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Google’s lobbying efforts in DC have formed some controversial partnerships

Google is trying to appease conservatives so it can retain important protections under the Communications Decency Act, and it’s working.

The Guardian broke a story that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many — Google is making sizable financial contributions to groups that deny human involvement has anything to do with climate change. This is a stark contrast to the company’s public statements on the matter, which all claim to support global action to ease  [Read More…]

Everything to expect from Google’s October 15 event: Pixel 4 and beyond

It’s time to see the latest in Pixel, Pixelbook, Nest, and more.

Google’s annual fall hardware event is nearly upon us — it’s all going down on October 15 in New York City. This is nominally the “Pixel 4” event, and Google’s new phones will absolutely take center stage. But we’re also expecting a new Pixelbook, new Google Home (or is it all Nest now?) devices, and maybe even some extra surprises.

This is everything we can  [Read More…]

Move media from one Cast or Smart Display to another with Google’s Stream Transfer

Google may finally be fixing one of my biggest gripes with Chromecast and the new Smart Displays. Today the company introduce Stream Transfers. This new feature is something many of us with multiple Cast-enabled devices have been asking for since release.

Stream Transfer will allow you to move audio, video, and podcasts playback from one device to another in your Home setup. For instance, let’s say you are watching a video on your TV, but you want to move to  [Read More…]

Google’s making it easier to move multimedia between smart speakers

Stream transfer is rolling out to Assistant-enabled gadgets right now.

What you need to know You can transfer audio from apps like YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more. Transfer video streams from YouTube from room to room with the new feature. Stream transfer is rolling out to all Google Assistant-enabled devices starting October 8.

Today, October 8, Google announced in a blog post a new feature called “stream transfer.” The feature will allow you to tell your  [Read More…]

Celebrate Google’s birthday with 21% off at the European Google Store

The deal expires September 27.

What you need to know Google is celebrating its 21st birthday with a 21% discount at the European Google Store using code B-GOOGLE21. The only exclusions appear to be Stadia pre-orders, subscriptions like Nest Aware, and some restrictions in certain regions. The offer expires on September 27 at 23:59 BST.

It might be Google’s 21st birthday but it looks like we’re the ones getting the gift with 21% off at the Google  [Read More…]

This is Google’s ‘Pixel Themes’ app that’ll debut on the Pixel 4

The Wallpapers app is also getting a visual refresh.

What you need to know We now have our best look at Google’s Pixel Themes app. Pixel Themes is part of a new “Styles & wallpapers” setting for the Pixel Launcher. It allows you to customize the font, quick settings icons, accent color, and app icon shape.

Earlier this month, leaked screenshots of Google’s new Pixel Themes app surfaced online. We first heard about Pixel Themes during the  [Read More…]

Leaked slide tips Google’s hand for future of Stadia, Android TV, more

Google has a pretty busy calendar of events planned for its Android TV and Stadia endeavors over the next few years, according to a leak obtained by XDA Developers.

An XDA source providing a photo of a slide being presented by Google at a trade show outlines a number of highlights for the two platforms through 2020. Rather than share the actual photo, the developer website converted the details into text format.

Assuming Google sticks to the roadmap, things will  [Read More…]

Fast Share, Google’s AirDrop alternative, leaks with new features and UI

Fast Share is expected to be the AirDrop equivalent for Android.

What you need to know Google is readying its AirDrop competitor, aptly named “Fast Share.” Fast Share will replace the aging Android Beam service which was neither fast nor easy. The newly discovered screenshots below show how the design will look and some new features which have been added.

Android phones have featured a way to share files for years now using Android Beam, but the  [Read More…]

OnePlus’s Android 10 gestures are far and away better than Google’s

This isn’t the first time OnePlus has created a superior navigation system.

After six months of beta updates, Google released the public build of Android 10 on September 3. While the final version doesn’t differ too much from the last couple of betas, it means that everyone with a Pixel device and Essential Phone now has access to the latest build of our favorite mobile OS.

Android 10 brings a lot of goodies to the table, such  [Read More…]

Why I’m glad Google’s done with dessert names for Android

Let’s face it — this was bound to happen sooner or later.

Ever since the release of Android 1.5 Cupcake back in 2009, every subsequent update for the OS has had a tasty dessert name to go along with its numerical position — some of my favorites being Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Pie, and the classic Froyo.

These dessert names have been a staple of the Android brand for nearly a decade, and leading up to  [Read More…]