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Here’s your chance to snatch Amazon’s Fire 7 tablet for only $35

Prime members can grab this 7-inch tablet at one of its best prices ever.

Amazon has the Fire 7 tablet on sale right now for just $ 34.99 exclusively for Prime members. If you’re not currently a member, you can still get in on this deal with a free 30-day trial of the service. At $ 15 off the tablet’s street price, you’ll be scoring one of the best deals on this tablet we’ve seen ever. Today’s  [Read More…]

Here’s how and why to use family sharing in PlayStation Plus

With the advent of PlayStation Plus, it has become a bit harder to use all of the PlayStation 4’s online features, though it does come with a number of benefits, and those benefits can be shared between more than one user. Setting up family sharing for PS+ on your PS4? Easy peasy. Let’s get into it.

How to set up family sharing on PlayStation 4

Setting up family sharing on PlayStation 4 couldn’t be made any easier. It  [Read More…]

Did the dog eat your Galaxy Watch charger? Here’s where to grab a new one

Best answer: You can buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch Charger from Samsung’s official website. While the Galaxy Watch charges using Qi, not every Qi charger will work with it, so you should stick to Samsung’s official one.

Charging dock: Samsung Galaxy Watch Charger ($ 40 at Samsung) Wall adapter: Adaptive Fast Charging Wall Charger ($ 15 at Samsung) You can buy an charger replacement from Samsung

The official Samsung Galaxy Watch Charger is available for purchase through  [Read More…]

Not receiving notifications on your Galaxy S10? Here’s how to fix it

The Galaxy S10 runs Android Pie, and with Android Pie comes a number of battery-optimizing features that can put apps to sleep, but those same features can cause them to not receive notifications as quickly. Here’s how to ensure that your S10 isn’t putting your most needed apps to sleep and

How to turn off battery optimization for certain apps

While you can access the battery optimization for apps individually through the app info screen, it’s much quicker  [Read More…]

PlayStation 4 headset broken? Here’s what you should do

Your headset will break eventually. Be prepared.

We’ve all been there before: you turn your PlayStation 4 on, plug your headset in, and you can’t hear anything. That or people can’t hear you when you’re trying to voice chat. Either way, something’s broken and you really don’t want to have to shell out a ton of money to fix it.

If that sounds like you and you want to be prepared for the next time you have  [Read More…]

Here’s why you should be excited about Disney+

Get ready for original Star Wars and Marvel shows, along with everything else you know and loved that’s owned by the entertainment giant.

After years of development, Disney will finally launch its much-anticipated streaming service, known as Disney+, toward the end of 2019. The service will be the go-to place to watch movies like Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars: Episode IX.

In the past, Disney content could be found on third-party streaming services, and there was even  [Read More…]

Did Anthem brick your PlayStation 4? Here’s how to fix it

Don’t start panicking just yet.

Those playing Anthem on PS4 have recently found that not only does it suffer from frequent crashes, it can also brick the console. Though EA is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it, this process hasn’t been fast enough for people who are unable to use their consoles. So, the community took it into their own hands to find a way to fix it. It’s only a band-aid for  [Read More…]

Looking for VPN deals? Here’s five to consider this weekend

You might not think you need a VPN for browsing the internet on your computer and/or phone. That’s hardly the case. You owe it to yourself to lock things down a bit and keep your data private.

Whether it’s keeping your personal data from being sold, watching content not available in your local market, or something else, VPNs are here to help. You know all of those ads you’re getting that seem tied to a Facebook post you looked at?  [Read More…]

Here’s where to buy the Moto G7

Best answer: Pre-orders for the Moto G7 are now open in the U.S., but you’ll need to wait a while longer before getting the G7 Power and G7 Play. Alternatively, you can already import the international Moto G7 Plus.

Motorola: Moto G7 ($ 300) Amazon: Moto G7 Plus $ 370 The Moto G7 is now available for pre-order in the U.S.

As of February 22, 2019, pre-orders for the Moto G7 are open in the United States.

  [Read More…]

Here’s how much the Galaxy S10 series costs in India

Samsung kicks off pre-bookings of the Galaxy S10 series in India.

Just a few days after the global debut of the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung has kicked off pre-bookings of its latest flagships in India. The Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ are now available to pre-book across a variety of online portals, including Samsung’s own store, Flipkart, Tata CliQ, Paytm Mall, as well as retail stores across the country.

Now for the pricing: the Galaxy S10e starts  [Read More…]