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Here’s an early look at Samsung’s Android 10 beta

It’s a bit more than just a nip and a tuck; here are the big improvements in Android 10 for the Galaxy S10.

What you need to know Android 10 beta with One UI 2.0 is rolling out to the Galaxy S10 in some countries. A number of big UI changes and improvements are in store for users, including accessibility improvements and gestures. Digital Wellbeing and parental control additions are some of the more important changes.

Samsung’s  [Read More…]

Here’s why the Surface Neo runs Android, but the Duo has Windows

Android or Windows? That is the ultimate question, and the answer may surprise you. It’s both.

Last week, Microsoft unveiled two new foldable devices that are expected to start shipping at the end of next year, which push forward Surface as a brand into new categories. One sticking point amongst fans, however, has been the decision to use Windows on the bigger Surface Neo and Android on the smartphone-sized Surface Duo. Some people don’t understand why Microsoft  [Read More…]

Need a bigger Eero mesh? Here’s how to add more capacity

Eero has been supporting its older routers with software updates and keeping them compatible with the newer products. So if you want to upgrade your older Eero system with newer routers, you can add in new Eeros. However, you won’t see much improvement if you don’t configure them properly.

Products used in this guide Tri-band speed in a compact package: Eero Pro ($ 199 at Amazon) Fast enough for most normal internet users: Eero ($ 99 at Amazon)  [Read More…]

Here’s the Pixel 4’s face unlock feature in action

It looks pretty slick.

What you need to know A new leak shows the Pixel 4’s face unlock feature in action It looks super fast. It’ll be able to skip the lock screen.

The Pixel 4 leaks just keep on coming. Earlier today, 9to5Google leaked a bevy of information about the upcoming phone via marketing videos that show its features at work. We know about the new Google Assistant experience on the phone, the way Motion Sense  [Read More…]

Here’s a closer look at the specs for the Surface Duo

New details are out about the specs of the Surface Duo.

What you need to know The Surface Duo runs a special version of Android. It has some custom APIs, and many apps work with it already. The device is currently running a Snapdragon 855, but that could change in the future.

The Surface Duo was the surprise announcement of Microsoft’s October Surface event. It’s a foldable Surface phone that runs Android. It was the only device  [Read More…]

Here’s everything you can do in the Visible app

Make sure you sit down — we have a lot to talk about.

Visible has proven to be one of the most disruptive players in the wireless carrier space. $ 40/month for unlimited everything on Verizon’s network is an extremely enticing package, and that offer is made even better when you factor in Visible’s big push for handling everything digitally.

You won’t find a Visible SIM card at your local Best Buy or any Visible carrier stores.  [Read More…]

Here’s when you can dive into Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Early Access

Ready to take on the Wolves? Here’s what you need to know about the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint launch times.

What you need to know Ghost Recon: Breakpoint pre-loading is now live in all regions. Owners of the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition can access the game on October 1. The standard edition of the game is set for release on October 4. You can get Ghost Recon: Breakpoint for $ 50 on Amazon.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:  [Read More…]

Here’s why I’m canceling my Stadia Founder’s Edition pre-order

Maybe I’ll try out Stadia down the road, but right now, I’m OK missing out.

Six months ago, right as Google’s Stadia announcement wrapped up, I pre-ordered the $ 129 Founder’s Edition as soon as I could. Stadia’s concept of allowing you to play AAA-quality console games on virtually any screen still sounds like a pipe dream, but that’s precisely what Stadia is promising.

Google quickly received a lot of criticism for Stadia as soon as it  [Read More…]

Does the OnePlus 7T win over the OnePlus 7? Here’s what we found

OnePlus 7T

Smooth operator

₹37,999 at Amazon India

Pros 90Hz flat display Stereo sound 30W fast charging Android 10 out of the box Latest internal hardware Cons No 3.5mm jack No IP rating No wireless charging

The OnePlus 7T offers a similar design aesthetic as the OnePlus 7, but has big upgrades on the hardware front, including a 90Hz display. You also get Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855+ chipset, 30W fast charging, same great stereo sound, better  [Read More…]

Here’s where to find firing ranges in Fortnite

With a brand new season of Fortnite comes brand new challenges, and Season X has changed up the way players will be taking them on. For the recent Bullseye set of missions, one of the missions for this week will have you hitting targets at a variety of firing ranges. Firing ranges are nothing new to Fortnite, but this mission is a bit more specific, so we’ve found exactly where you need to go for it.

Knowing the  [Read More…]