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PlayStation recognized as ‘best-selling home console brand’ by Guinness

Congratulations are in order.

What you need to know On November 7, Guinness World Records announced that PlayStation was the best-selling home console brand. The original PlayStation to the PlayStation 4 have sold over 450 million units. The PlayStation 5 is expected to launch in Holiday 2020.

It’s no secret that Sony has been on a roll with the PlayStation 4. However, all of its previous consoles including the PlayStation 3, have sold really well. On November  [Read More…]

Start securing your home with this $36 Wyze Cam Sense Starter Kit

Smart home equipment can be really handy, but it can also be a little expensive to start setting everything up. Cue this Cyber Monday deal from Wyze, which bundles an indoor connected camera with a starter kit of sensors for just $ 36. That’s a lot of stuff for not a lot of money.

Get connected Wyze Cam V2 with Wyze Sense Starter Kit

$ 36 at Amazon

This Wyze starter kit gives you everything you  [Read More…]

Keep your home secure with this Cyber Monday deal on a Ring Alarm kit

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home, and smart home security systems are all the rage these days. The Ring Alarm kit gives you some peace of mind with a series of door and window sensors and a voice-controllable siren that lets you know the instant someone comes into your home uninvited.

Cyber Monday is still going strong for a few hours, and in that time you can grab the Ring Alarm 5-piece kit, plus a free Echo  [Read More…]

Heading home for Thanksgiving? Be prepared to play tech support with us

Going home this Thanksgiving? Time to give tech support to our extended families!

I think it’s an unwritten law that when more than ten people gather for a holiday meal, at least two of them will need some kind of technological assistance. Whether it’s trying to fix a misbehaving app, get a neglected laptop back in working order, or getting two smart home system to talk to one another, there’s no shortage of things you’ll need to  [Read More…]

Make your home smarter and safer with Amazon UK’s deals on Ring and eero

Black Friday has come to the UK a week early, or at least Amazon is pretty bad at reading a calendar. Nevertheless, the online giant has kicked off its Black Friday event with a number of hot discounts across its first-party hardware. This is a perfect time to add some smarts and even a little security to your home with scorching deals on both Ring and eero hardware.

All of the deals featured here are now live and  [Read More…]

Amazon’s new Echo Dot crushes the Google Home Mini

With hundreds of hours of smart speaker testing under our collective belts, we can confidently recommend the best hardware and software for your needs.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen)

Tiny and LOUD

$ 50 at Amazon

Pros Incredibly good speakers for its size Great microphones 3.5mm output for bigger speakers Cons Alexa isn’t the best system out there

Amazon has refined its smart speaker design and doubled down on audio quality to make a great  [Read More…]

Schlage Encode review: A convenient smart lock to keep your home secure

Easy set up with plenty of helpful features.

There are so many different smart locks on the market these days it can make it difficult knowing which one is best for your home. I’ve honestly been wary about adding a smart lock to my own home since I was concerned about how difficult the process might be — especially about whether my installation attempt would damage my door. I found installing the Schlage Encode surprisingly easy and  [Read More…]

If you buy anything during Black Friday, make it a home security camera

It’s never been easier (or cheaper) to protect your home.

We live in a world where the idea of a smart home has become mainstream. Smart speakers are now a commodity that you’ll find in just about any home, you can control your thermostat via an app on your smartphone, and you can go to most retail stores to buy a robot that vacuums your house for you.

We’ll soon see discounted prices on just about all  [Read More…]

If you use Alexa to control your smart home, these are the lights you want

The ecosystem of smart home devices that work with Amazon’s Alexa smart voice assistant is vast, and one of the most popular categories of smart home products is smart lighting. With so many options out there, how are you supposed to know which ones work well, or which ones work well with Alexa? My top choice is the Philips Hue White Ambiance Bulb, because it is an industry-leading product, has a massive ecosystem of other Hue products it  [Read More…]

How many Amazon Echoes do you need for your home?

Best answer: It depends on the size of your house, but three or four well-placed Echo speakers should give you decent coverage with Alexa throughout most homes. The choice then comes down to where you think you’ll best use Alexa. The most popular areas would be in the bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen.

Smart Hub: Amazon Echo Plus (2nd gen) + Free Smart Bulb ($ 150 at Amazon) Ubiquitious Utility: Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen)  [Read More…]