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AT&T GoPhone rebrands as PREPAID, offers two months of free service

AT&T has been selling prepaid products under the GoPhone brand since 1987, but this week America’s second largest carrier announced it’s all set to rename its prepaid mobile phone service to PREPAID. Even if the name has changed, the services stay the same, as PREPAID will continue to offer customers reliable cellular service without having […]

AT&T GoPhone customers can now get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy Express 3

The Samsung Galaxy Express range of phones are no new kids on the block, with us having writings on the device going as far back as 2012. It’s a budget phone at a budget price, and a great way for people to get into smartphone ownership and of course, the Samsung “ecosystem”. AT&T are currently […]

AT&T adds unlimited data option for prepaid GoPhone customers

Get unlimited data for your AT&T GoPhone!

AT&T prepaid GoPhone customers who are sick and tired of having to manage their data usage have a new option. AT&T is now offering an unlimited data GoPhone plan for only $ 60 a month, after you sign up for AutoPay. This unlimited data is available even when you’re travelling to Canada or Mexico, which is pretty great.

However, the unlimited does come with a caveat: data rates are limited  [Read More…]

AT&T GoPhone plans get 33% more data for same price

AT&T on Monday announced that two of its GoPhone rate plans will soon offer more data for the same price. Starting on Friday, November 11, the $ 45 and $ 60 options will have 33 percent more data at no additional cost. The $ 45 plan will give subscribers 4GB of 4G LTE data, up from the 3GB

AT&T tweaks its GoPhone add-on data plans with more data for the money

Who doesn’t love getting more value for their hard-earned money? AT&T, recognizing this, has adjusted options for its prepaid GoPhone plans. Either that, or it just wants to keep pace with what other prepaid carriers are doing. Effective immediately, customers can purchase more data for their money should they need to add on something extra.

AT&T GoPhone discounting multiple line accounts, offering free phones

AT&T GoPhone, the prepaid arm of its tier-one service, today announced a deal for customers looking to sign up multiple lines. Starting on August 19, the carrier will discount “Multi-Line” accounts to the tune of $ 5-$ 20 per line. To qualify for the savings, you’ll have to subscribe to a 3GB ($ 45/month) or 6GB ($ 60/month) plan

AT&T intros BOGO promo for GoPhone

AT&T on Monday announced an upcoming promotion for its GoPhone prepaid service which sees the carrier giving away free phones. Starting from July 22 and running through September 22, customers can save some coin when purchasing multiple handsets. The Buy One, Get One deal finds AT&T offering up a second smartphone for free when another

Kyocera Hydro Shore splashes into AT&T GoPhone

AT&T recently began offering another Kyocera smartphone as part of its GoPhone prepaid service. The Hydro Shore, which runs Android 5.1 Lollipop, is a waterproof handset that also withstands dust as well. Key specifications for the Kyocera Hydro Shore: 5-inch qHD display 1.1GHz quad-core processor 1GB RAM 8GB storage 5-megapixel rear camera 2-megapixel front camera 2160mAh

AT&T GoPhone plans are getting more data

After a previous data increase in January of this year, AT&T has increased the allotment for the $ 45 and $ 60 GoPhone Plans. Here’s what the two plans now include: $ 45/month plan: Unlimited talk, text, and data* Rollover data: Unused high-speed data is carried over for one more 30-day period Price can be reduced to $ 40

AT&T offers more data for the same price on its high-speed GoPhone plans

AT&T has announced it is adding more high-speed data for customers who are signed up for their pre-paid GoPhone plans.

AT&T stated:

If you’re on the $ 60 plan, now get 6GB of high-speed data. If you have the $ 45 plan, now get 3GB of high-speed data. Either way, this is on top of unlimited talk and text and rollover data! Plus, customers on these plans can save $ 5 a month when they sign  [Read More…]