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Leviton’s new $30 Mini Plug-in Outlet helps you control your home

If you’re not commanding a smart home now, you’re running out of excuses to try.

Leviton, the maker of tons of really good smart switches and plugs, has a new smart device – the $ 29.99 Decora Mini Plug-in Outlet. Much like the Wemo Mini or TP-Link Mini, this is a new smart plug that requires no hub and easily connects to smart home ecosystems like Alexa or Google Assistant.

You can also use the Decora Mini  [Read More…]

This little battery helps you hide the Amazon Fire TV power cable

If your TV’s USB port doesn’t put out enough power for your Fire TV, this battery box will take care of things.

Here’s a quick look at a little accessory that could make your Amazon Fire TV experience a little bit better. One hangup for folks when it comes to HDMI dongles is that they often still require an external power source. So you’ve got this little magic wonder box tucked behind your TV, out of sight, but there’s  [Read More…]

Gear Up: Anker helps keep your devices charged no matter where you are!

In today’s world, we almost always have to compromise with one aspect of our smartphones – battery life. This means that you’ll need to keep a charger near you almost all the time, or you’ll be left in the dark until you’re able to make it back home. Luckily, there are plenty of options available […]

Google Chrome’s latest update helps soup it up for more robust web apps

With every new update, Google appears to be readying Chrome for a future where few “real” apps exist.

If you’re an Android user, Google Chrome is probably your mobile browser of choice. And if it is, then this latest update might get you excited about a future where you don’t even have to worry about having an entire app installed to get to its best functionality. Many of Chrome 59’s new features  [Read More…]

Temp Mail is a disposable email service that helps you keep your primary inbox clean (Review)

Overview Everyone these days is asking for your email address. Want to read an article? You need to register by email first. Want to take advantage of a retail’s offer? You’ll have to sign up with an account. You can’t even comment on a forum or read a thread (with a few exceptions) without having […]

The latest version of Opera Max helps you save data while browsing Facebook

Opera Max gets much better at optimizing data.

Opera has rolled out an update for its data compression utility that should make it easier for you to cut down on data while using Facebook. Opera Max 3.0 offers an all new design along with better data management tools, and the ability to use a mobile web version of Facebook from within the app’s interface.

Opera Max gives you a detailed list of your Wi-Fi and mobile  [Read More…]

Samsung’s new app helps color blind people see the whole color spectrum

Color blindness (or Color Vision Deficiency) is a condition that affects the person’s ability to see color or differences in color. For example, people with CVD see very little difference between red and green. The ailment affects approximately 1 in 12 men (8%) and 1 in 200 women of the world, so it’s a very

BLUBOO Dual helps you tell real dual camera phones from fake ones

As you’ve likely picked up over the year, an increasing number of dual camera phones are entering in the market. Some makers and sellers, though, trick customers with fake approach to dual cameras, often known as software-level dual camera effect. How do you find out if you have a real dual camera (hardware) smartphone or

Wikileaf app helps you find the (legal) herb you’re looking for

Apps that help save time and money while you’re shopping are awesome. Buying weed shouldn’t be any different.

Buying weed can be a chore. No matter if you’re a medical patient or a recreational user, finding the right weed at the right price is one of those things that depends on luck or some other karmic superpower stuff. The new Wikileaf app can help change that.

OK, we know that marijuana isn’t legal everywhere. We’re not  [Read More…]

Chick-fil-A’s emoji keyboard helps you express your love of waffle fries

The Chick-fil-A fast food franchise has launched its own mobile keyboard, allowing people to use over 20 emojis, stickers and GIFs on a variety of messaging apps.

Yes, you can send out images like waffle fries, chicken sandwiches, nuggets, drinks and much more to your friends via text. The Chick-fil-A Emojis app is compatible with WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, Skype, and other messaging apps, along with old-fashioned SMS text messages.

You can download the  [Read More…]