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Samsung’s true wireless headphone sales in 2019 couldn’t compete with Apple

Apple ranks first with a 54.4% share after shipping 58.7 million units in 2019.

What you need to know Apple dominates the true wireless headphone market with over 50% of sales. Xiaomi comes in second with 8.5% of the market. Samsung is a distant third after shipping 7.4 million units in 2019 for 6.9% of the market.

When Apple introduced the AirPods, it pretty much created an entirely new category of headphones. One where Bluetooth earbuds cut  [Read More…]

Galaxy S20+ hands-on reveals the phone’s display tech, no headphone jack

They also confirm the lack of a headphone jack.

What you need to know Further details of the Galaxy S20 series have been revealed, thanks to a hands-on leak. The phones feature a 3,200 x 1,440 screen with a 20:9 aspect ratio. The fingerprint scanner is still using ultrasonic tech, and there’s no headphone hack, just like the Galaxy Note 10.

Thanks to a hands-on of the Galaxy S20+ by XDA Developers, we now know almost all  [Read More…]

Forget foldable phones, here’s a circular one with two headphone jacks

The Cyrcle phone takes its shape very seriously indeed.

What you need to know Tech startup Cyrcle is showing off its prototype Android phone at CES 2020. It’s got Android 9, two headphone jacks, and two SIM cards. Battling against the rectangle conspiracy, Cyrcle’s new phone is also a circle.

While some argue that it might be hip to be square, tech startup Cyrcle seems to have a vendetta against rectangles in general. The company showed off  [Read More…]

Sony Xperia 5 Plus renders reveal an upgraded camera and a headphone jack

No hole-punch cutout here.

What you need to know CAD-based renders of Sony’s next flagship phone have surfaced. The phone, which could be called the Xperia 5 Plus, will apparently feature a 6.6-inch OLED display. It will have a triple camera setup at the back, along with a ToF sensor for portrait shots.

Sony had introduced the Xperia 5 at IFA last year as a “compact” alternative to its flagship Xperia 1, featuring fairly similar tech specs.  [Read More…]

First LG G9 renders pop up with quad cameras and headphone jack

Well, it sure is a smartphone.

What you need to know The first renders for LG’s next flagship, the G9, have been revealed. We can see that the phone will have quad cameras and a waterdrop notch on its display. It looks a lot like last year’s G8, though it’s unclear if LG’s hand gestures will return.

Year after year, LG releases a new G-series flagship to try and take some of the market away from the  [Read More…]

Leaked Pixel 4a renders reveal a hole-punch notch and 3.5mm headphone jack

Behold, Google’s next mid-range champion.

What you need to know Renders of the Google Pixel 4a have leaked courtesy of 91Mobiles and @OnLeaks. It’s revealed that the phone will have a hole-punch notch and 3.5mm headphone jack. Possible specs include a Snapdragon 700 series processor, 12.2MP camera, and 4GB of RAM.

If there’s one Pixel from 2019 that stands out in our memory, it’s the mid-range Pixel 3a. Google surprised us all with this smash-hit of a  [Read More…]

I can’t decide which crazy good headphone deal to get — they’re all so good

From Powerbeats Pro to Bose QC 35 II, the discounts make it hard to decide which headphones to buy.

I may or may not be turning into a headphone junky. I’ve already got about a half a dozen pairs, but here I am looking at these incredibly good Black Friday deals and thinking about buying more. I’ve always wanted to see just how pro the Beats Studio3 headphones are, and former iMore managing editor, Serenity Caldwell raved about how  [Read More…]

The best headphone deals you’ll find this Black Friday!

There are a lot of options available out there if you’re in the market for Bluetooth headphones. There’s a decent amount of variety to choose from as well: some of them are totally wireless, some of them go in your ears, some of them on your ears, some with noise cancellation, and well, you get the point. Picking the right pair of headphones can be a hard task, but there are a few things to take into consideration before clicking  [Read More…]

No headphone jack with the Pixel 4? No problem

The Pixel 4 doesn’t come with a pair of bundled earbuds in the box, so you’ll have to pick up a third-party option if you want to enjoy music on the go. Thankfully, there are plenty of great options available, with the Creative Outlier Air leading the pack with a 10-hour battery life and incredible sound.

Best Overall — Creative Outlier Air

Creative isn’t a brand you’d normally associate with true wireless earbuds, but the Outlier  [Read More…]

Sorry, the headphone jack isn’t coming back

And it’s going to be okay. Really.

Throughout the process of writing the Galaxy Note 10+ review, from our initial first impressions updates to publishing my final definitive version, it was extremely interesting to see just how little outcry there was regarding the loss of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Be it in the article comments, in our forums, or on Twitter, people had plenty to say about everything … except the physical audio interface.

Perhaps the  [Read More…]