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10 Google Home features that flew under the radar

More details on Google Home came yesterday at Google’s keynote event in San Francisco. These are a few of the features of Google Home that went a bit under the radar but are worth noting in a bit more detail. Price Google has priced the Home competitively at $ 129, noticeably cheaper than the $ 180 for

Google Home, Google Wifi and Chromecast Ultra hands-on preview

Google expanded its presence in the Home with Chromecast Ultra, Google Wifi and, oh, Google Home.

Among Google’s announcements at its Pixel event in San Francisco were three pieces of in-home technology that on their own are interesting, but together are hugely noteworthy.

In addition to the Google Home assistant-in-a-speaker, which was announced at Google I/O earlier this summer, the company unveiled a streaming stick, the Chromecast Ultra, and a brand new mesh-enabled Wi-Fi router called,  [Read More…]

With Google Home and Google Wifi, we’re finally getting a proper smart home foundation

Google Home and Google Wifi aren’t going to be able to fix the Internet of Things. But they will try to make it smarter and point it in the right direction.

The Internet of Things — many of us have a less-kind name for it — wasn’t going to be fixed in a day. It wasn’t going to be fixed in the blazing sun in Mountain View in May, when Google first announced its plans for Google Assistant  [Read More…]

Google Home looks to become the center of your connected house

Long has Amazon ruled the ‘virtual assistant home speaker’ market, but Alexa’s days may soon be numbered as King (Queen?) of my living room. Google has released more details on Google Home, its response to the Echo and entry into a deeper smart home experience. Google may be late to the party, but Home packs

Google Home is coming November 4 for $129

Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo now has a price and launch date. The AI-powered Google Home is up for pre-order today, with retail availability kicking off from November 4 for $ 129, $ 50 less than the price of the Echo.

Google Assistant is built into Home, bringing Google’s vast Knowledge Graph into play. The assistant responds to your questions in natural language, and can look up web results, provide translations, stream music from YouTube,  [Read More…]

Google Pixel: Welcome to your new, very circular home screen

Might Google’s new phones consign us to a world of circular icons? And what would that mean for other Android phone makers?

The first leaked Google Pixel phone render doesn’t show us a whole lot. It’s a rounded rectangle with a screen on the front, an earpiece, cameras, sensors and buttons. By far the most interesting thing about the leaked image is what’s on that screen.

Every icon is a circle. Even apps  [Read More…]

Tired of your junky home network? Here are 5 great options to make your home WiFi extremely reliable

As more of our technology becomes mobile, the need for strong wireless signals increases. It wasn’t that long ago when we went to Blockbuster video to rent content that we could play on our DVD players. We stream more videos now than ever, with Netflix and YouTube replacing traditional means of media like television and rental

AT&T’s miserable in-store customer service sent me home with my Galaxy Note 7 after two attempts to exchange it

When the initial reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire first hit the news, I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t think it was a big deal. Whenever there’s a new phone release of its magnitude, you hear crazy stories that seem nothing more than click bait. I was wrong to

Android Wear home automation: How to get started

There are many options for home automation and smart home control, but few are as cool and “futuristic” as controlling everything from your wrist. Android Wear home automation is a less common, but instantly cool and convenient way to control your home. Almost everything, from the lights, to the thermostat and more can be controlled

Control your home theater equipment from Android devices with the Blumoo universal remote

The days of losing remote controls are over. With today’s Androidguys.com deal of the day, you can control all of your IR devices with the Blumoo Bluetooth universal remote. At a savings of 47%, the Blumoo is a steal that you shouldn’t pass up if you want to control your home from your Android and iOS