]


The name OneLouder may not be immediately familiar to most Android users, but it should be. That’s name of the company that has carved out a niche as a builder of apps at “the intersection of social and mobile.” So while you may not immediately recognize the OneLouder brand, you most certainly know its apps TweetCaster, FriendCaster,  [Read More…]

Google teams up with the government to tackle BlackBerry security

generic security lock

Research In Motion and BlackBerry have long been considered the undisputed kings of mobile security. BlackBerrys are the go-to devices for the government when it comes to classified communication. If Google has any say in the matter, however, it won’t be that way forever. Google wants to take Android security to the next level, making it the default platform for government and military use.

Google, along with  [Read More…]