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How to use Google Home with Chromecast

If you know the right commands, Google Home and Chromecast can come together to simplify media in your home.

Google Home sits in an interesting place. Not only can it operate independently to answer questions and stream its own media, it can also work with the Google Cast protocol in two different ways. You can Cast audio to from one of hundreds of apps directly to Google Home, but Home itself can also work as a  [Read More…]

Google Home speaker available for $99 (save $30) on November 23

On the market for a connected speaker? Why not consider buying the recently unveiled Google Home. The devices hasn’t been out long but Google will be offering it with a discount on Black Friday. Starting on Wednesday, November 23 the Google Home will be available for only $ 99, down from $ 129. We don’t know how

Grab a Google Home for $99 for a limited time starting Nov 23

Now this how you drive adoption of a new smart home product.

Google is starting Black Friday a little early, and on Wednesday (November 23) you’ll be able to snag a Google Home for just $ 99 at the Google Store, Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

Gift giving season is almost here. And on 11/23, #BlackFriday stats early. #GoogleHome https://t.co/XihAfWhDn4 pic.twitter.com/mF6gDiZ7RW

— Made by Google (@madebygoogle) November 21, 2016

It’s easy to  [Read More…]

Amplifi HD Home Wi-Fi system review: Your next Wi-Fi router

Ubiquiti Networks’ Amplifi HD promises complete coverage and fast network speeds for your whole house. And it delivers.

Mesh networking isn’t exactly a new thing. But an affordable way to get started, and a setup routine that doesn’t need a network engineer to make everything work is new. Even Google is taking part of a recent consumer push for fast and easy mesh networking in your house with Google Wifi. Everyone needs fast internet for things  [Read More…]

How to connect Google Home and IFTTT to do amazing things with your connected tech

Controlling hundreds of smart devices and services by voice is easy with IFTTT’s Google Assistant channel.

One of the cool things you can do with your Google Home is using your voice to control connected items around your house. While there are native connections to things like Phillips Hue lamps, SmartThings devices and Nest equipment, Google Home’s Assistant was ready for IFTTT on day one. That means you can control all sorts of things!

In  [Read More…]

Best Buy’s 2016 Black Friday deals are here: Google Home, Galaxy S7 and more on sale

There are 48 pages of sales to peruse through.

Don’t you just love a sale? Best Buy’s Black Friday preview flyer is now available. Beginning November 24, you can get some great deals, like a Google Home for $ 30 off. It’s a good deal and you’ll still get the free perks that come with it, including six months of YouTube Red.

Further on the smart home kick, Samsung’s SmartThings Hub and the Insignia Wi-Fi  [Read More…]

One more reason to choose the Amazon Echo over Google Home: Send AT&T texts through Alexa

I’ve recently touted Amazon’s Echo and Dot over the Google Home smart speaker. The main reason the Amazon Echo family is better is due to its release almost two years ago while Google’s smart speaker just came out. It’s integrated with much more products. “Amazon Echo is ahead of the curve in terms of voice recognition technology and

How to use the Simple home screen on Honor 8

Make your Honor 8 a little simpler, and a little easier to use.

Are you looking to make the Honor 8 even simpler to use? The icons can be somewhat small, and the settings list too long, but all of that can be changed. You don’t have to squint to try and find what you are looking for, or scroll for hours looking for something that you can’t find. In just a few simple taps you  [Read More…]

Put an end to dead spots and slow internet in your home with the AmpliFi HD mesh network (review)

There’s a battle going on for control of your home. It’s not just for control of smart devices like the Google Home or Amazon Echo. It’s for everything in your home that’s related to technology. Arguably the most important battle is over your Wi-Fi network. While wireless routers have stayed relatively unchanged for the past

Wednesday’s best deals and discount codes: Protect you and your loved ones with the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

Happy Wednesday! There are a few cool deals today. First up is Samsung’s SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit. Alarm services are expensive. Chances are you will never use them which is another reason why people forgo the expensive service. However, all it takes is one break-in to ruin your day, or maybe even your life. For those