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Brio wireless earbuds are sweatproof and offer up 50 hours of audio

It’s almost March which means a lot of people have probably given up on their resolution to get fit or lose weight. How many times did you get to the gym in the first two months? Let’s start over, shall we?

If you’re still committed to losing weight or staying active, you’ll want to check out the Brio true wireless earbuds in the AndroidGuys Deals Store.

White, corded headphones were all the rage a few years ago, but today’s all  [Read More…]

72 hours with the Galaxy S10+: What I love and what I hate

My first impressions of the new flagship.

I’ve had a Galaxy S10+ in my hand and pocket since February 20. Picking it up shortly after Samsung’s bustling launch event in San Francisco, I slotted my personal SIM in it, furiously set up all of my accounts and apps, and got to using it full time.

The following 72 hours were the exact kind of scenario that’s extremely tough on phones. After rapidly setting things up on mobile data  [Read More…]

Get 24 hours of playback for $21 with the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker

Lasts forever.

The Anker SoundCore portable Bluetooth speaker is down to $ 20.99 with code ANKERS02 on Amazon. The code only works on black, not blue or red, which have seen price drops in the past. This speaker normally goes for $ 33, and today’s deal is the best price we’ve seen. We’ve even seen some deals on the SoundCore 2 recently, but the $ 21 code above is better than all of it.

The SoundCore has  [Read More…]

These $10 wireless Bluetooth headphones can last for up to eight hours

iClever’s well-reviewed headphones are 50% off via Amazon today.

Amazon has the iClever Bluetooth Wireless Headphones on sale today in your choice of black or brown when you enter promo code XSYB4T6O during checkout. That’ll save you $ 10 off their regular cost and snag you these headphones at one of their best prices ever.

These wireless headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 and come with three pairs of ear-tips so you can find the right fit. They last  [Read More…]

Two Hours To Live gives you 120 minutes to save Jay from certain death (Review)

With the rise of mobile gaming, one of the genres that have slowly become more relevant is text-based games. These kind of games are ideal for being consumed in small bursts, are not battery-hungry, and often have interesting stories to tell, making them ideal for consumption on phones.

They are also more interactive than reading a book, making them a good balance between gaming and reading. Two Hours To Live takes this concept even further, giving you limited time to  [Read More…]

Stone River: 2,000+ hours of training on web design and programming

Some of the deals that pass through the ranks here at AndroidGuys focus primarily on improving your life through various courses. Among others, these could be business-related stuff for mastering Excel, IT & Security, or marketing. Sometimes we run promotions on topics that are just generally helpful, regardless of your field. Today is just that: Lifetime access to training on a wide variety of topics.

The Stone River Academy is a set of 170+ courses with over 2,000 hours of online  [Read More…]

Eight hours with Assassins Creed Odyssey wasn’t enough

No stilettos, no cloaks, and no clue what is happening in the modern world right now.

Kassandra is one hit from death, her third in my attempt to defeat the Athenian hero sent to defeat the Spartan incursion on Megaris. As my sweaty hands tighten around the controller she dodges left, parries an incoming attack, and delivers a devastating kick which sends a man flat onto his back. This moment I’ve earned for us gets spent running  [Read More…]

Get 24 hours of playback for $26 with the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker

Sounds like a winner.

The Anker SoundCore portable Bluetooth speaker is down to $ 25.99 in Blue and Red. This speaker normally goes for $ 33, and it hasn’t dropped this low directly since May. This is $ 15 off the price of the SoundCore 2 right now, as well.

The SoundCore has a 24-hour battery life, which means you can keep pumping out the music throughout the day. It uses dual high-performance drivers for a stereo  [Read More…]

First 24 hours with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9: nothing but a pleasure

A little over 24 hours ago I received the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and began digging into one of the biggest phones of the year. This won’t be a full review, there is no way to do a comprehensive review on a phone this featured packed in only 24 hours. However, after a day I do have some thoughts, but you’ll have to wait for the full review to find out more.


Not much as changed from the Note  [Read More…]

This Raspberry Pi 3 Ultimate Starter Kit includes four courses and over 10 hours of content

Coupling Internet of Things (IoT) with a Raspberry Pi can lead to plenty of fun and opportunity, but you really need to have the right tools at your disposal. There are plenty of packages you can put together yourself, but what about the knowledge required to use the hardware properly? Why not get it all in one place?

Dive into Raspberry Pi with this starter kit that includes four courses and over 10 hours of content! Learn more

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