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iWear – an intriguing but unwieldy mobile theater headset (Review)

In theory, on paper, and even sometimes in practice, Vizux’s iWear Video Headphones are fantastic – a stereo headset that sports twin 720p displays, 3D and VR support, and a built-in battery? Sign me up. It sounds a little like a better version of Cardboard, right? It sounds like a headset you’d pack in your […]

Samsung Gear VR: The best mobile VR headset you can buy today

One of the most feature complete VR experiences available today, and all you need to power it is your phone.

Samsung and Oculus have worked closely together since late in 2014 on a way to offer a compelling VR experience using little more than a phone. The Gear VR uses Samsung’s superior display tech and a unique but locked down software experience from Oculus, and since that initial launch there have been four revisions to the hardware.  [Read More…]

Best VR Headset for Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Make sure you have the VR Headset which offers the most complete experience for Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

One of the most anticipated VR games of the last couple years is finally coming out soon. You should get ready for the launch by picking a good VR Headset to complete the experience.

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HTC wants you to pay ₹92,990 ($1,440) for the Vive VR headset in India

HTC once again shows that it doesn’t care about the Indian market.

In the latest instalment of HTC’s long-running series of blunders in India, the Taiwanese manufacturer has launched the Vive VR headset in India. Before we get to the astronomical price, a quick primer on the Indian electronics scene. In an effort to get local manufacturing off the ground, the Indian government is incentivizing local assembly efforts, and has hiked duties of electronics that are imported into the  [Read More…]

Give VR a try with this $20 headset today

Looking to try out virtual reality without spending a ton of money to do it? If so, check out Cellet’s VR headset that holds phones with screens of 4 to 6-inches for just $ 20.

Today’s your chance to buy a HTC Vive VR Headset for $100 less

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a one-day sale on the HTC Vive you won’t want to miss.

If you’ve been eyeing a HTC Vive but haven’t yet pulled the trigger due to cost, today is the day you’ll want to finally hit that buy button. This one-day price drop brings the cost of the VR headset down to $ 699 from its regular price of $ 799. The Vive can make you  [Read More…]

Pick up the VRX10 Virtual Reality Headset for under $20 (Deal of the Day)

You don’t have to cough up hundreds of dollars on a VR headset or software; all you really need is that Android phone in your pocket, and this $ 19.99 headset. Or Deal of the Day today is the VRX10 Virtual Reality Headset which comes with a massive 71% discount. Compatible with both Android and iPhone (except iPhone 7) […]

VR experiences that work no matter what headset you own

Cross-platform games and apps are slowly being introduced to make them more accessible no matter what VR headset you own.

There are tons of amazing apps, games, and experiences just waiting for you to enjoy in VR. It can be frustrating when you find an awesome new game that isn’t available for your VR headset. That’s where cross-platform apps come in to make things easier for everyone. While there aren’t a ton of cross-platform apps that are  [Read More…]

What color Daydream View headset should I buy?

Which color is the best for Daydream?

It may seem a little odd to be picky about the color of your VR headset, but the truth is you’re wearing this thing on your face for extended periods of time so you might as well choose the one that works best for you. Google’s Daydream comes in Slate Grey, Crimson Red, and Snow White. Perhaps more important than the names of the sweatpants-like fabric that covers the  [Read More…]

Grab this Bluetooth headset for just $24 today!

Find yourself needing an extra hand when talking on the phone and wish you could just keep your phone in your pocket and have the conversation? Bluetooth headsets have become more popular, and Motorola’s HK255 set does a great job of combining comfort and great call quality. Right now you can grab one for just $ 24, a savings of $ 15.