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Protect your online browsing habits and access global content for $50

How many times have you been excited to check out a video online only to click the link and see “The uploader has not made this video available in your country?” That has to be one of the most frustrating things online. Or maybe you want to see what local streaming services look like abroad. Better yet, you definitely want to protect your online privacy — keeping your browsing habits anonymous. A quality VPN is the solution to all of  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime is designed to fuel your impulse buying habits

Samsung’s latest budget phone has an interesting trick up its sleeve.

With hundreds of phones releasing in India every year, Samsung is looking to distinguish its products by offering interesting new use cases. The Galaxy On7 Prime — Samsung’s latest foray in the budget segment — comes with a visual search feature that lets you easily purchase products through photos. The feature is powered by Samsung Mall, which collates product information from several e-commerce sites to create a sort  [Read More…]

Best Android apps for building better habits in 2018

New year, new habits, new you.

Trying to build yourself better habits isn’t always an easy process. It’s easy to forget or lose motivation halfway to your goals. Of course that’s unless you’ve got a decent app in your pocket that makes it easier to remind yourself to stick to that resolution. If you aren’t sure what apps will work, have no fear. We’ve done the work for you.

We’ve got the best habit building apps on  [Read More…]

Tech for your Health: Establishing better dietary habits

Get fit and stay healthy with a helping hand from your smartphone!

Every year, millions of people look to the latest app or accessories to help them shed some extra pounds or set healthier goals, only to abandon those diets and workout routines after a few weeks. I know because that’s been me for the past 10 years.

I’m no fitness guru, just another tech nerd turning the big 3-0 next year, with a spare tire showing  [Read More…]

App Highlight: Goalify – My Goals and Habits

The App Developed by onebytezero GmbH, Goalify is a new app that will help you reach your goals and succeed in your tasks and tracking your habits. Having been recently updated on May 9 to version 2.5.2, the developer is constantly applying fixes and improving performance with regular updates. Goalify allows you to effectively and efficiently record […]

How to use Samsung Health to build better habits

Samsung Health makes building better habits easier than ever.

The hardest part of making real changes to your lifestyle, comes when you realize you need to build better habits. Whether this involves ensuring that you get enough sleep every night, or cutting down on your daily caffeine intake, Samsung Health can help you in this endeavor.

Use the Tracker

The first big way that Samsung Health helps you out in building better habits is by delivering a  [Read More…]

Best apps to help you make habits and stick to them

Make a habit of making habits with these helpful tracking apps.

You’re probably sick of hearing the same old clichés about getting a handle back on life. Well, I’m not here to give you that rah-rah speech. Whether you get back on the saddle is ultimately up to you, but I can help you on a journey by suggesting a few apps that are effective at helping implement healthier habits into your daily life.

Whether your goal  [Read More…]

Stop blaming smartwatches for your terrible habits

Your notification habits are terrible.

When left unchecked, phones are horrible distraction machines. Every vibration or ding must be checked and addressed, either by dismissal or by response, as soon as it happens. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Email, and your three favorite games are desperately trying to grab your attention as frequently as possible because the people building those apps know you can’t help but check your phone as soon as the notification comes in. We’re even using  [Read More…]

How to hide your porn browsing habits on your Chromebook

Cover your tracks like a Ninja with these tips for keeping your browsing habits private on your Chromebook.

The internet is filled with naked sweaty people doing naked sweaty things. It’s also used by folks who like to look at them — but don’t really want anyone else to know about it. While there’s not much you can do to make sure nobody can see where you’ve been and what you clicked on, you can erase  [Read More…]

How to hide your porn browsing habits on Android

Nothing on the internet is really private, but you can keep your Android from saving a trail of where you’ve been.

We all use our phones differently. While some of us are Twittering and buying socks on Amazon when we’re online, other folks are looking at other stuff. And they might not want anyone else who could be using their phone to see the things they have looked at. We don’t judge (nobody should, really) but  [Read More…]