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Here’s how to switch to a new carrier

Best answer: If you want to keep your phone, it will need to be unlocked and compatible with the new carrier. To keep your number, you will need to do a port with the new carrier. Be sure not to cancel your old account until your port is complete.

An unlocked phone that works with most carriers: Google Pixel 3a ($ 350 at Best Buy) I want to keep my phone

Quite a few new phones are  [Read More…]

Here’s the best Google Home smart speaker deal you’re going to find today

It may have been out for a few years, but the original Google Home is still one of the best Google Assistant smart speakers out there thanks to its balance of design and sound quality. Plus, you can get one for only $ 69.99 today at Daily Steals making it even more affordable. Considering it usually sells for $ 99 directly at Google or at third-party sellers like B&H, that’s a solid savings. Shipping is free, too.

Google Assistant  [Read More…]

Want to track your sleep with your Fitbit? Here’s how to do it.

While fitness and activity trackers and smartwatches are designed mostly for helping you track activities and sports, many of them can also come in handy to track your sleep. And no company does this quite as well as Fitbit. Most of its trackers can not only sense when you fall asleep and report how long, but also log detailed sleep data that can provide insight into your quality of sleep, not just duration. Here’s a step-by-step guide on  [Read More…]

US carriers are waiving late fees for 60-days. Here’s what you need to know

During the coronavirus outbreak across the US, it’s clear that not everyone will be able to pay their bills on time and this includes their phone service. Luckily, Chairman Pai of the FCC has asked carriers and internet providers across the nation to pledge to keep people connected, even if they are unable to pay their bills.

If you are thinking this means free phone and internet service, it does not. These are programs to help people that  [Read More…]

24/7 customer support is built into your Pixel phone — here’s how to use it

Google’s Pixel phones have something for everyone. They take phenomenal pictures, Google’s policy for software updates is unmatched, and so on. We commend Google’s clean Android interface for being easy to use, but there may come a time when you just get stuck. Thankfully, Google makes it incredibly easy to get in touch with its customer support team.

Products used in this guide Free customer support: Google Pixel 3a ($ 363 at Amazon) How to contact Google about  [Read More…]

Here’s everything in Android 11 DP2 that you should care about

Everything you need to know about DP2 🤓.

We’re still quite a few months out from Google releasing Android 11 to the masses, but in the meantime, we have its string of Developer Previews to play with. On March 18, the latest Developer Preview 2 was unveiled and made available for devs that need to work with the new software ahead of launch.

Developer Preview 2 doesn’t bring a lot of user-facing changes to Android, but if  [Read More…]

The PlayStation 5 has 10.28 teraflops of power. Here’s what that means.

Best answer: A teraflop measures the compute power of a system. For a console like the PlayStation 5, a 10.28-teraflop GPU means the ability to deliver much more immersive and life-like visuals.

Game on: PlayStation Store Gift Card (From $ 10 at Amazon) What is a teraflop?

Sony has shared more details on the PlayStation 5, and the upcoming console will feature 10.28 teraflops of GPU power. That’s nearly six times as powerful as the original PlayStation  [Read More…]

Here’s how to enable and disable your PS4 screensaver

Screensavers are something many folks are familiar with from an early age, whether it be from a personal computer or a phone. It’s that animation or picture that overlays on top of an unchanging display once you leave your device alone. The visual image of a 3D maze on Windows XP is what comes to mind for me. Unfortunately, Sony went with a different, more boring but more practical way with screensavers. This is really a power saver.  [Read More…]