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Deal of the Day: Incipio DualPro Hard Case for LG Nexus 5

The DualPro is a hybrid style case that combines a flexible inner silicone layer with a rigid outer plextonium shell. Naturally the silicone core absorbs impacts and the outer shell features a custom blend of polycarbonate with a soft-touch finish that delivers improved drop protection.

The Incipio DualPro Hard Case is available for just $ 17.95, 40% off today only. Backed by our 60-day return policy and fast shipping!

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Deal of the Day: Mobi Products Hard Shell Case for HTC One

Made of a durable plastic, this hard case from Mobi Products is designed specifically for the HTC One and has cut outs for all of the device’s features while leaving the screen exposed for full functionality. The soft coating the case provides an enhanced grip and feels good, too!

The Mobi Products Hard Shell Case is available for just $ 4.95, 75% off today only. Backed by our 60-day return policy and fast shipping!

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ASUS says bootloader unlock tool is coming, Ice Cream Sandwich update starts next week, GPS is hard, y’all

ASUS Transformer Prime

ASUS this morning teased some news regarding the locked and encrypted bootloader on its quad-core Transformer Prime tablet — and it’s good news. A bootloader unlock tool indeed is on the way.

As to why the bootloader’s encrypted in the first place, ASUS says it was done for DRM — digital rights management — purposes.

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Verizon: LTE is hard, y’all

Android Central

Since CES 2010, Verizon has been hard at work launching 4G LTE products and expanding their 4G coverage, but it’s hit a few bumps in the road as of late. The month of December was particularly bad for Verizon and its customers who have taken on 4G devices expecting the same rock solid coverage they’ve always had with Verizon 3G service. Verizon Wireless‘s VP of network engineering, Mike Haberman, took the time  [Read More…]

Cold hard specs: the iPhone 4S can’t hack it


Looking for the post where we rip into Apple and the oh-so-magical iPhone 4S? You’ve found it. All the voice functions and competitive pricing aside, the iPhone 4S hardware is Lame. (Yes, with a capital “L”). Just how lame you ask? Compared to what Android is offering–and has been offering since the beginning of the year–it barely manages to keep up.

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Team TouchDroid Hard at Work, Touchscreen and Multitouch Now Functional

Since HP’s fire sale of TouchPads, Team TouchDroid has been hard at work to successfully get Android ported to the device. It appears that they’ve made a breakthrough, as they’re reporting that they have Android 2.3.5 booting on the TouchPad, with touchscreen drivers working, and 10-finger multitouch functioning as well. You can see what that looks like in the video below.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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