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Google Chrome is finally coming to an Android device near you


September of 2008 was a pretty busy month for Google. The company released, not one, but two very important products in that month: Android and Chrome. The former was supposed to unify the mobile world under one platform, while the latter’s job was to push the web forward. Today, Android owns most of the smartphone market while Chrome is about to take second place away from Mozilla Firefox.

Believe it or  [Read More…]

Google releases OnTheFly for Android, hopes to make Phil’s travel planning a bit easier


Whether someone who is always flying around the country, like our very own Phil Nickinson, or just a casual traveler, we all know the pain that is had when searching for and comparing flights. Google hopes to make things easier for us with their latest application OnTheFly. The application allows users to compare flight costs, view an intuitive calendar which compares pricing for 30 days around your trip, and you can also view  [Read More…]

Google Goggles update – Now works with the built-in camera app

Google Goggles

The last Google Goggles update brought the ability to scan images and search for things within those images on Google –  the problem though, was the fact it only worked within Google Googles application and not the built-in camera app. The latest update rolled out today changes that and adds barcode services as well so that when you scan a barcode, the appropriate action is taken — such as opening a url  [Read More…]

Google Wallet: When you use it, strangers will call it pimpin’ [App Reviews]

It’s no secret that Google Wallet has been hyped up since the beginning of the year, to then only be amplified with the release of the Nexus S 4G. Well, I am here to tell you Google Wallet is worth every bit of the hype its garnished so far. I’m going to try my best to illustrate my experience with the mobile payment service  [Read More…]

Samsung and Google appear poised for some possible Ice Cream Sandwich at CTIA

Samsung-Google at CTIA

Allow us a little inside baseball here. We normally don’t post every event we’re invited to at the usual trade shows. We’ll be there, and you know we’ll be there. But this one’s a little different.

Behold the invitation to the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 “Google Episode” at CTIA in San Diego. So, first, it’s the “Google Episode.” That’s new. Second, they’re going to stream it for everyone to see, live  [Read More…]

Google Maps updated, brings improved location accuracy and more

Maps Update

Today we see an update to Google Maps. The update bumps us up to version 5.10.1, and brings some bug fixes, as well as improved location accuracy for Transit Navigation. So, why wait any longer? Hop past the break for download links, or head into the market and grab your update.

Android Market web link

HTC, Samsung, and Motorola join ISIS, an NFC rival to Google Wallet

Google Wallet is Google’s shot at introducing near field communications to the world. It’s currently available only in the Nexus S, only on Sprint, and only with a Mastercard. Even with Visa’s recent confirmation that it will support Wallet, Google is up against a big challenge in getting its NFC system widely adopted.

Oh, and did I mention that the very people it hopes  [Read More…]

Google TV reminds us it’s still around; security update coming, Honeycomb later

Google TV

The Google TV Twitter account came alive tonight, giving warning of an impending “minor security update for tomorrow” for some devices. We’ll go out on a limb and guess that’s the Logitech Revue — that only one that actually sold any units, especially after it hit $ 99.

Some Google TV devices will receive a minor security update tomorrow. Stay tuned, a bigger update is headed your way in the weeks  [Read More…]

5 things I learned watching the Google antitrust hearings


Google is very powerful and popular, so it’s understandable that the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights would want to have a chat with someone from the company. The antitrust subcommittee hosted Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and a  [Read More…]