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The NVIDIA Shield TV is the best thing that ever happened to PC gaming

As if we needed another reason to get a Shield TV.

The NVIDIA Shield TV is one of our favorite Android devices of all time. At least it’s one of my favorite Android devices of all time. It’s the best Android TV box, is well supported by the company that makes it, and has the oomph to push out FHD HDR video to any TV that supports it.

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Here’s what happened when I left Android and switched to an iPhone 7

What’s it like to switch from Android to iPhone? Best thing ever, or worst thing ever? Perhaps some of you have already tried and know the experience first hand.

Whatever the case may be, join one of our first community reviewers (Eric) as he attempts the switch. Be sure to leave your comments below or hit us up on Twitter with your feedback. We’d also appreciate it if you shared some love with Eric on Twitter and YouTube.

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I dropped my LG V20 and you’ll never guess what happened next …


That was all I could say when I bent over and picked up my LG V20 and looked at the camera glass. I had it in my pocket at my desk, and when I got up to go answer nature’s call it slipped out. It landed on my carpeted floor. And the glass covering the camera assembly shattered.

I’ve dropped phones before. In fact, I’ve dropped phones in this very same spot sitting in  [Read More…]

Amazon’s Alexa devices can tell you what happened on your favorite Syfy TV show

Syfy is the first cable TV network to add support for Amazon’s family of devices that use the Alexa digital assistant such as the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers and the Fire TV boxes.

Syfy’s website has the details on its support for Alexa:

Alexa has exhaustive knowledge of Syfy’s schedule as far out as 14 days in the future. Plan your schedule and never miss the next episode of your favorite Syfy shows. Alexa  [Read More…]

Nova Launcher may be the best thing that ever happened for Android

Android is built in a way that allows “core” portions of the operating system to be replaced with applications written by a third party. That is, someone not the manufacturer, or Google itself. Nowhere is this more evident than the various Launcher (or Home) apps you’ll find in Google Play. The user-facing portion of the operating system — the home pages, the widgets, the application drawer and the icons — can be replaced in one fell swoop.

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HTC’s Twitter ‘Uh Oh’ moment is the worst thing that’s ever happened in the world, like, ever

Social media is as difficult as it is easy, a lesson virtually everyone has learned in the 140-character space at one time or another. The latest victim: Taiwanese manufacturer HTC.

In showing of its shiny new 24-carat gold HTC One M9, it also managed to show off a sliver of an iPhone, presumably being used to take the picture.

Uh oh, indeed.

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What happened with Google Wallet?

My initial reaction when I heard about Android Pay in Google I/O last week was, what about Google Wallet!?  Like a lot of Android fans, I was pretty giddy back in 2011 when I heard about the feature to make purchases using my phone.  I remember trying it for the first time on my HTC Evo LTE, with a smile on my face (partly because the teller looked so confused when I put my phone up to the scanner to pay).

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Here’s what happened to my HTC One M8 after accidentally dropping it 17 times *without* a case…

Let me preface this article by saying I absolutely did not set out to conduct a HTC One M8 drop test post for Android Central. Sure, it’s always a guaranteed gold mine of youtube views when a new phone is released to record it making a big ol’ kissy face with a nice patch of concrete. Hell, I’m guilty of having done that myself — the second video I ever uploaded to youtube, over seven years  [Read More…]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to World Domination

Google purchased the Android, Inc. company back in 2005, then announced the Open Handset Alliance in, 2007.  Then in the Fall of 2008, the lowly T-Mobile G1 was open to the public.  But the initial business model that Google put forth may have gone awry in the time since up to now.

In the beginning, Google positioned Android as a free and open-source mobile operating system that would better  [Read More…]