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The Moto G5 Plus home screen shows just how weird Google’s chat strategy is right now

Boot up a fresh new Moto G5 and get ready to be at least a little confused.

Check out the home screen for a new Moto G5 Plus and you’ll find the usual Google Apps folder full of bloatware useful Google-made apps, and on the other side of the Moto app you’ll find an icon for Google Duo. We know that Google exercises quite a bit of control over how an Android phone with the Google Play Services onboard  [Read More…]

Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Which works best with Philips Hue

Making the lights dim when you proclaim “It’s movie time” to everyone in your house is kinda awesome.

There are a lot of fantastic things you can do with smart lighting, from subtle adjustments to mood and awareness to crazy color raves when you want to freak the dog out. It’s a convenience for most, but it’s becoming less expensive to set up in your home every day and well-worth checking out if you can.

A big  [Read More…]

Should Google Home intervene when someone threatens self-harm?

A Google Home responds to a father and son’s mention of death. Could this have been intentional?

My husband and I have had quite an experience adapting to the Google Home in our home. We love its presence, truly, but there are continually times when we’re surprised at some of the interactions we’ve had with it.

For example, there have been several instances where we’d be chatting loudly and casually between the two of us, about something  [Read More…]

Free Google Home with early LG G6 orders

LG has yet to reveal an exact launch date for its flagship, the LG G6, but it is preparing a promo to accompany the release. Those who purchase an LG G6 before April 30 are eligible to receive a free Google Home. Google Home is Google’s speaker-based voice assistant and it regularly retails for $ 129.99, making this promo a very good value.

Customers simply need to provide proof-of-purchase for the G6 before May 15 in order to receive their  [Read More…]

LG is offering a free Google Home with the purchase of its new flagship

Already considering an LG G6? Then you might as well consider adding on a Google Home for free.

The LG G6 isn’t out yet, but if you’re considering one, you’ll probably want to take advantage of this deal. LG is offering a Google Home in tow with the pre-order of its new flagship. All you have to do is buy yours before April 30.

For the full price of the smartphone — which has yet to be  [Read More…]

Get a free Google Home when you purchase an LG G6

Boy, do we have an awesome deal for you. Today, LG reached out to us to let us know about an upcoming promotion where you’ll receive a free Google Home on LG when you purchase a brand new G6. Pretty dope. The promotion, dubbed the LG G6 Google Home National Promotion, goes live today. Head […]

The eero Home Wi-fi System is impressively easy

Before there was Google Wi-fi, there was eero.

We’ve looked at several home Wi-Fi products here at Mobile nations. They are an important part of using your phone or any internet-connected device, so they’re pretty relevant for all of us. And with consumer mesh networking hardware becoming a thing, it’s also some really cool new tech. Even Google is on board and Google Wifi is one of their best products to date.

Mesh networks are perfect for  [Read More…]

Galaxy S8 home screen goes ultra-minimal, may not have app drawer by default

The Galaxy S8’s launcher looks more futuristic than we initially thought.

We’ve seen plenty of the Galaxy S8’s outside form, but what about the inside? I don’t mean the heart — we know that, too — but the software, presumably based on Android 7.1.x, though judging from these leaks launcher screenshots, the resemblance is passing at best.

Thanks to screenshots retrieved from a leaked version of Samsung’s upcoming Smart Switch app that will make it easy for old Galaxy  [Read More…]

Google Home has a fake news problem

Google Home isn’t always the most reliable source of information, and as more people turn to voice assistants for news, that’s a big problem.

Over the past few months, various examples of Google Home responding to inquiries with answers of questionable veracity have popped up over the internet. Here’s one such example.

And here’s what happens if you ask Google Home “is Obama planning a coup?” pic.twitter.com/MzmZqGOOal

— Rory Cellan-Jones (@ruskin147) March 5, 2017

The  [Read More…]

Monitor your home office in real time with this $39 Wi-Fi camera

You can’t always be at home to make sure that things are going smoothly, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to easily check in on things? Sure, you could run home on a lunch break, or have a neighbor stop by, but that gets old quickly, and there has to be a better way. Well, there is with Wi-Fi cameras, but some of them are crazy expensive, but luckily not all of them are.

Grab  [Read More…]