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You can get these headphones drenched in sweat

There are a lot of factors that go into buying a new pair of headphones, but one that can be easy to overlook is the waterproof rating. Whether you’re breaking a sweat at the gym or happen to get caught in a rainstorm, having proper waterproofing for your headphones will ensure they keep on working without any problems even if they happen to get a little wet. The Jaybird Vista are what we deem to be as the  [Read More…]

IFROGZ intros AIRTIME Vibe headphones and AIRTIME Sport earbuds

IFROGZ this week introduced a pair of new headphones (AIRTIME Vibe, AIRTIME Sport) which will go on sale later this quarter. As we’ve come to expect from the brand, they offer quite the value proposition. The former is a pair of traditional pair of over-the-ear headphones while the latter are a pair of around-the-ear earbuds.

Here’s a look at what is on the horizon for IFROGZ and its CES 2020 products.

IFROGZ AIRTIME Vibe Headphones ($ 100)

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Meet Amazfit’s first headphones — the PowerBuds and ZenBuds

A fan favorite wearable brand sticks itself in your ears, and we’re interested.

What you need to know Huami Amazfit PowerBuds are true wireless headphones with up to eight hours of playback. Amazfit ZenBuds help you find peace and quiet, and maybe even go to sleep. Both earbuds include heart rate monitors and activity tracking, for awake and asleep activity.

Amazfit has been impressing us with its wrist-bound wearables, so we’re excited to see the company venture  [Read More…]

JBL unveils new earbuds and headphones

CES 2020 is in full swing and it’s the best time of year for people who love gadgets and electronics. It’s now when we get to see all of the wonderful tech that will make its way into retail stores and homes over the next few months.

One of the more popular product types to showcase at the annual event is headphones. Collectively this now includes wired, wireless, over-ear, earbuds, and other form factors.

JBL, being a big player in  [Read More…]

TCL trots out headphones, earbuds, and a sound bar for CES

TCL, a brand that many readers may only know for its TVs, is in Las Vegas to show off a few other cool things. This years sees the company stepping out from behind the curtain to reveal new smart phones as well as a handful of audio solutions.

Here’s a look at what’s in store now, and in the coming weeks.

SEE: TCL Communications unveils first 5G phone


First up is the ACTV200BT, a pair of headphones which feature  [Read More…]

Dirac’s audio tuning app makes any headphones sound much better

Swedish brand Dirac’s audio tuning app vastly improves the audio quality of your headphones.

Dirac is a Swedish audio brand that works with phone manufacturers to optimize the audio quality on smartphones from the likes of Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, OnePlus, and others. The company is now introducing an audio tuning app that optimizes the sound quality of your existing headphones, delivering a more immersive soundstage.

Dirac’s audio app uses custom algorithms to “boost every detail of the  [Read More…]

Shure unwraps AONIC line with wireless noise-cancelling headphones, true wireless earphones

Shure, a consumer audio brand that tends to skew more professional, this week unveiled a new line of wireless products. Called the Aonic series, it gets underway with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and a pair of true wireless earbuds.

There’s not a ton of information just yet about the new models, both of which go on sale later this spring. As Shure advises, it’s emphasizing three key components with the Aonic line of audio devices.

Battery Life – Fly from  [Read More…]

Grab this pair of Bluetooth headphones for just $24 today

Wireless headphones and earbuds are some of our favorite accessories. Once accustomed to cutting that cord, we found it hard to go back to something that’s physically tethered. To us, Bluetooth is the way to go.

Our deal for you today is the Z99 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones which offer up an audio experience that is crisp, balanced, and wireless. Well, they don’t have to be; you can plug them in, too. Regardless of how you use ’em, they’re yours today  [Read More…]

Just $30, these wireless headphones have 17-hour battery life

Wireless headphones and earbuds are some of our favorite accessories. Once we were accustomed to cutting the physical cord, we found it hard to go back to something that’s physically tethered. To us, Bluetooth is the way to go.

Our deal for you today is the SoulSound 2 Bluetooth 4.1 Over-Ear Headphones which deliver an audio experience that is crisp, rich, and completely wireless. To be fair, you can plug them in, too. Either way you use ’em, they’re yours  [Read More…]

The Amplify converts your favorite headphones into wireless ones

Everybody has their favorite pair of headphones, whether they’re on-ear, in-ear, or over-the-ear. We spent a fair amount of money on them and we love them. The only problem? We’d like the freedom that comes with being wireless.

Instead of throwing out, or replacing your headphones in favor of something new, consider the amplify Hi-Fi Wireless Headphone Amplifier.

Available in the AndroidGuys Deals Store, the amplify is an accessory that lets you plug in your old headphones to make  [Read More…]