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Nokia 3 V has a big screen, great battery life, and is coming to Verizon

Goes on sale August 26 for $ 168.

What you need to know The Nokia 3 V is headed to Verizon exclusively for $ 168. It features a big 6.26-inch HD+ display, Snapdragon 429, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage. It will be available for purchase starting August 26 at select Verizon stores or online.

On August 20, HMD announced a brand new budget-friendly phone called the Nokia 3 V exclusively for the Verizon network. The  [Read More…]

Get a grip… on your tech with one of these great phone grips

School is a dangerous environment for most tools and tech, but none more so that phones. Phones are essential items in a phone, always in arm’s reach but often bumped, dropped, or banged in the hustle and bustle of changing classrooms or running to meet up with friends at lunch. Phone grips have been a lifesaver for me and my slim fingers, and considering how affordable these ones are, they’re well worth the investment.

Pop-ular and adaptable Swappable PopGrips by  [Read More…]

Phone grips aren’t just cool for kids, they’re great for parents, too

Phone grips aren’t just a cutesy way to spice up your kid’s case; they’re an easy investment in your kid’s clumsy hands.

Phone grips might seem like an unnecessary add-on — “How could you possibly need help holding onto a phone?” — but I just have a few questions for you. How often does your child drop their phone? How often do you see them hunched over their phone to watch a video instead of propping the  [Read More…]

Despite the Note 10, the Galaxy S10 is still a great buy for most

We’ve been using Samsung phones since before the company even starting using Android, and we use our experience to give you the best recommendations on which of the company’s phones are worth buying — and which to avoid.

All-around flagship Samsung Galaxy S10

$ 700 at Amazon

Pros Much more affordable Headphone jack and microSD Small, pocketable design Higher resolution display Cons Slower charging No S Pen

The Galaxy S10 may be half a year  [Read More…]

Keep your Note 10 protected and thin with these great cases

The Galaxy Note 10 is one of the hottest Android phones on the market right now. It has a stupidly fast processor, three rear cameras, and a gorgeous AMOLED display with virtually no bezels. It’s an incredibly thin phone, and as such, it’s perfectly complemented by a similarly thin case. If that’s what you’re after, here are our top picks!

Thin and colorful Anccer Colorful Series

Staff pick

When it comes to thin cases, few do  [Read More…]

EA Access is a great deal for people on PlayStation 4

Best answer: Yes, EA Access is available for an affordable price and offers some of EA’s best and newest games for subscribers from its wide catalogue.

Ready your wallet: PlayStation Store Gift Card (From $ 10 and up at Amazon)

What is EA Access?

EA Access is a digital game subscription service that gives you access to a catalogue of EA-published and developed games. Members also receive a 10% discount on EA digital purchases and are  [Read More…]

Get these great cases to protect your Sony Xperia 10

The Sony Xperia 10 is one of the latest devices to hit the market, and Sony fans will be excited to see the recent design language continued. However, since this phone is a bit taller than others, you may have to play some finger gymnastics and that will mean the chance for accidental drops is greater. Luckily, we have found some of the best cases for your new Xperia 10.

A brand you know CruzerLite Flexible Slim Case [Read More…]

Upgrade Your TV Sound: 6 Great Prime Day Soundbar Deals Under $100

The built-in TV speakers found on most modern TVs these days just aren’t that good, but getting a big sound system is expensive, and if you live in a small place, impractical. A good soundbar will not only provide you better sound than your TV speakers but is also a lot cheaper than a home theater system. Amazon Prime Day has terrific deals on soundbars and here are our favorites!

Built-in subwoofers WoHome 2.1 Sound Bar

Staff Favorite

[Read More…]

Keep your Quest safe with these great storage cases

Now that mobile VR has taken off with the release of the Oculus Quest, consumers may be asking, what’s the best way to carry my headset around when I’m not using it? In the case of the Quest, there are a handful of options available right now. The following are suggestions for case selections.

Official Quest Case Oculus Quest Travel Case

The official Oculus Quest Travel Case is the perfect fit to carry and store your Oculus  [Read More…]

Protect your OnePlus 7 with some of these great cases

The OnePlus did a great job releasing a phone that kept the same sleek design as its predecessor with an impressive spec bump with the OnePlus 7. The handset is still gorgeous, even faster, and gives you everything you could want in a smartphone. However, you’ll want to keep this phone protected, and we have found the best cases for you.

Customized protection dbrand Grip

Staff pick

Dbrand is extremely well-known for its variety of skins  [Read More…]