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Google’s Grasshopper app is a fantastic way for beginners to start coding

There’s no shortage of coding tutorials or programs that aim to teach coding to beginners — but Grasshopper is something special.

Google’s workshop for experimental projects, Area 120, released a really interesting new app for Android and iOS.

Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free is an app that offers basic lessons in coding with Javascript in a gamified format along with coding puzzles built around a realistic code editor. Marc Lagace and Russell Holly spend some time  [Read More…]

Grasshopper lets you learn beginner code thru gaming (review)

With Grasshopper, Google wants you to learn basic coding techniques by way of a new Android game, taking the banality of coding out of learning new concepts and overcoming code “bugs”.

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Learn how to code for free with Area 120’s new app ‘Grasshopper’

Available now for Android and iOS.

Google’s a company that wears many different hats, and for all of those one-off projects that are especially experimental, they’re dreamed of and made at Area 120. Area 120 made news most recently for its intuitive Reply app that brought Smart Replies to all of your messaging apps, and now it’s back in the spotlight with Grasshopper.

Grasshopper is a new app that’s available for Android and iOS, and its main  [Read More…]