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I hope the Pixel 4’s air gestures can succeed where the LG G8’s failed

We’ve seen this type of feature before, and it’s been a mixed bag at best.

Google’s new strategy of pre-announcing parts of the Pixel 4 ahead of its launch is fantastic, because it gives us an opportunity to analyze individual pieces of the phone well before we actually get our hands on it. In this case, your hands won’t be on it per se: Google says the Pixel 4 will have advanced face unlock and a Soli  [Read More…]

Far Cry: New Dawn is set to delve into post-apocalyptic Hope County

Ubisoft’s sequel to Far Cry 5 looks to shake up the formula.

Gone are the days of gritty, dreary, desolate apocalyptic landscapes. Borderlands 2 seems to have paved the way for the vibrant color palettes that we’ll soon see in Rage 2 and Far Cry: New Dawn. The apocalypse sure is… pink. It’s almost ironic that Far Cry: New Dawn’s apocalyptic antithesis, Metro Exodus—filled to the brim with a bleak atmosphere, is launching on the same day.

  [Read More…]

Moto E4 and E4 Plus hope to bring a touch of class to the entry level

Motorola is on a hardware tear, revealing two new entry-level devices in the Moto E lineup.

Motorola has unveiled yet another set of phones this week, after the entry-level Moto C series in May and the near-flagship Moto Z2 Play in early June.

Moto E4 Plus in Iron Gray

These ones, the Moto E4 and E4 Plus, fit somewhere in the middle of the company’s lineup, and reinforce a design language that debuted with the new  [Read More…]

Everything we hope to see in the Android Wear 2.0 update

Google is rebooting Android Wear, and that’s exciting!

Despite repeated reports that smartwatches are dead, we know for a fact that Android Wear is about to get a massive refresh. Rolling out alongside Google’s Wear 2.0 update are two new watches meant to act almost like the Nexus program of old, and we know several manufacturers will be following up quickly with new hardware of their own. With new hardware and new software, Android Wear as we  [Read More…]

Blocky Cars Online – as close to Lego Racers as I can hope for (Review)

Overview: Blocky Cars Online is a multiplayer car battle game that allows you to build a car and compete against others online in a collection of modes, level up, and unlock rewards. Developer: Fahrenheit Lab Cost: Free (With ads and microtransactions) Impressions: Playing Blocky Cars Online immediately brought me back to 1999, where I’d be

The Xperia XZ gives me hope that Sony can turn things around in the U.S.

Quickly after the disappointing Xperia X series, the Xperia XZ gives a glimmer of positivity for the future.

Just a couple of months ago, I received a Sony Xperia X Performance for review. It was the first Sony phone I’ve used in well over a year, and I was excited to give it a try. Just a few days in, I was pained to write about it — it was a frustrating experience I hadn’t endured  [Read More…]

What do you hope to see from Google I/O 2016?

Robots? Giant robots? Self-driving giant robots? What is it you’re dying to see from Google I/O 2016? (Hint: Robots.)

We’re just a week or so away from the Google I/O developer conference, where Google shows developers the ins and outs of what’s to come for all of your favorite products. Android. Chrome. VR. Apps. The cloud. Games. Design. Three days of anything and everything Google.

There’s something for everyone. Most  [Read More…]

Night mode is back and (we hope) it’s here to stay

Android’s going dark again, and maybe this time it’s gonna last.

When I joined the Android world, Google Play Music All Access had a dark theme to it, and I absolutely loved it. I savored those darker hues when listening to my music late into the night. Then at Google I/O 2013, they unveiled All Access, and a shiny, white UI to go with it. And I wept, for my beloved dark theme was gone. Soon,  [Read More…]

Let’s hope 2016 brings more high-end compact phones

2015 is wrapping up, and as we begin to pick our best smartphones of 2015, it’s clear that the majority of high-end phones this year range in the phablet territory, or 5.5 inches and above. This is no surprise either, as larger phones nowadays are typically the ones that contain the most features and best hardware. But there’s something about the handling and ease of use that I miss most from phones under five inches. I miss the ability to  [Read More…]

SCOSCHE and The National Breast Cancer Foundation partner up for goPink for Hope

Consider yourself fortunate if you don’t know anyone who has been afflicted by cancer. Cancer does not discriminate as it knows no age, race, gender, social class, or sexual orientation.

SCOSCHE and the National Breast Cancer Foundation have partnered up to off a line of goPink for Hope line of audio products and mobile accessories in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. SCOSCHE will be donating 25% of all proceeds from the sale of select items to the National  [Read More…]