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Samsung smart speaker with Bixby to launch in first half of 2018

The speaker will cost around $ 200 and play nicely with all of Samsung’s other devices.

Samsung confirmed back in August that it was working on its own smart speaker to take on the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home, but since that initial confirmation, we haven’t heard much of anything else. However, as we near the end of 2017, new details have finally emerged to give us a better idea of what to expect from it.

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T-Mobile launches BYOD promo on Google Pixel 2, half off original price

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, like their predecessors, are Verizon exclusives in the US, and this is causing some consternation for some who were hoping to get the new Pixels on an installment plan with AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile. Google isn’t repenting of its Verizon exclusivity for its phone hardware. There is […]

Back to school shopping alert! Grab this great windows ultrabook for half off! (Promoted Deal)

Hello, friends. We’re back again today with another amazing deal. Technology has become an integral part of education in schools today. Almost every kid out there will be learning on computers and most likely will have one at home to do research or homework on. But damn, computers are expensive! If you’re looking to pick […]

The Bluboo S8 is up for pre-sale on BangGood for up to half off! (Promoted Deal)

The Bluboo S8, one of the hottest devices of 2017, is now up for pre-sale on BangGood.com. News of the Bluboo S8 has been slowly leaking out and it has added up to a deal that we simply cannot get our hands on. The gorgeous 18:9 display takes up almost the entire front of the […]

My favorite tech from the first half of 2017

As you might suspect, I love tech. Writing for a site based on technology affords me the opportunity to play with a bunch of cool accessories, phones, and toys that I otherwise wouldn’t even know existed. Here are some of the coolest tech gadgets that I’ve gotten to play around with in the first half […]

Get one of the best fitness trackers around for half off

The fitness tracker market is quite wide, but it isn’t necessarily all that deep. There are a handful of trackers that are truly worth your money and then there are a boatload of duds that simply track steps and have apps that are poorly translated or altogether useless.

Fashionably track your fitness goals for $ 90 Learn more

Great fitness trackers that look great are somewhat hard to come by. Yes, many let you customize the band, but  [Read More…]

“The Cube” Bluetooth Speaker is alien-like and almost half priced

Looking for a Bluetooth speaker but don’t want to go with the standard looking stuff? Rather, you’d prefer to play your music and audiobooks through something that looks unlike a typical unit. How about one that looks like it fell out of a comic book or some futuristic sci-fi flick? Our Deal of the Day […]

Xiaomi’s Yeelight Wi-Fi bulb offers Hue quality at less than half the cost

The Yeelight LED bulb is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable smart lighting solution.

Xiaomi made its name by selling budget phones that offered great value for money, and the company is taking the same approach to connected devices. That’s especially true of the $ 20 Yeelight LED bulbs, which offer a experience similar to that of Hue bulbs at a fraction of the cost.

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T-Mobile is having one of the most ridiculous sales ever, selling some flagships for half price

T-Mobile is doing it again. Another ridiculous sale on flagship phones has just gone live at T-Mobile.com. Hey, I’m not complaining because its consumers that are saving money but I sometimes wonder how the nation’s third-place carrier is actually making money. Well, today we’re getting a look at T-Mobile’s latest deal. If you’re in the […]

Oculus owes half a billion dollars to ZeniMax for copyright infringment

ZeniMax versus Facebook ended today with $ 500 million for the former and a tiny bit of retribution for the latter.

ZeniMax has been awarded half a billion dollars after a judge found that Oculus co-founder, Palmer Luckey, did not comply with a non-disclosure agreement.

According to Polygon, Oculus is paying out $ 200 million for breaking NDA and $ 50 million for copyright infringement. Oculus and Luckey each have to pay an extra $ 50 million  [Read More…]