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The Samsung Galaxy S8 home button moves around to prevent burn-in

Samsung decided to ditch the physical home button on the Galaxy S8 in favor of a virtual one, but does that introduce burn-in issues? Pixels that are always lit up in the same place naturally results in the image being retained and eventually burnt into the OLED display. However, it seems the Samsung thought of […]

Google Home hoping to improve the kitchen with ‘start cooking’ command

We could all use an extra kitchen helper.

Google Home already had independent cooking and recipe integrations available, but is now trying to roll things up into a single place with the launch of a “start cooking” command. You simply pick a recipe from several sources on your phone via Google Assistant, select “Send to Google Home” and it’ll be waiting there whenever you are ready to start cooking.

Once you’re at home and good to  [Read More…]

How to customize the Galaxy S8 navigation bar and home button

It’s easy to change the color or swap the order of your Galaxy S8’s software keys.

The move to on-screen keys in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ opens up new possibilities for customization. Unlike capacitive and hard keys, the GS8’s buttons and status bar — the back, home and recent apps keys you see at the bottom of the screen — are part of the display, and can be controlled through Samsung’s software.

And it turns  [Read More…]

Google Home finally adds support for multiple users

As anticipated, Google officially announced in a blog post that its popular Bluetooth speaker – the Google Home, has gained multiple users support. Starting this week, Google Home allows users to add up to six household members which can connect with their individual accounts. Remember that in a previous article we were wondering whether Google […]

Google Home multi-user support lets you connect up to 6 accounts simultaneously

Now everyone gets a properly personal Google Assistant in the home.

From the beginning Google Home wasn’t going to make much sense if it was tied to a single account, and now several months after launch we have proper multi-user support for the connected smart speaker. Google Home will now connect to six Google accounts simultaneously, and tailor responses based on the voice profile of the person who asked the question.

This makes Google Home dramatically more  [Read More…]

Google Aero is a hyperlocal food delivery and home services app for India

Google is now targeting the hyperlocal segment with Aero.

Google has launched several India-specific initiatives recently, including a data-friendly version of YouTube and free public Wi-Fi at train stations. The company is now setting its sights on the burgeoning hyperlocal segment with a new app called Aero.

Rather than competing with already-existing services, Google is positioning Aero as a place to find all available options from a multitude of service providers. For instance, if you’re looking  [Read More…]

Burger King’s latest ad prompts your Google Home to deliver Whopper facts

Turn the volume high enough and your in-home assistant will tell you all about the flame-broiled Whopper.

We were positively ecstatic when Google initially announced the voice-activated, Assistant-enabled Google Home. Finally, a little gadget for our homes that harnesses the power of Google’s search engine and it’s external capabilities, the same way that the Echo became an extension of Amazon’s shopping and media experience. But that dream is slowly dissipating as we realize these little gadgets aren’t always used  [Read More…]

Evie Launcher review: A zippy home screen experience that capitalizes on current trends

In the vast world of third-party Android launchers, it’s hard to cut through the pack and make an impression.

Evie Launcher, at first glance, looks like another easy-to-use launcher for those who just want to zip through their home screens and app drawer. Below that simple surface are a few features to help spice things up — but not every trick is perfectly pulled off.

Evie Launcher’s default setup is breathtakingly simple,  [Read More…]

Norton releases new security device for home WiFi

Keeping data safe on our computers and smartphones is a worry that concerns millions of people in the 21st century. There is a major fear that many of our technological devices are easily hackable, and that a cybercriminal could gain access to our precious information, seemingly at any time. However, there are ways to protect […]

Google Home app hints at multi-user support

A new card in the app’s Discover tab says multiple users are now supported… but they aren’t yet?

If you share a Google Home with multiple people, chances are you’ve been eagerly awaiting the day your smart speaker is able to offer each user a personalized Google Assistant experience. It seems like that day is very quickly approaching, as some users are seeing a new card in the Google Home app’s Discover tab, which purports that Google Home now  [Read More…]