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Top 5 reasons to bring home a Google Home

The easiest way to high-tech your home.

I have a new roommate, but it doesn’t pay rent. Its name is Google Home and it puts Google Assistant in my home so that I can have access to it even when my phone isn’t nearby.

I’ve had Google Home for about a month now and every time I use it, I’m reminded why it was worth adopting in the first place. It’s easy to set up, convenient,  [Read More…]

How to replace the base on Google Home

How do I change the base on my Google Home?

We’re finally starting to see more apps and services tie in to Google Home, and the device is finally finding its place in our homes and our lives. That said, in order to let our Google Home fit a little more among our homes and our style, we have another change we can make to Google Home: replace the boring white base with one of Google’s  [Read More…]

Google Home can now order you pizza (and do other, lesser things)

More than 30 organizations — including Domino’s Pizza, WebMD and Tripadvisor — bring new functionality to Google’s smart speaker.

Hot on the heels of its latest feature expansion, which brought Netflix and Google Photos integration, Google Home can now order you pizza.

OK, that’s not all it can do. VentureBeat reports that more than 30 organizations, both big and small, have today launched new actions for Google Home. In addition to sending pies directly to  [Read More…]

Google Home update adds hooks to Netflix, Google Photos, and Santa

Personal assistant Google Home gets a little smarter this week, learning a few new tricks along the way. An update to the Google Home app helps the standalone device talk with Netflix and Google Photos. Netflix As part of the update, subscribers to Netflix can say things such as, “Ok Google, play Narcos from Netflix on my TV”

Say hi to Google’s new Android Things OS for home connected devices

Google wants to put Android on everything. Android is available for phones and tablets, Android Wear for smartwatches and Android Auto for your car. Well now Google is launching the newest version of Android today called Android Things which wants to will rule over all your home connected devices including speakers, routers and so on.

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Google Home: Top 10 Tips & Tricks

Get the most from your Google Home by starting with these tips and tricks.

Using Google Home is fun. That’s not unique to just Google Home — telling any computer no matter what size or shape to do stuff by talking to it is just fun. And the more you talk to your Google Home the more things you’ll find out about what it does and what is doesn’t do.

Since a lot of us picked  [Read More…]

Google Home to get Netflix and Google photos integration soon

Soon you’ll be able to do more things by simply voicing a command. If you have a Google Home speaker at home, then you should know the little device is bound to get a few, new features soon. As originally reported by the Android Police, some select users are reporting Netflix and Google Photos integration

Google Home now integrates with Netflix and Google Photos

You can now ask Google Assistant to play your favorite shows on Netflix.

Last week, Google rolled out third-party integration for Google Home through Actions on Google, giving developers the ability to build conversational interfaces and integrate their services with the Google Assistant.

With Google Home offering fairly limited support for third-party content, the goal with Actions is to boost the extensibility of the Google Assistant by enabling it to hook into more services. Google demoed  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumored to lack 3.5 headphone jack and home button

The rumor mill is on fire this week, spitting info nugget after info nugget about the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship. Yesterday, we told you the phone might be the first S phone in the lineup to arrive with Harman branded stereo speakers. Well here’s more rumors related to the supposedly ginormous phablet. According to info