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Android AOSP source code back online with a new home


In a post on the Android-building Google group, Dan Morrill announced that the AOSP tree (the “Master” and “Gingerbread” branches) are once again available online.  Because of problems with the kernel.org servers, the source has been MIA for a while, and in the downtime Google ramped up work for their own git hosting on Google’s servers.

For now, only the code is available.  Google is working hard to get the Gerrit code review  [Read More…]

Grow Random and Unique Plants on Home Screen with Droots Live Wallpaper

We learned of a new live wallpaper this morning called Droots which enables users to grow unique, completely random plants on their Android home screens.  Droots,  or digital roots, take anywhere from two to four weeks to grow and are different every single time.  The live wallpaper is available for free (Android 2.1+), comes with a pair of background environments (dune, forest) and can automatically adjust lighting  [Read More…]

Droid Bionic forums are home to the latest pre-release review

 Motorola Droid BionicMotorola Droid Bionic

Here we go again, folks. Yet another Motorola Droid Bionic review (of the pre-release nature) is under way in our Droid Bionic forums. And along with some great info, Joe the Insider’s given a few of the clearest hands-on pics we’ve seen thus far.

As for Joe’s thoughts on the DB? In his own words:

Initial thoughts. The phone is extremely light  [Read More…]