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Google Pixel Buds hands-on: True wireless earbuds with ambition

I spent the least amount of time with Google’s new Pixel Buds at the Made By Google event in New York City, and that was by design: the product isn’t ready yet. No one is allowed to wear them, to hear how they sound, or to experience the machine learning-generated Google Assistant feedback, which promises to expand the voice assistant’s integration into near real-time territory. And yes, they share the same name as their

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Redmi 8 hands-on: Two steps forward, one step back

The Redmi 8 has a 12MP Sony IMX363 sensor, but the Snapdragon 439 is a downgrade.

If you get the feeling that Xiaomi is launching a new phone every other week, you’re not mistaken. The Redmi 7 debuted less than six months ago, and the Chinese company is already rolling out its successor, the Redmi 8. The Redmi 8 comes on the heels of the Redmi 8A — which debuted a few weeks ago — and continues  [Read More…]

Call of Duty: Mobile for Android hands-on — Capturing that console magic

This could be the most surprising Call of Duty release this year.

You would be forgiven for not hearing or thinking much about Call of Duty Mobile, as it’s been somewhat overshadowed by the all-singing, all-dancing Call of Duty Modern Warfare second coming later this year.

I hadn’t thought about it at all until it emerged blinking into the world today, and I saw it on the Play Store while catching up on the newest releases.

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Oculus Link hands-on and five questions answered

This really does work as advertised, which is damned impressive.

Of the many things Oculus announced during its annual developer conference, one of the more interesting was Oculus Link. This feature, which is expected to start as a Beta in November, allows you to connect a USB-C cable from the headset to your gaming PC so you can play Oculus Rift S games on your Standalone VR headset.

As features go, this is a bombshell. Oculus Rift  [Read More…]

The Mate 30 Pro hands-on: A great phone, with one giant compromise

The Mate 30 Pro could be the year’s best Android phone, but Huawei’s role as a casualty of the U.S.-China trade war mean its lacking one big feature.

It’s not common to go into a new phone launch with one of the major talking points being geopolitical intrigue. Yet that’s where we are with the freshly-minted Huawei Mate 30 series, unveiled at an event in Munich, Germany. As excellent as these phones appear to be, they’re overshadowed  [Read More…]

Pixel 4 hands-on videos reveal all, including new ‘Screen attention’ mode

We still have a month to go before we’re expecting the Pixel 4 to launch.

What you need to know Two hands-on videos of the Pixel 4 have been uploaded to YouTube. Both videos showcase the Pixel 4 in very high-quality, including its design, software, and more. We also get a look at a new “Screen attention” setting and the updated Camera app UI.

Google’s been making an initiative this year to stay ahead of Pixel 4 leaks,  [Read More…]

Black and ‘panda’ Pixel 4 XL show up in hands-on photos as specs leak

Hands-on photos show that the Pixel 4 XL will ditch the notch for a huge bezel up top.

What you need to know Hands-on photos of the Pixel 4 XL in black and panda color options have leaked, showing off the front and back. We also have more details on the internal hardware thanks to a new specs leak. The Pixel 4 XL is rumored to feature a 6.23-inch QHD+ display and Snapdragon 855 chipset.

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Sony Xperia 5 hands-on: The smaller tall one

Standing tall, but carrying on the Sony ‘Compact’ lineage.

At IFA 2019, Sony just unveiled the Xperia 5, a smaller version of the Xperia 1 we reviewed earlier this year, with the same extra-tall 21:9 aspect ratio. It serves as a spiritual successor to the Xperia Compact series, with Sony’s familiar squared-off glass-and-metal design and a 6.1-inch OLED HDR display (topping out at Full HD+ resolution). Sony’s fine-tuned that CinemaWide display with the same Bravia technology used  [Read More…]

LG G8X hands-on: Detachable Dual Screen makes for a practical foldable

It isn’t particularly sexy, but a detachable second screen may make more sense than current foldable tech.

LG’s flagship smartphone strategy at times feels slow, rudderless and confusing. It continues to release substantially similar phones over and over again, with a naming scheme to match. Five months removed from the LG G8, we have the G8X: a slightly larger G8 without the depth-sensing cameras, but now with the ability to attach a secondary display like the LG V50.

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Redmi Note 8 Pro: Hands-on with Xiaomi’s first 64MP phone

Xiaomi’s latest budget phone has four cameras at the back and a chipset that’s optimized for gaming.

The story of the Redmi Note series has been one of continual evolution. Every new model in the last two years brought enticing new updates while retaining the same great value. The Redmi Note 7 Pro that launched just seven months ago was particularly interesting as it had a 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor. And while that device is still going  [Read More…]