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Amazon Alexa will start helping out in the kitchen with microwave controls

Meet your new cooking assistant.

The different use cases for Alexa has grown substantially over the past couple years. The assistant works great for simple tasks like playing music and getting weather info, and using it for controlling smart lights and ordering an Uber never get old. Now, Amazon is planning Alexa’s next great frontier – the kitchen.

On the Amazon Alexa blog, it was recently announced that Alexa’s Smart Home Skill API is gaining support for  [Read More…]

Your web browser’s password manager is helping ad companies track you across the web

The Same Origin Policy has one fatal flaw, and of course, ad companies have found a way to exploit it.

There are a few things you’ll hear in every conversation about internet security; one of the first ones would be to use a password manager. I’ve said it, most of my coworkers have said it, and chances are you’ve said it while helping someone else sort out ways to keep their data safe and sound. It’s still  [Read More…]

Smartphones are helping kill the mall

There are so many ways to “window shop” with apps from the Google Play Store, that the convenience is what convinced us to stay home.

Have you heard? America’s mega shopping malls are on the decline. The latest figures reveal that about one-fourth of the malls-of-yore left in the country will go the way of the Dodo within the next five years. But is anyone surprised? With the proliferation of so many at-your-door delivery services and online  [Read More…]

Google Calendar gets better at helping you keep your health goals

Now that the holiday season is over, we can really start contemplating our New Year resolutions in order to create strategies to help us keep them. In a recent article we offered you a list of apps that will help with this important task. Now Google wants to help you achieve your goals too, so

Google Photos is helping you take a look back at your memories and share them with your friends and family

In an update today, the Google Photos (Android, iOS, and on the web) team is rolling out a couple of new features- one that will help you share your memories, and one that might make you shed some tears. The first of the two new features is helping you share your videos stored in Google

Project Bloks is Google’s platform for helping kids learn to code while they play

Google has announced Project Bloks, a new platform for building physical coding experiences for kids. As a platform, Project Bloks is meant to help kids learn to code by making the experience physical, allowing them to learn to think about how to solve computational problems while they play.

Project Bloks is also meant to help lower the barriers for researchers, developers and designers looking to create this hands-on experiences. From Google:

However, designing kits for tangible programming is challenging—requiring  [Read More…]

Cloud Chasers is a new survival game that tasks you with helping a small family migrate

Cloud Chasers is a brand new title now available on the Google Play Store. This migration story tasks the player with taking charge of a small family who need to pass through and endure five death-inviting deserts. Their goal – to reach the gateway to the world above the clouds. Don’t mistake Cloud Chasers as a short and sweet storytelling experience, you’ll be tested by this rather dangerous expedition.

  [Read More…]

Ultimaker’s new Android app offers a helping hand when everything is ruined

When something goes wrong with a 3D Printer that you can’t immediately diagnose by looking at the mess of filament in a pile on your tray, crawling through forums is just about the last thing you want to do. You usually find the answer you need to get things back up and running, but the process can be frustrating. Global support for something like a 3D Printer isn’t easy, even for a popular 3D Printer company like  [Read More…]

Google highlights how Chromecast is helping apps shine

There’s no doubt that Google’s Chromecast has become quite the popular little dongle. In a new blog post, Google says that 17 million Chromecasts have already been sold, and users have tapped the cast button over 1.5 billion times. The company also talked about some of the success developers have had after integrating casting into their apps.

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Force-feeding an Android system update isn’t helping anyone

Be careful what you wish for when it comes to system updates. You might get what you want, but not when you want it.

Pop quiz for the smartphone manufacturers out there, and the U.S. operators that approve their over-the-air updates:

Which of the following times are OK to automatically apply a system update?

First thing in the morning, when you’re just getting caught up on the night’s emails. Lunchtime, because what else would you need  [Read More…]