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App Highlight: ZHED

The App Developed by Ground Control Solutions, ZHED is a new app with only 1000 installs. Having been updated on May 14, 2017, the developer is constantly fixing various bugs with the latest being some gesture fixes. The game is a brain-teaser puzzle that will be sure to challenge you intellectually. What it does With no timers, no […]

App Highlight: Tempest – Pirate Action RPG

The App Developed by HeroCraft Ltd who is tagged as a top developer on the Google Play Store, Tempest Pirate Action RPG is a new app with only 1000-5000 installs. Having been updated on April 21, 2017, the developer is constantly fixing various bugs and introducing performance enhancements. The game allows you to become a pirate, assemble your crew, […]

App Highlight: Bvddy

The App Developed by Buddy Tech, Inc, Bvddy is a health and fitness app from a new developer that aims  to help you find people around you that love the same sports you do. It’s not been updated since December 22, 2016, but the last update saw a big redesign smoothing out the interface and introducing an […]

App Highlight: Spells of Genesis

The App Developed by Channel 4 Television Corporation, Spells of Genesis is a new app from an established developer who has brought us such titles as Hollyoaks The Game and Linkem. The game mixes classic deck building strategy mechanic with arcade puzzling gameplay wrapped around an in-game technology based on the bitcoin blockchain. What it does […]

App Highlight: Astro – AI Meets Email

The App Developed by Astro Technology, Astro: AI Meets Email is a new app from a new developer who believes there is room to declutter your inbox using artificial intelligence. Having been recently updated on May 11 to version 1.0.5, Astro is very much in its infancy but the developer is working to patch any bugs quickly. Astro is […]

App Highlight: Kill Shot Virus

The App Developed by Hothead Games, Kill Shot Virus is a new app from an established developer who has been responsible for apps like BIG WIN Racing, and Rivals at War. Having been recently updated on May 10 to version 1.0.2, Kill Shot Virus is very much in its infancy but the developer is working to […]

App Highlight: Goalify – My Goals and Habits

The App Developed by onebytezero GmbH, Goalify is a new app that will help you reach your goals and succeed in your tasks and tracking your habits. Having been recently updated on May 9 to version 2.5.2, the developer is constantly applying fixes and improving performance with regular updates. Goalify allows you to effectively and efficiently record […]

Google unveils new site to highlight open source projects and processes

Learn about Google’s commitment to open source projects and communities.

Google has been a long time supporter of open source projects — the core software on your Android phone, for example, is open source and available for developers looking for a flexible, mobile OS.

Google has released millions of lines of open source code over the years and helped support thousands of open source projects, but until now there was no place to find all these projects under one  [Read More…]

Inaugural Google Play Awards will highlight killer apps at Google I/O 2016

Google has announced that this year’s Google I/O will feature the first-ever Google Play Awards. In an effort to recognize the work of developers, Google has handpicked what it feels are some of the best apps on Google Play across a number of categories.

In all, the program features 10 categories with five nominees each. Categories include:

Standout Startup Standout Indie Best Families App Best Use of Material Design Best Use of Google Play Game Services Early  [Read More…]

You can now highlight posts on your Google+ profile page by pinning them

Google has released a new feature for its social network, the ability to pin posts on profile pages. If you have ever found yourself in the position of wanting to keep a specific piece of content at the top of your Google+ profile page, then this new functionality is for you. It’s a small change that will go a long way to show off that incredible shot you took on holiday.

[Read More…]