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Save 48% today on these slim hard cases for Galaxy S6

Available in several colors, these SlimShell Cases from Puregear compliment your Galaxy S6’s design from front to back. Made from a durable polycarbonate and shock absorbent TPU, you’ll gain impact protection where you need it most without compromising size. Get yours today for only $ 12.95!

Ending soon: 1TB Wi-Fi hard drive + 10TB cloud backup from iDrive

When my parents were young, they’d collect photographs in shoeboxes, albums, and scrapbooks. Now, all of my photos and videos are on a small MicroSD card tucked into the back of my phone. What if I were to lose that phone or, even more likely, that card? Sure, I can back the images up on my laptop’s internal hard drive — and I do — but there’s only so much space and who’s to say the laptop will even last?  [Read More…]

Save 55% today on this textured hard case and holster for Galaxy S5

Made of a durable polycarbonate that’s easy grip, this hard case and holster makes accessing your Galaxy S6 not only convenient, but safe. There’s a fold-out kickstand on the back for watching movies on the go, too! Available today for only $ 8.95

Save 44% today on these slim hard cases for Galaxy S6

Gain extra protection against impacts when they occur with the Case-Mate Slim Tough Case for the Galaxy S6. The metallic bumper provides a smooth grip while leaving access to your ports and buttons, adding contrast in either color you choose. Get yours today for only $ 16.95!

Gain grip and good looks for the Note 3 with these hard cases — only $4.95 today

Featuring a unique texture and a fold-out kickstand, the Amzer SnapOn Case shields your Galaxy Note 3 from minor impacts and scratches. The one-step installation is simple and the cover doesn’t had any unnecessary bulk. Get yours in black or white today and save 67%

These Note 4 hard cases with kickstands are 49% off today

The DILEX Pro Case balances next-level, hybrid protection with a slim profile and convenient design. It combines two layers of shock absorbing protection; a compact, silicone core underneath a strong polycarbonate exterior that featuring a built-in kickstand for easy viewing. Get yours today for only $ 17.95!

Save 40% today on these slim, transparent hard cases for Galaxy S6 edge

Shield your Galaxy S6 edge from impacts and scratches without compromising the original look of your device! These see-through hard cases snap around the phone easily and don’t bulk things up. You’ll retain access to all your ports and buttons while getting a little extra grip. Available in clear or with a black bumper for only $ 14.95!

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HTC Clear Hard Shell Cases for One M9 are on sale today — only $13.95!

Designed for those who prefer to keep the original look of their HTC One M9, this clear hard shell retains a slim profile while sporting a transparent shell and light TPU bumper. It’s easy to grip and allows access to your M9’s display, camera, ports and buttons. Check out our hands-on review for more info.

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A quick look at HTC’s Clear Hard Shell Case for One M9

HTC keeps transparency a top priority with their clear hard shell for the One M9, so you don’t have to feel bad about using a case.

There seems to be a large number of users that would prefer not to use any cases for their HTC One M9, and that’s completely understandable — everyone has their own opinion on how they want their device to look. However, not every case still lets the sleek design of  [Read More…]

This slim Galaxy S5 hard case with kickstand is only $6.95 today

Made from a durable polycarbonate with a textured exterior, the Amzer SnapOn Cover fits your Galaxy S5 perfectly, leaving bulk out of the picture. It snaps on easy and sports a fold-out kickstand for convenient viewing when you need it. Get yours today and save over 50%