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Powerstick Hawkeye review: An alarm system for your USB devices

The Hawkeye by PowerStick.com is a personal alarm system and reminder tool that connects to your USB-enabled device, allowing the user to monitor his USB cable, and whichever device is connected to it. Design and Setup The Hawkeye is incredibly easy to set up. It looks like any other USB dongle, but there is a […]

ZTE Hawkeye might swap the Snapdragon 625 for the Snapdragon 835

ZTE’s Hawkeye smartphone was born out of a daring idea – ask the community to come up with an atypical phone prototype and then make it happen. ZTE even asked fans to help name the device, but when the company finally announced the handset the masses were gravely disappointed. But what happened? The eye-tracking, self-adhesive […]

ZTE considers cancelling Project CSX ‘Hawkeye’ smartphone after poor response

ZTE continues to trip over its own proverbial feet by assuming that a crowd knows what it wants.

The crowdsourced, crowdfunded ZTE Hawkeye, which in just under three weeks has raised only $ 35,000, has come under fire for ostensibly thinking that its potential audience would be willing to concede to a mid-range spec sheet after lobbying for the device to be a pie-in-the-sky project from the get-go.

Despite the fact that two features — eye-tracking  [Read More…]

ZTE show’s off specs for crowd-sourced Hawkeye smartphone

ZTE has officially announced the specifications for its crowd-sourced smartphone, named Hawkeye. The device which was originally announced as ‘Project CSX’, can still be purchased through Kickstarter for $ 199. With that price-point, expectations were set fairly low in regards to overall specs, but ZTE has packed in a fair amount of tech including Senseye eye-tracking and

ZTE’s $199 eye-tracking Hawkeye phone will have 2016 specs in late 2017

Here’s what Hawkeye will have.

ZTE will be bringing its crowdsourced Hawkeye smartphone to the U.S. and much of the world in September if it can hit its enormous $ 500,000 Kickstarter goal (as of writing, it’s raised just over $ 30,000). When ZTE revealed the eventual name of ‘Project CSX’, it gave us some ideas of how the phone would separate itself (eye-tracking technology), and what it would cost ($ 199), but we were without most of the  [Read More…]

Meet ZTE’s Hawkeye – an eye tracking, self-adhesive phone crowdsourcing for $199

ZTE is one of the most promising Chinese device makers that have made it to the US in the last few years. The company is keep on experimentation and so it kick started Project CSX – an initiative meant to get the community involved in designing the company’s next smartphone. ZTE even asked fans to

ZTE’s insane, crowdsourced eye-tracking phone is called Hawkeye and is coming in September for $199

ZTE is bringing its crowdsourced, crowdfunded Project CSX phone to market this September, and it’s called Hawkeye.

ZTE has announced that its long-awaited (by some) crowdsourced phone will go up for pre-order starting January 4 and will be delivered nine months later, in September, barring any unforeseen delays.

The device, born under ZTE’s ambitious Project CSX, which stands for Crowd Source X, gleaned suggestions from people around the world, integration the two most viable into the finished product: eye-tracking  [Read More…]