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Hello Motorola: The oldest phone maker plans its grand comeback

Motorola is aggressively trying to court phone buyers with old ideas and new tricks.

By Motorola’s own admission, it wasn’t in a great spot just a year ago. Its third-generation Moto X line hadn’t sold quite as well as previous years despite enormous technical improvements, and the integration into newish owner Lenovo had been hitting some bumps.

Chief among them was how to integrate Motorola’s brand equity and enormous technical mastery into Lenovo’s sprawling worldwide distribution network.  [Read More…]

Samsung Hello might soon compete with Google Home, Amazon Echo

It’s expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will arrive with a virtual assistant named Bixby. You know who else has a flagship that takes advantage of an AI-driven helper? Google. The Pixel and Pixel XL ship out with the Google Assistant onboard, but the AI companion also lives in the Google’s connected speaker, the Home. […]

Samsung Hello could be the Galaxy S8’s answer to Google Now

One location for your news, social, health and travel plans, backed up by voice interactions.

Personal feeds like the Google Feed (formerly Google Now) and HTC BlinkFeed aren’t a new idea, and phone makers never seem to tire of trying to collate all your personal info and updates into one place. “Samsung Hello” could be the company’s latest attempt to do just that, and based on the timing of a recent trademark filing, a launch alongside the  [Read More…]

Goodbye CyanogenMod, hello Lineage Android

CyanogenMod is shutting down, but the Lineage Android Project is poised to keep its spirit alive.

CyanogenMod is no more.

In a post on the official CyanogenMod blog, we’re told that the current state of everything Cyanogen means it’s no longer feasible to continue and that the best path forward requires change. Nobody should be surprised after recent events within the Cyanogen Inc. parent company and today’s announcement that it has reached the end of the road  [Read More…]

Say hello to Allo, Google’s cross-platform answer to Facebook Messenger

Get ready for another messaging client from Google. Yeah, we know. But, before you head to the barn for a pitchfork, you might wanna sit down and hear us out first. Google’s latest messaging app, Allo, is unlike anything it has done before. For starters, it’s smart, meaning it doesn’t just let users send and

Grab Adele’s new track, Hello, right now on Google Play

It’s been three years since the world last heard from Adele, and even longer since her last non-Bond related tunes. This past week the Internet has been in meltdown as the first teasers and then official word on the Grammy and Oscar winning artist’s forthcoming third album, 25, trickled out.

To end the week, the very first track from the new album, Hello, is now available to buy or stream in a bunch of your favorite places.  [Read More…]

Speak any language with Hello Pal (App Review)


The ability to communicate with others from different cultures, languages, and demographics has always been of much importance and those that could achieve  this have been extremely valuable to communities, leaders, countries, etc.

Hello Pal  has created a language learning  app that you can just speak. No studying, no waiting.


After downloading Hello Pal, you first need to set up an account. You have a few options: you can signup with your email, or connect with Google +  [Read More…]

Facebook Hello 2.0 update brings notifications and more

Back in April Facebook’s Messenger team introduced Hello, a contacts app which syncs with your Facebook account and your phone’s contacts info making your phone smarter. Hello allows you to quickly  see who’s calling, block unwanted calls, and search for people and places on Facebook. Hello also allows you to call and text people free via Messenger.

Version 2.0  ushers in loads of updates. Answer calls with one swipe with the new call card layout Filter contacts to show only  [Read More…]

Facebook introduces Hello app for caller ID and more


Facebook tells that they are now testing Hello, a new app created by its Messenger team. It connects with Facebook in order to see who’s calling, block unwanted calls, and search for people and places.

When you receive a call, Hello will show you information of the person who is calling you, as long as they have already shared it with you on Facebook.


In addition, you can call people and businesses  [Read More…]

Hello Games lets Joe Danger drive and leap its way to Android

Joe Danger, the fun arcade driving-side scrolling game from developer Hello Games, has finally made its way to Android devices for the price of $ 2.86.

The game was first released way back in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and has since been released for the Xbox 360, Windows, the PlayStation Vita and iOS platforms.

[Read More…]