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Half Alive: Zombies go home Android app Review

Everyone loves Zombies, right? Combine a Zombie with anything and it instantly becomes awesome. The same goes for Half Alive: Zombies go home, an addictive casual puzzle game developed by Rock-Inspired.

The goal is simple – help the Zombies reach their homes, sounds easy right?

The Zombies’ homes are located at the end of a variety of roads that have directional arrows on them. By tapping the arrows, you’re able to manipulate the direction the Zombie is walking  [Read More…]

Google’s 3D-scanning Project Tango moving to new home inside the company

Project Tango is moving out of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group and into a new home within the company. Project Tango uses a number of sensors for monitoring the world in 3D. The company promises a continued commitment to Project Tango development according to a post from Google ATAP on Google+:

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CES 2015 favorites from the folks back home

CES favorites from the folks not buried in CES

You’ve probably noticed that over 9000 people from Mobile Nations — including our own Phil, Alex, Andrew, Russell and Justin — are on the ground at CES 2015 looking at all the things. Phones, tablets, TVs and almost anything else you can think of that run Android or work together with Android have invaded Las Vegas, and we need an army to see it  [Read More…]

Samsung Gear S and others plug into AT&T’s Digital Life connected home system

AT&T has announced at CES 2015 that they’re opening up their Digital Life home automation platform to partners, including Samsung, LG, Qualcomm, and Lutron. That means, for example, the Samsung Gear S fitness band could receive home security notifications, which Samsung is showing off as a prototype in Vegas this week.

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The Netatmo camera will keep tabs on everyone in your home wirelessly

Netatmo may be a name you’re not so familiar with, but at CES 2015 they’re on hand showing off their connected home camera system that will support Android, as well as Android Wear. It also boasts that it’ll recognize the faces of anyone you tell it to any time that they’re in your home.

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Flow Home Launcher aims for the social media crowd

Everyone approaches their home screen differently. Some like to set it and forget it, sometime not even deviating from the default layout that their phone came with. Some are constantly redoing their entire layout, belonging to theming communities where custom skins and elements are shared frequently and freely. Others have a basic layout that they’ll tweak occasionally with new widgets and new themes. I am one such user.

And I am not quite who Flow Home  [Read More…]

America’s Funniest Home Videos app updated with Kids Mode, GIF creation and more

If you love to watch and laugh at videos of ordinary people getting in wacky accidents, then you are likely a fan of ABC’s long running series America’s Funniest Home Videos. The show’s official Android app got updated this week in the Google Play Store with a number of new features, including a Kids Mode.

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Plex Home delivers parental controls, better sharing, managed accounts

Plex Home has arrived to deliver new features allowing users to have better control over sharing and their media in a multi-member family household. Users can now choose who they want to share their media content with and create separate user profiles for different members of their family — something that is enabled as a result of Plex moving server management to the web app.

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Home Monitoring Camera – SpotCam goes Android!


If you are a rich guy/gal, and store millions of bucks in your home (Which is probably not the right thing to do), then you obviously should be concerned about your security. The same goes for anyone who has kids to watch over while he/she is away. Or, maybe you just want to watch-out for a local thugs or delivery driver. To do so you might want to  [Read More…]

Live from SDC14: Powering the connected home with SmartThings

The connected home is becoming a reality, and although we don’t all have robot maids and remote controlled lawn mowers, we’re getting there step by step. SmartThings is at the forefront of the push for the connected home, and after joining forces with Samsung it has a lot of big ideas about how this is all going to work together.

We caught up with Jeff Hagins, CTO and co-founder of SmartThings for a chat at the Samsung  [Read More…]