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Google and Yubico have come together to make a USB-C hardware key

The 2FA tool is made in collaboration with Yubico.

Google has been one of the key players in developing many of the technologies and standards relating to two-factor authentication (2FA) in recent years. Alongside allowing you to use your Bluetooth devices or even your phone as an authentication key, the company also sells dedicated security keys aimed at higher-risk users.

Now the company is announcing its embrace of the increasingly omnipresent USB-C standard for its security keys,  [Read More…]

Google to introduce Pixelbook Go at October hardware event, chatter indicates

Google has a hardware event planned for October 15 where it’s expected that the company will introduce the next-gen Pixel 4 smartphone family. If recent chatter proves accurate, Google could also have a new Pixelbook experience ready to go, too.

According to a new 9to5google report, a so-called Pixelbook Go should be among the products shown off at the Google event. Reportedly, we ought not expect a direct successor to the Pixelbook with Pixelbook Pen stylus support and a folding  [Read More…]

Google schedules hardware event for October 15

Google on Monday began sending out invitations to a hardware event for October 15 which takes place in New York City. It’s here where we expect to see the formal introduction of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

Google’s 2018 event saw the debut of the Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel Slate, a Google Nest Hub, and the revised Chromecast. It’s these annual October gatherings where Google shows off the new hardware that takes advantage of the software features  [Read More…]

OnePlus 7T Pro spec leak reveals minor hardware upgrades

The OnePlus 7T Pro will feature the same 6.67-inch 90Hz AMOLED display and triple rear cameras as the OnePlus 7 Pro.

What you need to know A new leak suggests the OnePlus 7T Pro will have similar hardware specs as the current OnePlus 7 Pro. The only major highlight will be a faster Snapdragon 855+ chipset. OnePlus 7T Pro will also offer several new camera features, including a new macro mode and hybrid image stabilization.

OnePlus 7T  [Read More…]

Here’s the lab where Google’s hardware products are made

Google recently opened the lab up to a journalist for the very first time.

What you need to know Google recently opened the doors of its design lab to a journalist for the first time. The lab is only accessible to select employees. It’s where the design of Google’s hardware products are initially created.

Google’s been making a big push with its hardware efforts over the last few years, and one thing that’s stuck out about its  [Read More…]

Google will use recycled materials in all ‘Made by Google’ hardware by 2022

Google wants to integrate sustainability into its designs right from the start

What you need to know Google has announced that 100% of all Made by Google hardware will use recycled materials by 2022. By next year, 100% of all shipments going to or from customers will be carbon neutral. Several Nest products are already made using post-consumer recycled plastic.

As part of its efforts to integrate sustainability into its products, Google has pledged to include recycled  [Read More…]

Asus ROG Phone II gaming handset dials up the hardware in big ways

Asus today announced its second generation gaming phone, the ROG Phone II. The “Republic of Gamers” device builds on its predecessor by offering up a bigger screen, bigger battery, and other improvements.

Don’t mistake this for a top of the line flagship phone; it’s even better than that. Designed with gaming in mind it’s everything you can get in a phone in terms of hardware, plus so much more.This one is an all-out monster that bests anything that crosses its  [Read More…]

Tips for buying games and gaming hardware on Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day boot camp for the uninitiated.

Amazon Prime Day promises 48 uninterrupted hours of the best deals around the internet. It’s so big that Amazon even threw a ridiculous Prime Day concert with Taylor Swift. Seriously. With nearly unbeatable deals on games and gaming hardware, and we have a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind while shopping.

Keep in mind which console the game is for

If you’re a parent wanting to  [Read More…]

Google to stop producing some of its hardware in China

Google is moving some of its manufacturing to avoid higher tariffs on imports.

What you need to know Tariffs from the trade war would have put a 25% tax on motherboards imported to the U.S. from China. Google has shifted production for most of its U.S.-bound motherboards to Taiwan. Production for American-bound Nest products is also being moved to Taiwan and Malaysia.

The most recent trade spat between the U.S. and China has been ramping up lately  [Read More…]

Android Q features you’ll love: Games will be better on weaker hardware

By borrowing a tool from Chrome, Android Q will run OpenGL ES features on your phone’s GPU no matter the version.

One of the coolest under the hood changes of Android Q is the implementation of ANGLE, the Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine. It’s one of those things that you’ll never see or know is there if it’s working properly, but will let your phone run games using it’s native GPU hardware APIs even if it was  [Read More…]